Durban chamber sends another SOS to Ramaphosa

Appeals for a state of emergency in KZN, while the SA Property Owners Association calls for greater action to stem looting and destruction.
Supporters of former president Jacob Zuma block a freeway between Durban and Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu-Natal with burning tyres during violent protests this past week. Image: Rogan Ward, Reuters

Business leaders in Durban are crying out for more decisive action to curb the widespread looting and anarchy in KwaZulu-Natal.

Despite Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula saying during a security cluster briefing on Tuesday that it isn’t necessary to declare a state of emergency in the country, the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry reiterated calls for the province to at least get the emergency declaration.

“As organised businesses we urgently call upon President Cyril Ramaphosa to declare a state of emergency in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, as this disorderly behaviour continues to spiral out of control,” chamber president Nigel Ward said on Tuesday night.

While he welcomed the arrest of 757 people linked to looting and the destruction of property in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, he bemoaned the lack of visible policing in greater Durban.

“Businesses are still being looted as we speak [and] the South African National Defence Force [SANDF] that was deployed has not been seen in our communities,” said Ward, who is also executive vice president of manufacturing at Toyota South Africa.

“Businesses in the city are being set alight and the situation is now completely out of control,” he said.

“We cannot waste any more time as law enforcement is not coping with the current situation. As organised business we have been calling for the president to act and deploy more SANDF [troops] to assist our law enforcement agencies in a situation that is beyond their means.”

‘We will defeat those who seek to destabilise our country’ – Ramaphosa
SANDF to be deployed to violence stricken KwaZulu-Natal

Ward’s sentiments were echoed by another business stalwart in the city, Mike Jackson, a former Durban Chamber deputy president and former head of Tsogo Sun Hotels in KwaZulu-Natal.

“We need to raise the alarm with the president – Durban virtually has no SANDF and the SA Police Service [SAPS] cannot stop the looting in the city,” Jackson told Moneyweb on Tuesday night.

“Television news channel eNCA has just been showing visuals and commenting how there are no SAPS around. All day eNCA have been showing Makro being looted and shopping centres in Newlands East with commentators saying no army, no police,” he said.

“I have a picture of the army in Ballito where there is no looting yet. What about Durban? This situation is so bad and is not getting stopped in Durban.

“We cannot buy food in Durban, the few Spar supermarkets that were open were closed by SAPS Durban North today at 12 noon for fear of looters and thousands of paying customers were turned away,” Jackson added.

“We need some serious strong-arm policing and the army to scare looters and rioters off. We need a curfew of 17:00 and not 21:00.

“We need a state of emergency declared tonight,” he said.

“We cannot have President Ramaphosa just making statements, we need swift action.”

Meanwhile, Ward reiterated that “the only solution to arrest the problem at hand is for the president to declare a state of emergency and have heavy presence of all security and law enforcement agencies visible.

“The City of Durban, the province and the country cannot afford another 24 hours of looting, property being destroyed, food being stolen, business owners and employees losing another day of work.

“We will be headed towards a catastrophic state as a country. Now more than ever the private and public sector need to work together to achieve stability at all costs,” said the Durban chamber president.

The South African Property Owners Association (Sapoa) has also called for greater action to arrest the situation.

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“It is clear from [the] escalation of looting and destruction of retail outlets and shopping centres in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal that shopping centres are being targeted and are first in line with regards to looting,” said Sapoa CEO Neil Gopal.

“This anarchy has resulted in well over R10 billion worth of damage,” he added.

“Even though President Ramaphosa appealed on Monday night for calm and has authorised the deployment of 2 500 SANDF personnel, these security measures are simply not enough to quell this level of violence and destruction of private property,” said Gopal.

“We appeal to the presidency to significantly increase the number of soldiers to be deployed with immediate effect.”

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“Disturbingly, we are also seeing food distribution centres in Durban being looted and destroyed. This will further exacerbate the crisis and have lasting implications on our food security and the food chain in general,” he added.

“Even if we can get distribution centres to deliver to our supermarkets, it will not be possible for the public to purchase goods at malls that have already been burnt and vandalised, or simply closed due to threats of violence.

“We are also alarmed that citizens are now arming themselves in an attempt to protect their own property. This is not surprising in the absence of policing, but it is a dangerous situation if not brought under control.”

Sapoa called upon the presidency to urgently implement the following measures:

  • Increase the deployment of more soldiers with immediate effect;
  • Declare certain areas of the economy like the ports, hospitals, clinics, food distribution centres, communications towers, shopping centres etcetera as key national points to be guarded by the military;
  • Restore law and order;
  • Ensure that soldiers and the SAPS keep citizens in their communities and that citizens stay indoors;
  • Ensure that the Covid-19 vaccination programme is back on track; and that
  • Law enforcement agencies act swiftly and decisively against the perpetrators of violence and unlawful acts.

* Palesa Mofokeng is a Moneyweb intern.



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Sincere congratulations to Cyril and the ANC.
Durban is now officially the first smart city in South Africa.
Everyone has a new smartphone or smart TV.

