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E-toll boss to lead Sanral, Nazir Alli to retire

Outa: Alli needs to answer to ‘questionable conduct’ and due process on Sanral’s approvals on the Western Cape and Gauteng toll road decisions, and questions due in unfolding etoll legal battle.

Cabinet on Thursday announced the appointment of the current CEO of the company operating Gauteng’s controversial e-toll system to succeed Sanral CEO Nazir Alli, who retires at the end of September.

Sanral said in a statement that Skhumbuzo Macozoma, “is well-equipped to lead Sanral into a new era of growth and an expanded mandate to manage South Africa’s road infrastructure.”

While it represents a small portion of the 22 000-kilometres of roads Sanral manages, the e-toll system has been weighing on Sanral’s finances and credit rating due to widespread resistance by road users.

Last week the Supreme Court of Appeal also ruled against an appeal by Sanral against a finding by the Western Cape High Court in 2015, that set aside its earlier declaration of sections of the N1 and N2 freeways in the Winelands.

Apart from his close ties and intimate knowledge of the e-toll system, Macozoma is well qualified in the field of engineering and holds a BSc (Civil Engineering) and a MSc in the same field, Sanral said.

“He was the Chief Officer: Transport and Logistics of the 2010 FIFA World Cup Local Organising Committee in 2008 to 2010 and had served as a Transport Manager in the same Committee from 2007 to 2008. Prior to that, he was Chief Director: Integrated Infrastructure Network Development in the National Department of Transport (2003 – 2007) and had also worked as a Project Manager and Research Engineer for the CSIR from 1993 to 2002. He also served as the Managing Director of the Johannesburg Roads Agency. Currently, he is the CEO of the Electronic Tolling Company and has in the past served as a non-executive director of Sanral.”

Sanral Board chairman Roshan Morar paid tribute to Alli who led the organisation since its establishment in 1998. “Nazir Alli is a visionary who truly understands the crucial role of roads to connect people to places and keep the wheels of the South African economy turning,” he said.

Outa comments

In a statement on Thursday, the Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) welcomed Macozoma’s appointment, wishing him every success as head of the organisation “which requires serious change to address the dire financial and credibility issues that have unfolded over the past decade.

“It is unfortunate that Mr Nazir Alli – who has headed up Sanral since its inception nearly two decades ago – has left Mr Macozoma with an organisation in its current difficult situation, facing a possible credit rating downgrade and a failed e-toll scheme which has cost Sanral several billions of rands. In addition, Mr Alli has left Mr Macozoma with a legacy of other challenges and quandaries related to the failed Western Cape freeway toll project; the N2 Wild Coast toll road debacle; more questions about Sanral’s excessive road construction costs and a looming battle on the DeBeers Pass Route,” states Wayne Duvenage, Outa chairperson.

“We imagine that Sanral will still be requiring the services and time of Mr Alli to respond to these many issues, allegations and court challenges due to play out over the next while. In addition, Mr Alli needs to still answer to the serious matter pertaining to questionable conduct and due process on Sanral’s approvals on the Western Cape and Gauteng toll road decisions, as well as questions due in the legal battle about to unfold on the e-toll saga.

“We trust that Mr Macozoma will do his best to turn Sanral into the learning organisation that it ought to be, by engaging more meaningfully with the public, local communities and their critics on all pertinent matters and projects it takes up in the future. Sanral’s dire financial state and the numerous court challenges it has lost over the years has largely been due to the organisation’s lack of transparency, due process and poor engagement on matters of high societal impact,” says Duvenage.

Outa stated that it remains committed to “putting an end to the irrational e-toll debacle and will also be holding Sanral board members and its directors (current and past) accountable for any serious transgressions and maladministration, which it may uncover from its ongoing investigations.”


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OK, great qualifications. Just as much chance of success as Alli. Enjoy your retirement. New chap, we are going to make your life a misery. How did you fall for the offer? You will NOT toll Western Cape roads. The judge said so, and there is now a climate in the country where the courts are to be respected, however much it inflicts on the pain of those trying the capture state funds. They are taxpayer funds, so back off! Alli a visionary? Wow.

Must be a great package on offer, falling for a job like this. Not quite what you want on your CV but I suppose you won’t need that. A few years achieving nothing with a fat salary and you also ride off into the sunset…..

Let’s hope that this guy can see the writing on the wall about e-tolls and not have the head in the sand attitude of Nazir Alli, his lap dog Vusi (“we are only implementing government policy”) or Dipuo Peters who keeps telling herself that e-tolls are working.
If the Western Cape can halt e-tolling on the strength of zero public consultation surely we can do the same here?

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