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Eskom board investigates racism allegations made against CEO

It will appoint an independent senior counsel to conduct the investigation.
Suspended chief procurement officer Solly Tshitangano allegations led to a probe into Eskom CEO André de Ruyter. Image: Moneyweb

The board of power utility Eskom says it will be investigating its group CEO André de Ruyter, regarding an allegation of racism made against him.

This investigation follows allegations made by suspended chief procurement officer Solly Tshitangano against De Ruyter earlier this month, at a meeting with Parliament’s standing committee on public accounts.

In a statement, the board said: “In light of the allegation of racism that has been made in the public domain against Group Chief Executive (GCE) André de Ruyter, the Eskom board of directors has resolved to initiate an investigation in order to establish the veracity and the basis to the allegation.”

“The allegation not only brings Eskom into disrepute, but it also threatens to detract and distract the focus of the executive team and the GCE in particular from their critical job of restoring Eskom to operational and financial sustainability.”

It said it will appoint an independent senior counsel to conduct the investigation. The counsel will be empowered to interview any person that may be of assistance in the probe, and consider any evidence, and will then report back to the board and make recommendations.

The board said it is committed to transparency and will provide updates at critical stages of the investigation.

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This is banana republic stuff. Eskom needs a R1billion per week bailout from govt.

This is targeting the one person who is cleaning up the institutionalized corruption.
It is clear that he is seen as someone who is threatening the vested interests of the looters.

Not too long ago i predicted he would either resign or be asked to leave, even fired..As it stands , he’s lasted longer than predicted

In this country, if you’re not part of the ANC inner muck, you’re out..Either you tow the line or walk

Of course playing the racist card is the easiest way to rid a Parastatal of any minority group

If de Ruyter survives this one, he can look forward to many more allegations filed against him.. His see saw ride has only just begin, and you can’t fight them, the rot is too intertwined

They will not allow anyone an anti establishment to stand in their way of capturing an SOE

New Car and house sales will crash into the bargain

Let’s say for the purpose of this example that Mr De Ruyter is found not guilty, what will be the repercussions for making a false claim? And what of the millions in costs incurred by the company to investigate the false claim?

They’ll find something else to shaft him

If Cyril cannot even curb the corruption (don’t think he has the will anyhow) how is a white man in the biggest SOE in the country going to do it?

This is all politics, and the ANC are masters at manipulating the political landscape to suit them

There shall be no ramifications, Just ask Mr. J Zuma.

If false allegations have no consequences they will continue to happen

Is this the only card disgruntled people can play? How do you get so far up the ladder and this is the only card you can play?

The favorite trick of ANC & Africa -race card. But only whites can be racists. The ANC has destroyed the country with their corruption and overt and covert racist policies.

It seems like the disparate group of people who run the medea – who then artificially label themselves as something and then make it illegal to call them out (correctly so), which causes many to fall into the trap of thinking it’s a particular tribe, rather than the disparate bunch of psychopaths that they actually are – are endlessly employing this divide and conquer strategy. Everything is “racism.”

Newsflash: people prefer their own type. That’s natural tribalism, and not hate. I have love for people of all races, but it depends on how they are as individuals. It has nothing to do with race, even though there are idiosyncrasies within groups of people. That’s OK. We engage how we want to, otherwise it’s just reverse apartheid i.e. forced integration, which is worse than forced segregation.

Sometimes I dont want to play in the sandpit with someone, and sometimes they happen to look different to me. That’s not hate. They might just be a pr1ck. How can people still be falling for this BS propaganda – we are damn well in 2021.


Roy, my sandpit has two buckets and one spade..I’ll dig the hole and you take the bucket with the hatchet and bury it and I’ll take the bucket with their racist narrative toward minorities and dig a 6 foot hole and close it up with concrete..Perhaps we’ll all live in harmony after that

Family of mine evicted out of home years ago for not being lily white. This is not about burying the hatchet out of convenience, but to put to end the cycle of our lives and minds being ruled by Medea, the enchantress who preaches endless lies from the black box on the wall, lies which are believed out of ego/convenience/greed. Forced integration just as bad as forced segregation. Corruption and lies know no colour. What we do, will be done back to us. All the best


Truth spoken, wise words

You take care too!

