Eskom orders investigation into COO

‘In the best interests of Eskom and both the complainants and the COO, the board has engaged the services of independent senior counsel to investigate the allegations.’
Eskom chief operating officer Jan Oberholzer. Image: Moneyweb

A senior lawyer is to investigate allegations of “corruption and victimisation” levelled against the operations chief at Eskom, the struggling South African power utility’s board said.

The company had received correspondence from anti-graft organisation Corruption Watch and the South African Federation of Trade Unions detailing fresh allegations against Jan Oberholzer, Eskom’s chief operating officer, the board said in a statement.

Oberholzer has been investigated over separate accusations that were found to have no substance, the statement said, adding that the board had previously been unaware of the new allegations.

“In the correspondence, both organisations articulate allegations of corruption and victimisation against the chief operating officer,” it continued.

“In the best interests of Eskom and both the complainants and the COO, the board has engaged the services of independent senior counsel to investigate the allegations.”

Oberholzer did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent via LinkedIn. Eskom declined to provide Reuters with direct contact details for Oberholzer, but the media team said it would pass on Reuters’ request for comment.

Eskom’s finances have been left in dire straits after years of mismanagement, and its now-ailing infrastructure is unable to meet demand, forcing the supplier of 90% of South Africa’s electricity to implement scheduled power cuts.

Once the investigation has concluded, counsel will make recommendations to the board on how to proceed, the board statement added.

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Eskom … investigate why you cannot deliver electricity to the People of South Africa….
Solve the important matters…..

Well if the allegations are true and there is corruption at play, then it is part of the reason why they cannot deliver power.

Corruption and incompetence has left Eskom in the state that it is in.
If he is guilty we must show him the same treatment we would give the Gupta’s

If he is innocent of course then I would suggest there seems to be a pattern of falsely accusing him of things he did not do, that also needs some investigating.

They looking for a White Scape goat….

I would believe your story … if Eskom had a credibility left

This is a bit different Eskom is ordering an investigation, cant remember this being done with the Gupta’s. Maybe I am wrong or cant remember here because of the size of Saga but if they are going to treat him the same as the Gupta’s then they would not be doing this to him as NOTHING has been done to the Gupta’s.

Is Eskom looking for a scapegoat? A white one?

Usual procedure looking for a fall guy. ALa Shaik, 2 white airforce officers…….

He already sees the door, no need to show it to him. Like his buddies Singh,Mabuza etc he shall go.

I wonder why MB is leaving out the detail that amongst other things he is accused of victimizing a whistleblower. Victimizing a corruption whistleblower (why would you do that?).

We see you and your tendencies Moneyweb.

End of comments.





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