All of this in Mandela Month.

Witness all of these ANC supporters doing their bit for “67 Minutes for Mandela”

Now the true colors emerge of this organisation and its supporters.

Instead of being rendered into a charming cultural activity, African tribalism has been promoted and harnessed by the ruling party. Making Zuma the President was very smart. The proud Zulu nation was happy to feel that they were in charge of SA. The Zulu royalty was also the chief of the traditional leaders and things could not be better. The scurrilous entirety of the ruling party made hay under Zuma. The last faction to complain was always going to be the Zulu camp. And then they tried to make a scapegoat out of him.


Funnyguy in JHB? more like Mars!!

the rainbow nation you bought in not panning out as being told relentlessly by the “progressives”?

last 20 years of SA “transformation” taught many a history deficient lib people a few hard facts of Africa,

but you sound as one of the few devout blind upset his Spar is not open..

If ever we needed leadership it is now! The ANC are so utterly incompetent they cannot comprehend the severity of this. In no civilized country in the known world would this have been allowed to progress this far. And what do we get? Talking Heads with no clue.

Before taking a decision; Our President needs to have meeting with top6, then NEC and thereafter his handlers. So decisions taken is about 3 days old. I wonder how he became a businessman.


So WHERE is the “Official Opposition” to fill this vacuum???

It’s obvious that National Government, the local Police and Army are not to be trusted anymore.

This is the time when John Steenhuizen – a Banana Boy himself – needs to arrive in the province and display the “Balls-of-Steel” he wants government to display in this crisis. Step up to the plate! Malema will anyway.

Steenhuizen can start by immediately organizing the Neighbourhood Watches / Private Security / Everyone of Like-Mind into cohesive control structures that can aggressively take effective charge of the situation wherever the Police are absent / useless / incompetent.

This is no time for pussy-footing around.

When this is all done and dusted, there are going to be a few leaders whose reputations are made. And a LOT whose are busted. Forever.

Cyril the Late.

This is going to end badly.

Meanwhile the State Security Minister busies herself investigating “right wing extremism” (read white people defending their property).
Heaven help us.

The only “vision”our so called Minister of Police has is “television “ . He must be the most incompetent cadre of the disastrous ANC .SA is now an official member of the African Disaster Continent . And all we do is pay tax without any value .

Do readers recall the so called purchase of “riot control” vehicles by the ANC led Ethekwini Metro? have not seen them in the strife torn areas? Maybe the drivers have not passed their Health & Safety tests!!
Cry The Beloved Country!

Very few police seen all together and the one present have done nothing other than watching the looting take place. I think that many of the looters arrested were arrested by the right wing extremist mentioned above and the security companies.

yesterday wanted to buy just milk and bread at a dbn north store, waiting row was at that stage 50 – 75 meters long – totally calm and good self disciplined, after 2 hours got into the store, what pi_ssed my off: the one and only reason for 2 police officers to arrive and interfere at least twice was to make sure the social distance in the waiting row is maintained and threatened to close the store if the distance was not kept – the best that they could do in a crisis situation – for sure not well prioritized goals – but useless sap must come and show their authority

Today the police just closed all the stores on the South Coast. The honest citizens can not buy bread but the looters get away scot free and without any impediment from the police. Go Figure !!!

I am a big fan of our president but this is a very poor response from him. We need a massive ‘shock and awe’ response to urgently get everything back to normal. Where are you Mr President?

Cyril and Cele are chokers when it comes to real emergencies

Cyril doesnt care.he’s protected, have loads of money etc etc

What does it say about a communalist society when they disrespect the law and constitution on which they base their claims for free services and social grants?

They plunder and destroy property, the foundation of the law, because their own political leader tried to uphold the law. It is clear that the legal framework and the constitution that protects their rights and benefits is unfit for purpose and far above their levels of sophistication. Pearls before swine.

Collectivists have no respect for the law because they don’t repect the concept of property rights. Poverty and decay are integral parts of communalism as it reflects the mindset of the communalist.

Rules and laws cannot prevent the communalist mindset from expressing itself. You need deadly force for that. The Chinese government understands this concept.

100 % but King Shaka understood and executed it even better than the chinese, he knew the nature of the beast, after all……!

Correct. So, what is the solution then? Andries Pretorius restored law and order at the Ncome river in 1838 but his hands were not tied by laws that empower criminals and castrates law-abiding citizens. Can you imagine the situation if Andries Pretorius was only allowed to use rubber bullets? South Africa would have been far worse than Somalia by now.

Sensei, the answer is that the citizen forces have been left to provide law and order. Nothing has changed. It is not vigilantes but ALL law abiding citizens that have been betrayed by Frogboiler and the cANCer who have now come together to protect their own. When, and if, the truth comes out after this I think you will see that.

