Eskom announces Stage 2 load shedding

From 12pm today (Friday)
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Eskom will be implementing Stage 2 load shedding, from 12:00 to 22:00 on Friday (today). It said the “constrained supply situation” may persist throughout the weekend.

In a statement released late on Friday morning, the power utility said this is due to an increase in plant breakdowns exceeding 3 000 MW of capacity.

“While five generation units were taken off the grid last night and this morning, a breakdown at the Matimba power station has today resulted in the need for load shedding. Two units at the Arnot power station, as well as a unit each at Kendal, Tutuka and Majuba were taken off the grid last night and this morning. These removed more than 3 000 MW of capacity from the system. The delayed return to service of a generation unit at the Duvha power station has also added significant pressure to the generation system.”

Earlier on Friday Eskom had warned of the possibility of power cuts, initially seeing the need for only six hours of load shedding.

It has asked the public to reduce electricity usage between 16:00 and 22:00 “to assist us in limiting the incidence of loadshedding.

“Over the past two evenings the help of the public assisted us in avoiding the need for load shedding.”

Developing story.

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Yeah !!!! Braai time !!!!

Before you rub the sticks together just check the cave entrance to make sure the sabre-tooth can’t get in…

Casper1. Braai the Sabre tooth too. On a spit.

Help me here please: the lock-down is still constraining the economy. Millions are either not back at work, or working from home. Factories are not at 100% capacity, and neither are mines. So the demand on the grid must be a fraction of what it normally is. How much capacity did Eskom lose, exactly, for blackouts to still be required?

Welcome to cANCer territory my friend.

Demand is price inelastic from the masses who don’t pay for power – look outside, it’s cold man!! It’s a bit of a sick joke that keeps getting re-told by people who are not funny. When Eskom get the b**ls to cut off communities that don’t pay I’ll start smiling again – I’m not holding my breath!!

I cannot see you. It’s too dark. Try whistling so I can find and then help you.

What you should ask is “How much money are the ANC and co losing due to lockdown for blacks to still be required?”

Load shedding is a money spinner for some in the ANC. When there is a “shortage” of coal or a coal fired power station is down, they often turn to diesel generators that burn billions in diesel every month.

Imagine the money being spun off those diesel contracts. You know, by the guys who get “commission”

Eskom to SA Taxpayer: “Here’s your increase in tariffs and oh, by the way, you will be supplied less electricity”

The problem goes deeper than the lie that they have old power plants. Even the newer power plants are tripping.

I’ll give these kleptocrats one kudo, at least they’re consistently disappointing

32Km of copper pipe removed from 1 Unit at the brand new Medupi. Whoh, brand new and broken
And they want to create a new SAA , want NHI implemented etc. They cannot run a party in a bar or perhaps they are in the bar

They cannot run a tap …

I am so glad Eskom used the lockdown to do all that preventative maintenance; if not load-shedding would have started yesterday.

What a useless bunch of jokers. Who runs Eskom – management or the unions?

This is just another run at extracting even more price increases.

Can you imagine the impact on the productivity of a distributed virtual workforce? No power = no connectivity. Zoom meetings and real-time collaboration will be significantly disrupted.
Corporate offices have generators. Home offices do not.
I sincerely hope this is fixed over the weekend!

Hope all you like, why would things change now for the better?

Firstly, Kudos to everyone who commented.

In the 21st century it should be a crime against citizens rights when the governing party cannot even ensure that their is a stable supply of electricity.

I emigrated to save my family, the worst load shedding I have had was when the Wi-Fi went down for 57 minutes, thankfully we were notified 2 days in advance of the potential problem and we worked around it.

These MORONS cannot govern (primary function) and then think that they can run an airline, electricity generator, railway system……does anyone else see the pattern of total incompetence? Democracy – a COMPLETELY flawed system. F’ing morons! Moderators – edit me if you must.

It never ceases to amaze me how the people who are the most outspoken against slavery, so easily and eagerly enslave themselves through a steady process of socialism.

Do these individuals who are so ignorant of economic matters and who are so naive as to think that socialism can cure inequality, actually realise that the current minimum wage is less than what the average slave earned in the form of rations and accommodation?

These socialist policies that are supposed to bring economic transformation and economic freedom are only delivering poverty and degradation on a massive scale. It is clear that people with the slave mentality will always succeed at enslaving themselves. This time around they enslave themselves through the legislature. They destroy their options, the economy that could have provided alternatives for their children, their freedom, their job opportunities and their potential comfortable lifestyle by supporting failed economic policies like SOE’s, BEE, the Mining Charter and taxes on capital formation.

They use their power to make laws, to enslave themselves.

A monetary value can be measured by a transaction when something is bought and sold, or as an expected value of an asset currently held. Some assets have value because of the potential income they can generate.

In 1617 the cost to purchase a slave in today’s money would be around $150,000 or R2,550,000.
Not to mention the upkeep (accommodation, medical and food) costs mean R1,500 a month.

With the minimum wage set at R20 per hour it equates to R3,200 per month.
This means that an employee would need to work 796 months or 66 years if they were to break even at the purchase price of a slave who cost R2,550,000

This is the real situation in South Africa, there is an over supply of unskilled & unproductive workers where the demand for them is priced at less than slave wages, the President confirmed this by making the minimum wage decree.

The only way to abandon the system is for people to be more productive or suffer the consequences of not being.

What did communists use for light before candles?


Load-shedding started in 2008 and here we are some 12 years later and things have gotten worse. This is what happens when an organization (the ANC) is so absorbed with race that they cannot even get the basics right to improve Black lives.

Switch off all the illegals and those supplying them and those not paying.

Simple, you would probably have enough power to export.

I am a charitable person but am now fed up paying for other persons power.

So I will not cut back or switch off my heater, stove or geyser. Hopefully I can use enough power trip the whole bloody works.

That is equality. All with no power, gross inequality is me paying for my power and some one else too.

Reading these snippets of news every Sunday is both amusing and sad at the same. The antics of this bunch of bandits never fails to amaze me!!

what a coincidence, just as the anc was chatting around nuclear..
Wow, they are so ahead of the curve and their forward planning is on par. See how we are going to need nuclear, we already need it..

End of comments.





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