Excess deaths hit pandemic record in SA business hub

Nationally 3 907 excess deaths were recorded in the week to June 20, with 1 188 of those were officially attributed to Covid-19.
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Excess deaths, seen as a more precise way of measuring total fatalities from the coronavirus, rose to their highest level in the South African commercial hub of Gauteng since the pandemic began.

In the week to June 20, a total of 2 242 more deaths than normal were recorded in the province that includes Johannesburg, the biggest city, and Pretoria, the capital, according to a report from the South African Medical Research Council. That compares with the 475 deaths officially attributed to Covid-19.

Excess deaths in the province, which are measured against a historical average, have risen for seven straight weeks from 229 in the week to May 2, highlighting the severity of a third wave of coronavirus infections. Gauteng, where one in four South Africans live, has in recent days accounted for between 57% to 69% of all daily national infections.

The National Institute of Communicable Diseases has attributed the rapid climb in cases and deaths to the emergence in the country of the delta variant, first identified in India. The South African National Blood Service said Monday that samples from blood donations showed Gauteng had the second-lowest incidence of Covid-19 antibodies of the country’s nine provinces, making it more susceptible to a new wave of infections.

The number of excess deaths in Gauteng compares with a peak of 2 114 in the week to January 10 during the second wave of infections, and 2 172 in the week to July 12 last year, the crest of the first.

Overall 32 974 excess deaths have been recorded in Gauteng and 176 700 nationally over the course of the pandemic, according to the SAMRC. That compares with an official total of 60 647 attributed to Covid-19. While not all excess deaths may be due to Covid the SAMRC says most likely are. The cause of death may not be accurately recorded if people die at home or in remote areas far from medical facilities.

Nationally 3 907 excess deaths were recorded in the week to June 20, with 1 188 of those were officially attributed to Covid-19.

South Africa’s official death toll and almost 2 million infections make it the country hardest hit by the virus in Africa, although testing and accurate recording of the causes of death is weak across much of the continent.

While the third wave of infections in South Africa has so far largely been concentrated in Gauteng, which accounts for two fifths of the national economy, the proportion of new cases from the province fell to 57% of the 19 506 cases recorded Wednesday. That’s the first time it has been below 60% for a number of days, possibly indicating infections are accelerating in other provinces. Daily infections are at their highest since January.

South Africa only started the main part of its vaccine rollout in May with 3.03 million vaccinations administered of which just over 700 000 were in Gauteng. South Africa has a population of about 60 million, with 15 million of those in Gauteng.

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If Excess deaths are attributed to Covid then we will be in the top 5 of deaths by country in the world.

Just a typical anc mess with the nambas.

So when someone died at home because of covid what was documented on the death certificate???? By a professional doctor?? Does he or she sign a death certificate knowing the cause is BS??? Covid was not considered in the midst of a pandemic??

Do doctors in SA know this little??? Should they really charge what they charge yet they know NOTHING!!!???

Maybe I should not be surprised!!!

” in the week to June 20”
Are these not the new numbers for the week 20 June 2021 to 26 June 2021?

When they can’t get accurate covid death numbers they just make them up. To attribute all ‘excess deaths’ (who knows how they model this) to covid is just unfounded speculation.

There is a “Methodological Note” on the SAMRC website that describes how weekly excess deaths are concocted from average natural and unnatural deaths after adjusting for estimated numbers without ID’s plus those not reported, although it is guesswork shrouded in mumbo jumbo as to how these unknown quantities should be made to vary each week. The methodology was introduced when the lockdown started and backdated to the start of 2020. Then for 2021 it was changed for obscure reasons and in obscure ways so that it would so complex and subjective that no one could possibly challenge it.

In waves 1 and 2, I used to see 100-150 deaths per day on e – n e w s,
now I see 250-383.

That should tell you something.

There is going to be a lot more Life insurance claims.

End of comments.



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