Don’t be fooled. These riots have been well organised and is politically motivated. The goal is to cause destruction. Looting not the primary objective. Another manifestation of deeply routed corruption and crime. Decisive action is required… The impact will be a declining economy. This was the final blow for the fragile SA economy. The President again showing his incompetence and unable to protect its citizens. He wants to save every life while putting the rest of the country at risk. Come one, stop the sad face family meetings, get some backbone and do what needs to be done!

I agree they looted a blood bank here. What can any looter do with supplies of fresh blood. The blood bank was in Durban and not Escort so they will not drink it.

They make muti from it !

Don’t be too surprised at their entrepreneurship. They also raided the COVID-19 vaccine stores and stole the vaccines. The vaccines have a “market” value too.

To Gun-Free South Africa, al all its members/supporters:


Citizens of SA of all creeds, apparently do not need self-defence as a motive for valid firearm license (because, it is argued that the SAPS are present to protect the community).

So my question:


Is the SAPS available to protect law abiding citizens??

Let me make a practical suggestion:

All GFSA members to make public their residential addresses, so that the looters (they wont kill you, they innocently just want your goods for free) can be guided to your homes.
And then you can CALL the POLICE for assistance, right?

And to think they disbanded the reservist force.

ANC used the tactic of “make the country ungovernable” to get into power.
Ironic that the same tactic is being used again against the Govt.
You reap what you sow !

we should not single out individuals, as this anarchy was instigated by the ANC government as a hole, but Chele and Dlamini Zuma should immediately be fired! The private sector is the only institution that can can solve this problem. Government get out of our way….fast!

The riots and looting prove that Zuma and Magashule are in control of the strongest ANC faction. Their impis overran Ramaphosa’s troops while the Top 6 are hiding in their bunker. The territory belongs to Zuma once again and he paid his impis with the spoils of the conquest. Ramaphosa’s troops, the men in blue, were castrated and left without ammo by the Marikana commission. Zuma uses the same constitution that put him in jail, to his advantage to conquer the Ramaphosa faction. It is clear that human rights are merely a tool in the hands of the communalists, and they use it for their own benefit.

Cele was quicker to get to the beaches and arrest surfers than he has been here , wonder why . Maybe surfers don’t fight back ?

Well, yes… of course. Cele is just about the TV moment. Looking good for the cameras.

The ANC under Jacob Zuma took “looting” to a new level, enriching everyone from the president to the NEC, SOEs and municipalities.
However, the ANC under CR has realised that with the Zondo Commission, “looting” has become an ugly word. So CP and the ANC are now desperately trying to change the Constitution to legalise “looting” – expropriation of other peoples property without compensation. So I would not call what is going on now “looting” – people are anticipating the change to the Constitution to remove property rights and are just jumping the gun and acting before the change to the Constitution is approved by parliament. What the ANC and CR did not anticipate was the the removal of property rights would enable the masses to also participate in the “expropriation of other peoples property without compensation”. What we are seeing now is just the start of the anarchy that will occur once the Constitution is officially amended to legalise expropriation of property without compensation.

Wondering if the food advertisers – on tv – are going to practice some sensitivity in the coming weeks. Or will all these looters with their newly acquired 50″ smart tvs be forced to watch tv ads of mouth watering dishes, but they, the new smart tv owners will not have any food to eat?

We are now in a two front war and losing on both fronts ie Covid and the wholesale, uncontrolled barbaric destruction and looting. In war you have to take hard decisions-look at Stalingrad -General Chuikov sent thousands to certain death-but won the battle decisively.

We need martial law, no bail, mandatory 10 year sentences for looting as well as Singapore style canings.

76,000 troops were made available to enforce lockdown (COVID). Looters will face 2,500 – for now….

Shows how concerned CYRIL RAMAPHOSA is?

Securities cluster hiding behind the truth while we have live visuals of what is happening? ( they think we idiots )

Certain ANC members are being protected.

There is only one reason for this whole debacle.

Planned in detail by Cyril and his anc cohorts. No adult (or child) can be such a bad liar as the security cluster leaders. Come on Man!!!

So why would they lie?? This is Cyril’s “economic reset”


They have been looting a Value warehouse for 2 days now and not a single policeman pitched up. So JSE listed companies are donating to their (anc) voters at present. When they go bust or go elsewhere the anc elite can move in.

This is a conspiracy that is busy going wrong for them now. Problem is they will just chuck more petrol on the fire.

PASOP!!!! Look carefully at what is happening here.

This is just the beginning. Food supplies will now be badly affected, especially in KZN. Already in Durban this is a pressing issue. The townships have in many cases destroyed their sources of food and jobs. So one can only wonder what the long-term ramifications of that will be. Taxis will certainly benefit as people will now have to travel further to get the basics. Talk about shooting yourselves in both feet!

When “government” abandons you, then YOU have to takeover.

Business, private security, and society has to assert their own control measures now real fast.

There has to be an immediate change now from this cowering defensive posturing waiting for help that is deliberately not going to come, to taking aggressive action against the looters and their not so secret agenda.


Note also that, however you look at it, the only political party involved in all sides of this situation is the ANC.

End of comments.



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