Eskom warns of load-shedding during evening peak

Says constrained power supply situation may persist through the weekend.
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Chillier days are ahead South Africa. Besides the winter cold snap, power utility Eskom warned on Thursday morning that the “possibility of load shedding during evening peak is high” and urged the public to reduce electricity usage.

The power alert comes as the South African Weather Service also advised on Wednesday of “bitterly cold, wet and windy weather” affecting parts of the country from Thursday and heading into the weekend.

Eskom said that it is “working hard to return generating units to service” in the wake of its power generation system being “severely constrained”.

“One generation unit at the Tutuka power station tripped, while another one was taken off the grid, as well as a unit at Lethabo. The return to service of a generation unit each at Duvha and Kendal power stations have been delayed.  All of these have added significant pressure to the generation system,” it said in a statement.

“Any additional breakdowns will compromise Eskom’s ability to supply the country through the peak demand period of 17:00 – 21:00. This constrained supply situation may persist through the weekend.

“We urge the public’s co-operation in managing demand in order to help us avoid load-shedding and supply the country’s demand through the peak periods,” it reiterated.


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Have been (unashamedly) running my HEATER many evenings, and the wife having the oven on high, while Eskom TV-insert plea the opposite.
This is my small attempt to support Eskom financially. After all, Eskom NEEDS higher income. Hence me supporting Eskom in a financial sense must be good, right?

(Eskom’s financial dept is desperate for income, while “generation” has another agenda….don’t want to supply enough. I suggest that Eskom’s Financial & Generation starts talking to each other….because which way is it?

“Save power” does not equate to “increased revenue” for Eishkom.

Congratulations on supporting the ESKOM bonus scheme!

It is really a paradox though and chilling (pun intended) to be told by ESKOM’s PR man that even though the increase in demand is modest, they cannot fulfil it easily.

How on earth then, do we expect to have an economy at full employment and running at full speed once we emerge from the virus lockdown?

To make it worse. ESKOM said not that long ago they have less problems in winter as the plants perform better.

So maybe we need to go back to level 5 in summer. Not winter.

“economy at full employment and running at full speed”

This may be difficult, with the gearbox in park and the hand brake fully on.

years ago a miner told me,they used the oven in the kitchen as a heater,cause the mine paid for the

didnt eksdom had ample time during the lockdown,when demand was low,to fix infrastructure?

3 things that are certain in life:

1. Taxes
2. Cyril being “shocked”
3. Loadshedding making a return

When the successful pastoral farmer encounters an inefficiency issue such as presented by the communist Eskom, he acts swiftly and with determination to ensure the viability of his business. When a certain percentage of the livestock grazes, but do not rear calves of lambs, he culls those cows and ewes by marking them with a red dot on the head, to be drafted from the rest. He sends the unproductive livestock to the abattoir as soon as possible. In this way, he ensures the increased fertility of the whole herd. The farmer selects for profitability.

Eskom is the opposite of a successful farmer. They keep the inefficient, unproductive grazers. They feed them more expensive fodder. Over time, an increasing part of the flock becomes unproductive grazers. Eskom is selecting for bankruptcy. Now they need a law that ensures their monopoly, to protect the inefficient grazers from being marked with a red dot on the forehead. This myopic act won’t make the farm profitable though. It will only escalate the problem. The owners of the farm, that is us, will get the red dot on the forehead. The master stockman is the IMF, and he is entering the kraal with a can of red paint.

Sounds like the ANC over and over again.

And Cyril wants overseas companies to INVEST in the RSA when ESKOM continue with LOAD SHEDDING and ZERO IMPROVEMENT?
The only thing that ESKOM can supply is Enormous Salary Increases to Management who do NOTHING!
Why not invest in SOLAR ENERGY?
Oh, of course, this is not feasible in the RSA as there is NO SUN throughout the Year!!!!!!!!!!!

Can work, biggest problem is with big solar farms theres lots to steel.

….and there’s the risk that govt & munis will find a way TO TAX your PV-solar system to the point where it’s hardly worth it.

(….as tech improves, they’ll use Google Earth/satellite view to mtach the location to your property and tax residents, and they will continually update their billing system each time a few new PV-solar covered roofs emerge from the latest satellite images).

Best to cover your PV solar during the day with canvas or branches, and run it at night, to avoid pickup by satellite… 😉 Baie slim!

SA has Covid-19 “Level 3” at present, and we’re in SARS Filing Season “phase 2″….while possibly facing Loadshedding “Stage 1” again.

SA is becoming a JOKE!

Peter asks Paul:
“How is your Emigration from SA going?”
Paul replies:

“Well, am now formally in Emigration “Grade-4 Advanced” at present…” *lol*

Only in…..? (you guessed it!)


Its weekend – low demand – and the SA economy has barely lifted its head – and yet you can not supply uninterrupted power?!?!

Only one way to describe you all – PATHETIC (and of course add INEPT).

End of comments.




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