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Eskom warns of possible load shedding in coming days

Asks South Africans to use power sparingly to avoid blackouts.
Image: Bloomberg

Generating unit breakdowns amounting to 14 925 MW could see Eskom implementing load shedding in parts of the country in the next few days, the state-owned power utility warned in a statement on Thursday.

Eskom, which has not instituted power cuts in over two months asked the public to use electricity sparingly as the unit breakdowns have placed its power systems under severe strain. The power utility said it will tap into emergency generation reserves to try to avoid blackouts.


Load shedding on track for worst year ever

Why load shedding is set to continue for the next five years

“Total breakdowns amount to 14 925MW while planned maintenance is 4 759MW of capacity. Should there be any further breakdowns, Eskom might be forced to implement load shedding at short notice,” Eskom said.

“While Eskom expects a number of generating units to return to service from breakdowns during the course of the next few days, we urge the public to reduce the usage and to continue using electricity sparingly to assist in avoiding load shedding” the power utility added.

Read the full Eskom statement here.


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Eskom gets blamed for the current loadshedding, but they inherited a broken electricity system.

The electricity system in 1994 was ill-equipped to supply electricity to the entire country. There were mass blackouts in the townships every day for the lucky few. Most however, didn’t have electricity at all.

The only areas that had reliable electricity, were the suburbs and the CBDs.

President Zuma, did try to expand our electricity capacity, by building 8 new nuclear power stations. It would have costed $76 billion. And the Rand was much stronger then.

Shortage of intelligence?

The cretinous commissar’s stupidly projects his insensitive, un logical and warped opinions on everything he writes, going out of his way to show his lack of knowledge

Please red beret, engage brain before accelerating tongue, or in this case finger!

Is it worth responding to this shill? In 1994 Eskom produced more electricity than it does now. Simple fact.

Eskom was in the good news prior to 1994,
it was one of the cheapest electricity producers in the world
and the biggest producer in Africa.

Today in 2021 we have load shedding in summer, paid twice as much for two incomplete coal power stations and counting.

I see big time exec in Bloemfontein has changed his handle.

It is at least the 2nd time you posted this message, and it is completely factually off. The Rosatom nuclear deal would have been unaffordable, unnecessary and without any doubt completely stuffed with corruption.
Nuclear power is simply the most expensive way of producing electricity around, when one includes the complicated, expensive construction and decommissioning. LCOE, the levelised cost of electricity, the only widely respected way of calculating and comparing electricity prices.
JZ is a psychopath, superficially friendly and charming, internally completely rotten and evil, a corrupt crook and pathologal liar. Everything he fervently pursued was for his own self interest, or personal greed. He simply couldn’t do it differently.
As an eternal hustler, master manipulator, he managed to fool a large part of SA’s populace for a long time. And still a considerable number of people.

LoL, daily dosage of humour.

Effy — look at some real stats of Eskoms generating over a period of 50 years and you will see it functioned as a world class utility until about 2000 when the idijists in charge delayed the new build program that was due to start in 1998 already.
By 2020 the build was nete even completed !!
1960 was the start of the real economic building of SA and since 1994 the destruction.

you are not worthy of komment or gramma.

What i load of bull!!
It beggars belief what nonsense many talk online these days.

The thought of ANC deployees being in charge of nuclear reactors is something that keeps me awake at night.

Just as they are fighting with NERSA about raiff increases. Funny how that works.

Loadshedding is not a possibility – it is a definite, looming phenomenon. That is, until the bully boy gets his way again and is able to feed his bloated, overpaid workforce. Get ready, thus. We are in for it again.

load shedding in summer – how ridiculous

what is to blame this time? dry coal?

Luckily it’s raining tonight. Wet coal might get ‘another chance’.

on top of it eskom does not / is not capable to understand that they are currently one of the main reasons for the stagnant / deteriorating economy of sa – can not produce enough electricity at a feasable rate, whilst giving it away to the soweto’s of sa

Only after 14 years in charge had the anc only decided to build a new power station, through countless and deliberate actions which came at the cost of economic growth the new power stations have taken approximately 16 years to complete.

Eskom was handed over as a well oiled machine used to support the manufacturing industry and which employed millions of people but now that has shrunk to levels last seen in 1965 even though the population has since tripled from roughly 20million to 60million.

End of comments.





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