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Eskom extends scheduled power cuts until Thursday

After additional faults at power stations.
Image: Shutterstock

South Africa’s state power firm Eskom, which has been mired in a financial crisis, said it would extend scheduled power cuts from 9 p.m. local time on Friday until 5 a.m. on Thursday after a series of additional faults at its coal-fired power stations.

The “Stage 2” power cuts require up to 2,000 megawatts (MW) of capacity to be shed from the national grid.

“Whilst still recovering four units at Tutuka, which had experienced conveyor belt failures, the fleet suffered a cluster of boiler tube leaks within a short period of time,” Eskom said in a statement.

“Emergency reserves have been further depleted today due to breakdowns of a generating unit each at Kusile, Komati and Hendrina power stations,” it added.

Eskom said total breakdowns amounted to around 14,760 MW of capacity while another 5,280 MW was offline due to planned maintenance. Its nominal capacity is around 46,470 MW.

Eskom implemented scheduled power cuts on Thursday for the first time since July. On Thursday it said it planned to implement outages from Thursday evening to Friday morning and Friday evening until Saturday morning but said they could be extended if emergency reserves could not be replenished.


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Yeah !!
Lots of times to catch up on “braai time” and monopoly by candle light !!!

Or just carry on and sit under a tree..

Eskom is going from bad to worse. Or is it from worse to totally F$%#@&% up?

Christoffel, jy weet mos dat Mnr. Zuma het die “Midas touch”, na hy aan enige iets geraak het is weg or permanent gebreek vir die volgende eeu

Loadshedding is a symptom of the socialist disease. They hold the entire country at ransom for the benefit of their BEE coal and transport projects. They would rather sink the economy, that sustains the Eskom workforce, than downsize the Eskom workforce.

They prefer darkness and backwardness over privatization. They would rather see their voters suffer in middle-age circumstances than allow investors to make a profit.

The ANC is the enemy of the people, the bastion of backwardness and the shrine of corruption. Hooligans and thugs parading as civilized people. Shame on them!

If you can in any way afford it and have not yet done so, now is the time to get solar panels and Li batteries. At current electricity prices they pay for themselves in less than 5 years. With the drastic ESKOM and municipal electricity price increases that are inevitable, given the fact that a small percentage of users is subsidising everybody else, the solar and battery system will in due course pay for itself in 3 years.

And once ESKOM goes down, as it must – courtesy of ANC excellence, it will not matter if your solar system ever “pays for itself”. It will be the only power available.

It is very sad that this country has to suffer the incompetence of the ANC but also the SoE’s.
Sad situation indeed

Ruining ESKOM is the worst disaster inflicted by the ANC on South Africa.
Even if they put all the crooks in jail tomorrow, this can not be forgiven. Voters please make them pay.

Is Eskom being used as an election tool? Friday the ANC can crow from the dungheaps about how they fixed it.

Or is this a way of getting Andre out? Is he scratching to close to the looting and discrediting him could send him on his way.

End of comments.





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