Eskom gets Sheriff to attach Emfuleni assets

In move to recoup some of the R2.3bn in debt owed to it by the municipality.
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Cash-strapped state power utility Eskom got the Sheriff of the Court to seize cars, furniture and other equipment from the cash-strapped Emfuleni Local Municipality in western Gauteng on Tuesday, for non-payment of electricity.

The move comes as the municipality’s Eskom debt ballooned to some R2.3 billion.

While the assets seized from Emfuleni Municipality’s main Vanderbijlpark premises are likely to amount to only several million rand, Eskom seems to be making a statement around billions of rand in debt owed to it by local municipalities across the country.

Around this time last year, Eskom got the Sheriff of the Court to attach assets in the Maluti-A-Phofung Local Municipality in the Free State for non-payment of electricity debt, which ran to around R2.8 billion.

Eskom Spokesman Sikonathi Mantshantsha was on site at Emfuleni Municipality’s Vanderbijlpark offices and tweeted live visuals of the property being seized on Tuesday. He said the move related to a court judgement in 2018 to recover some of the debt owed by the municipality to Eskom.



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Lord have mercy. This municipality did not function very well before this asset attachment incident. Now they are completely, totally and utterly F—-d.

The municipality did not care that before this attachment, the residents in the municipality were overpoweringly F—-d. Let this be a lesson to all other municipalities who have withheld Eskom money and used income to feather their own nest.

But what lesson does this teach? It teaches the administrators of Municipalities that they have impunity from the repercussions of fraud, and that the government will reposes its own belongings in these cases. National government must go after those Municipal employees who are the cause of these “lost” funds.

Isn’t this beautiful? The ANC gets the Sherrif to attach the ANC’s assets because one arm of the ANC did not pay another arm of the ANC. It is like the guy who calls on the services of the Sherrif to help him to sell his own furniture to buy booze.

Any person with half a brain cell, a person like myself, in other words, will come to the conclusion that to solve South Africa’s problems, the ANC should be liquidated in totality. The ANC is imploding on itself with the help of the courts!

The ANC is a joke, a circus, a farce, masquerading as a competent and legitimate government.

A case study for why not to decentralize!

Decentralization is the only solution.

“Decentralize it and I’ll advertise it” – Peter Tosh.

The Goverment should just as well used the bailout money to bailout the municipalities and forcing then to pay Eskom, that way killed 2 birds with 1 stone.

All this has really done is cause smoke…

A good start by Eskom, BUT – I ask with tears in my eyes – how can over 800 managers earn over R2 million a year!?? Isn’t THIS rather the starting point!!??

The next question is, Will the municipality reposes assets of those who don’t pay their bills? And how about those who have illegal connection?

As far as I can see this a problem, in part, caused by the National Government. They have created a situation where people build shacks all over and are then given free power, then when the Eskom bill comes to the Municipality at month end and 50% of consumption isn’t paid for by the end user, the debt spiral starts.

Its high time we start making ALL citizens pay their way. We’re apparently a country for ALL, yet some must pay and some don’t. Some have repercussions for nonpayment and some don’t. A diminishing customer base and growing base of people who believe they deserve services for free, its bound to end in tears.

Compound the above with the growing despondence and we have free electricity for all, and soon after that, for none. I own my house, I pay rates on my property, for my electricity, water, waste, disposal and taxes on my salary yet if I stop paying the above, the municipality will be there in a shot and turn off my power. However, if I build a shack on illegally occupied land, steal power from a municipal line, pay no tax or for any services, employ no people, be economically inactive the government will give me money every month and will not cut my services. How is this democracy?

They should go and attache Mayor Gift Moerane’s assets and that of his close relatives as well.

That is likely where the money went.

Reminds me of a cartoon by Beavis and Bu££head, in the show the two students were told to sell Chocolate Brownies and off they went with 24 boxes of chocolate brownies.
After some time they returned to school and the teacher asked how many chocolate brownies did you sell, giggling in their usual stoned voice Beavis replied confindently “we sold every thing”. Much to do the teacher’s disdain the two students only had 2 dollars to show for all their hard work.
The teacher asked what happened to all the money? The students replied that Bu££head sold the first 2 for a $1 each and then bought 2 from Beavis and ate them the Beavis purchased 2 from his friend with the same $2 followed by eating them so they carried on until nothing was left besides the original $2.

Why oh why did Eskom allow their debtors book to get out of hand.
I don’t pay and I get cut off. Why didn’t they apply the same principle to Municilalities ?
Someone (include the ANC were asleep).

I hope they started by impounding the Mayor and fellow councillors cars.

And replaced them with a bell and a blue light on it.

So the cars get taken. Next just call a taxi. No one to take the heat it is called the collective.

This lot are well ahead of us again, I said so of Zuma, look at him today laughing at us.

Scenario: Robben Island 30 plus years ago. The gangsters get together and in the meeting they agree that when they get out, which they will the west made sure of that, they will tax the 4% whites to death, steal as much as they can and all decisions will be made by the collective.

You cannot jail 45 million, “The Collective” so you just let them wreck everything.

Take all their cars….all over South Africa. All those fancy cars paid for suffering tax payers. They can walk…go by bus or bicycle which will be good for their brains .

End of comments.




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