EFF keeps top leaders

Since it was founded the leadership structure has remained relatively stable.
Julius Malema, leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters. Image: Waldo Swiegers, Bloomberg
South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters re-elected founder Julius Malema and deputy Floyd Shivambu to head the party at its conference in Johannesburg over the weekend.

The leadership structure of six people, which is similar to that of the ANC, did see changes in the other four positions, according to a party Tweet. Chairman Dali Mpofu was replaced by Veronica Mente, who started her career as bodyguard to the mayor of Cape Town.

Since it was founded in 2013 by 38-year Malema, the EFF leadership structure has remained relatively stable compared with the main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, whose head recently quit. The EFF targets black township residents whose standard of living has improved little since the end of apartheid, with promises to nationalise land, banks and mines across the country.

The party became the second-largest opposition force in its maiden election five years ago. Some media groups were banned from covering this weekend’s elective conference.

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As my learned friend used to say “tell somebody who cares”

Just why is any time or journalistic effort given to this group who has absolutely no respect for anyone but themselves.

Media in SA give too much attention to EFF, and organisations like the BLF. And let’s not forget the nitwits at the helm of the trade unions.
The SABC hauls in union leaders as experts on everything. The EFF does not want the attention of certain media houses, so why should ANY media outlet even bother to attend their conferences and pressers ?
Avoid and ignore.

I think most of these so-called journalist are more radical than the EFF, hence the interest!

Growth and prosperity in SA is inversely proportional to the growth of the EFF.

During the press conferance I saw that Brian Joffe and Steven Kosef were added to the Oppenheimers and Ruperts elite EFF list of who bought the country.

If they had not “bought” the country this little piece of vermin would be running around Limpopo in a buck skin sticking a sparp stick into his brethren. Instead he lives in Hyde Park and hides his Breitling in the cupboard.

Julius and Floyd should be off to jail next year for their VBS corruption – what then?

The EFF is a one man show.

ANC to scared…you fire a riffle in your backyard today and see how long it will take before you are arrested…my bet..by the end of the day…Malema does it on TV and still nothing.

Never they are protected by the ANC. They are the ANC’s little bull terriers, they go and say things where the ANC dares not to tread.

and they want to defend the SOE’s by mass strikes…if you are so clever why dont you come up with a plan how to save them…you tell everyone how well educated you are…now show us that all the degrees mean something

Does anyone care?

Wow they are going to build a private school in the next 5 years.
Please add a waste treatment plant.

End of comments.





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