Former President Zuma is freed from prison on medical grounds

Having served less than two months of his sentence after being jailed for contempt of court.
Jacob Zuma. Image: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg

South Africa’s prisons service placed former President Jacob Zuma on medical parole, less than two months after he was jailed for contempt of court.

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The authorities freed Zuma after receiving a medical report, the Department of Correctional Services said in a statement, without providing further details. Under the terms of Zuma’s release, he “must comply with a specific set of conditions and will be subjected to supervision until his sentence expires,” it said.

Zuma was arrested on July 7 after being sentenced to 15 months in jail for defying a court order to testify at a graft inquiry. His detention triggered deadly riots by his supporters in the Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal provinces that left at least 354 people dead.

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A month after his arrest, Zuma was admitted to hospital for medical observation.

South Africa’s Constitutional Court, which jailed Zuma on June 29, is considering an application to review his conviction and sentence. Should the court acquit Zuma, his parole conditions will be dropped. It’s unclear when judgment will be handed down.

Zuma is separately standing trial on graft charges. That case is due to resume on September 9.

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As Expected… a Shabir Shake move in the making.

Ok, so the Constitutional court means nothing.
…. the Law means nothing.

Help me understand. So when you commit a crime, the medical condition of the victims are not relevant, they still suffer a loss. Why then are the medical conditions of the perpetrator taken into account when serving a sentence? The unlawful act did not somehow disappear due to a medical condition.

There are three reasons why this has happened:

1) It was agreed as part of his stepping down as president that they would not keep him in prison.

2) Just like Shaikey Shaik, he has threatened to take down all his buddies in the ANC with him.

3) It is “good for the ANC” electioneering ahead of local government elections.

He may rejoice at his craftiness. But karma is a btch.

If u ever had any hope for this country then forget it :
Zimbabwe is looking a better option: This ANC mafia will clearly destroy the very foundations of civilisation in RSA.

My personal opinion (i am not a medical doctor) about the zuma health issue is that it simply matches just too much with his friend, Schabir Shaik’s, health pattern – the terminally ill man of a few years ago, but today still playing golf and as fit as fiddle whilst on “medical parole”

Although a public figure / ex-public figure, the medical reasons motivating this decision are still unknown and is almost treated as a state secret, less than 3 months ago he danced and sang at nkandla with no indication of any illness or physical discomfort. i don’t want to be the doctor who issued the certificate if blatant medical mistakes/ wrong medical interpretations were made just for the sake of issuing a certificate – there will certainly be consequences for the doctor in his professional position

another question: how are other prisoners with the same medical “illness” treated??? also on “medical parole”?????????????

I share the same sentiment as you… we have selected individuals treated differently in SA…. my exact rant over SARS (see the article where SARS wants to target Crypto holders) treating selected individuals differently (we have not seen a cent recovered from state capture while state capture transactions made are in the public domain and presented at the zondo commission)

And what happened to the doctors who issued Shaik a certificate declaring him to be “in the last stages of a terminal illness”? Nothing. As nothing will happen here. Ordinarily medical certificates are taken very seriously from an ethical standpoint. Not so when dealing with politicians.

it is for sure high time for the medical control body to step in and ask difficult questions to these manipulated doctors and do what is necessary if they are found to be guilty of any negligence in their profession – isn’t that what we/medical fund is paying for when we visit a doctor for his/her professional medical advice? – not just for a meaningless piece of paper with the doctors signature on it.

This was always the playbook. Watch out for him singing and dancing like a teenager back at nkandla.

When is he paying back the money Mr. Taxman?

How did his son make his money? He is living a very flashy life in Dubai

Mr. Taxman how did Mr. Zuma get it right to buy a mansion in Dubai?

Bedwetter too scared to do that !!

Taxman is fully occupied examining for the 5th year a row , copies of receipts for my R19 a month Blood Pressure pills .
So we must be patient !!

You’d think that since Shabir Shaik is still alive he’s in violation of his medical parole….

It is impossible to be in violation of medical parole. You get medical parole because you are in the throes of death. You do not have to go back to jail if you do not die. The doctors who issue a certificate stating that you are terminal, contrary to the facts, those are the people who should be under scrutiny.



Old man!!! Be careful what you wish for.

And that plump squeaking ex Judge, Davis yelps hysterically that our judiciary isn’t captured.

The whole system is captured-from SAPS, to the NPA, to the Courts to the Prison Department.

To assist with the (absent) assessment of whether there is more political consideration than there is any for the crime and punishment consideration, one only has to ask if the convicted criminal will be tagged to enable limitation of freedom (as was the purpose of incarceration). This can still be applied without any impact upon health. Then ask if there will be any restriction on communications, particularly the type that would have been restricted during incarceration. The example of Schabir Shaik is surely one that some remnant of authority should learn from and act upon. The prospect of the furtherance of organised insurrection should surely be a consideration of the President and his under-the-wing “intelligence”. Or maybe this unconditional release is to appease those malignant and treasonous forces that lie embedded within this unfit horde of a ruling party.

We all knew this would be the case.

In S.A., there are TWO interpretations of “the law”: one for the politicos and the wealthy, another for the rest of us.
The Constitution is a farce, intended to B/S the outside world that S.A. is a constitutional democracy that respects the rule of law. Equality before the law is B/S and applies only to the former.

Wonder what time is tee-off tomorrow with Shaiky

Wonder if Nkandla needs an 19 hole “lawn upgrade” to go with the fire pool?

So I suppose this means he won’t be able to face his pending corruption charges which go back, what, 20 years now? This country’s justice system is a JOKE.

If Mr. Zuma can be released from prison on medical grounds,
then all prisoners must be awarded the same.

Or is the law different for Mr. Zuma? (we all know that answer, unless if you are clearly brainless)

And Mr. Zuma must pay back the money.

End of comments.



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