Oldest trick in the new South Africa.

Called out for not doing the job….Pull the Race Card…


Maddest thing of all is that in a black accusing a white it normally works!

Not only in SA, Montecito California too it seems

By all means do the investigation, it is a serious allegation…..but this movie is getting old. The last resort for just about every disciplinary for inept comrades when they are finally caught out is to scream racism. We have thousands of highly skilled people in this country, we don’t need to hire inept politically connected fools. We need to return these SOE’s to places where merit and hard work provide incredible training grounds for our best and brightest so the best and brightest don’t all just run to the private sector.

may be totally wrong, but it is as if i smelled a political rat here

that chief procurement officer was suspended on irregularities around Eskom expenditure nd conduct of CPO during procurement of goods for Eskom, all the inflated costs of basic goods and assets were procured under his watch, the CFO concurred and the CPO creates the PO. The Eskom property the khusile and medupi contracts, the coal pricing per ton, the mops, the wasteful expenditure all goes via the CPO. De Ruyter stared firing power station managers that play a role in sabotage how about the CPO playing a role in the financial collapse of eskom.

It’s time to install Solar people. The lights are about to go off – and stay off !

Typical, remove the obstacle who is holding the reigns on the chequebook, have him replaced with a pliable and more ‘cooperative’ person.

I hope that Mr Solly Tshitangano is ready to put money where his mouth is when the very expensive Senior Counsel have the potential find that this was not a racist incident and then send him the Tax Invoice.

Hopefully then Mr André de Ruyter will then sue for defamation.

The tide has turn as we have seen, i hope that this waste of time and Taxp Payer Monies comes to an end thus allowing citizens the privilege of having electricity in the 21st century.

Too white for the job. Even if he is trying to do the right thing to get Eskom running smoothly again,
Expect retaliation when you try to remove someone from the cushy bribes,

To play the race card is the last strategy of the scoundrel. He is out of options, and now he hides behind the colour of his skin. He plays the victim after looting the public for the benefit of connected cadres. The Chinese will simply put him before the firing squad.

At school we used to say: “Dis die laaste stuiptrekking van ‘n verrotte brein”

Seems to fit the complainant!

The accusatory knife must cut both ways.

Make an accusation of this nature, and fail to sustain it, then the accuser must suffer the same level of consequences they expected to have inflicted on the accused!

Such a protocol will cut out a lot of this petty nonsense (which is definitely NOT petty to the individual accused).

This procurement guy is the guy that paid R238 000-00 for a mop???

Now he has the clout to get an investigation done because he was caught out????


Oh! I forgot. We have a FAKE justice system.

How dare he attempt to clean the place up and unwind those patronage networks. Even cleaning up the mess of state capture, incompetence, and corruption is seen as ‘racism’. Shame. I guess it was only a matter of time the ‘white’ guy was fingered while everyone looked the way during the disastrous tenures of many Black CEOs.

My gratitude for the progress made at Eskom, Mr de Ruyter. It is unfortunate that incidences like these levelled at your person. I am looking forward to the day that the detractors will become inspired by a change in attitude towards the progress made and achievements gained through a political human capital at Eskom.

Is anyone surprised by this well-worn tactic? People get sacked for incompetence or worse and they immediately cry racism. It’s no wonder this country can’t get anywhere.

Yeah right!

CEO André de Ruyter, I believe is doing his best to get rid of the rot in Eskom. Andre… please continue to do your job… we need electricity in SA!

Eskom has alway been in disrepute… Look at Brian Molefe… this was the prior CEO… he cannot even answer a question properly at the Zondo commission.

This has been waiting since the day he started. In SA if you are white you are automatically a racist.

I am sure he has been waiting for this and every meeting, mail telephone conversation has been documented. he was not born yesterday and being of Dutch extract is more aware than others.He is cleaning up, part of his mandate.

If I were him I would present the facts, and if it gets nasty which it will flip Eskom the bird and be done with these greedy clowns.

Solly in procurements has the inside track when it comes to greasing palms and getting kickbacks.

Why is the honourable pharmacist SACP stalwart not supporting the CEO?
Where is our Jamnadas?

Electricity is the biggest problem precluding GDP growth in this country( well next to the ANC and its corruption)

FIXED: Eskom board investigates corruption allegations made against CEO

Didn’t take long to play the race card. Pathetic

I wonder who was the previous CEO that has taken Eskom to its current parlous situation and whether race played a part in their selection

I was wondering whe they’d come up with this nonsense. My own sense is that Andre de Reyter is doing his job and is trying his best to keep everyone’s feet to the fire, and that is where these claims of nnsense are coming from. From people who are there for patronage, to ‘reat’ to just ‘hang around’ and ‘do nothing all day’ and go t oendless day long ‘business meetings’ local or internatonal and produce ‘squad’. Further there are those of course who are fleecing the entity left right and centre and getting it to buy their coal on long term basis and who would rather have us have loadshedding than permanently remove these coal contracts so that Eskom can provide clean electricity. These interests must also be exposed and their role in conniving and coming up with racism allegations and accusations must be explored and exposed and those responsible must be held ot account. Enough already, leave the man do do his job. You don’t like his leadership go buy yourself a 70 inch flat panel LED TV and watch people work at your TV at your home and be your own leader. Resign and go elsewhere.

I believe that Eskom’s huge problems have also to do with shady procurement practices. Seeing that the person responsible for this department is of darker complexion I automatically qualify for the racist tag. Interesting logic.

I read somewhere that the president, minister and eskom board are not part of these racism accusations. In other words this not a general accusation from all and sundry ; it is only from some.

By all means appoint another black company to replace those who are found to be corrupt. If Eskom is buying milk at R56 for a two-litre bottle, and paying R28 for a roll of toilet paper, find a black grocer who delivers at normal retail prices. Surely nobody can argue that.

Dear Mr Groenewald , yes I can argue with that. Business should be conducted on merit and merit alone. This is tax payers money. The color of the supplier should be irrelevant as it would be in a normal society. I suggest that you consider not to be affected by white guilt .

Hang in there Andre.

A former cabinet minister from decades ago once said: “It’s like ducks water off my back.”

Bet you he knew this was coming down the line when he took the job. It’s 100% part of the process now in Azania. The thieving cadres are not going to give up lightly …. there is still too much to steal so they will use all the tools in the toolbox. And we still have the expectation of National Health coming, another trough to harvest.

This is not done by any means.

NHS will not happen .The Cancer cannot even roll out a vaccine for everyone

Can’t for the life of me work out why he took this job in the first place. What did he, you, me, anyone expect would happen?

A society and county cannot exist without law and order and consequences.
We have none of the above.
Oh how far this country has fallen. Pulled down to the level of the rest of the continent.
What a waste, but what should we have expected?

Of course it was only a matter of time before the alleged “racism” issue would surface. Rooting out corruption, cadre deployment, nepotism and awarding of dodgy tenders does not sit well with the ANC “comrades” when a source of free wealth is cut off and lazy, incompetent employees are exposed.

Cícero, Roman Statesman, 42 BC

A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.

I smell a stinking rat!
The allegations of “racism”comes from the suspended Chief Procurement Officer.What other defense could he have?

I smell a stinking rat.

The allegations of “racism” comes from the suspended Chief Procurement Officer.

He probably has no other defense than crying out “RACISM”

Weaponising racism has become the tool of authoritarians and the corrupt. Can’t tell you how grateful I am to be out of SA news cycle. Unfortunately, this post-modern, PC, leftist, socialist, cultural marxist BS has infected western societies around the world including Australia. Racism is the new black. Somehow I’m sure that is offensive.

The data actually shows that racism is at its lowest in human history. But who needs facts when feelings are concerned?

End of comments.





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