Gordhan tries to reassure country as Stage 4 load shedding bites

Says Eskom has enough mobile generators for the elections.
Pravin Gordhan. The ANC meanwhile has condemned the ‘anxiety and disruption’ meted out by the ‘failure to take the nation into confidence in the state of the grid’. Image: Moneyweb

During a hastily convened media briefing on Wednesday night Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan tried to assure South Africans that the municipal elections on November 1 will not be disrupted by a lack of power.

Eskom has 100 mobile generators ready to assist voting stations countrywide, should it be necessary, he stated.

This comes as analysts warn that the ANC government may be punished at the polls for the latest round of load shedding that started at Stage 2 on Saturday (October 23) and intensified to Stage 4 four days later.

Gordhan’s briefing came shortly after the ANC in a statement condemned the “anxiety and disruption meted upon our people by the inconsistency in messaging and failure to take the nation into confidence in the state of the grid”.

The ruling party also said it is “concerned that these acts may be the deliberate actions of some within Eskom for political ends”.

On social media the timing of the load shedding was widely questioned as a possible effort to sabotage the ANC at the polls.

Timing of load shedding ‘a deliberate decision’ says De Ruyter

Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter however stated in response to questions at the briefing that a deliberate decision was taken to proceed with load shedding prior to the elections in order to replenish emergency resources and thereby ensure readiness to deal with any unforeseen event affecting the grid during the casting and processing of votes.

In the meantime Professor Anton Eberhard, energy expert at the UCT Graduate School of Business, tweeted that 2021 has been the worst year ever regarding Eskom’s loadshedding.

He included this chart by CSIR principal researcher Jarred Wright:

Source: CSIR

Gordhan said he met the Eskom board and management during the course of Wednesday and during “intense discussions” the following recovery plan was arrived at:

  • During the night of Wednesday October 27 about 2 000 megwatts (MW) of generation capacity was expected to return to service after which load shedding would be reduced to Stage 3;
  • On Thursday October 28 “a few more 1 000s” would return and a further reduction to Stage 2 would follow;
  • By the weekend load shedding is expected to stop;
  • By Monday November 1, when voting takes place and in the following days when the votes will be counted, there will be no load shedding “unless unexpected events occur, which I’m assured by the board and management is unlikely,” Gordhan said.

He said Eskom and the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) are working together.

Of the 23 148 voting stations, some 16 000 are supplied with electricity from Eskom. The utility has divided them into clusters and each cluster has a number of generators and technicians on standby to ensure there will be power at voting stations.

Eskom has a total of 100 mobile generators ready to support voting stations, he said.

Gordhan stated that the national and provincial result centres as well as the 240 sites where results will be captured all have generators if needed.

The scanners used in the voting process will be pre-charged and have a battery life of 12 hours.

Gordhan apologised to political parties and South Africans for “the anxiety” caused by the intensive power cuts.

He said the Eskom board and management “have been instructed to take whatever steps necessary” to get extra skills they might need “and ensure the proper level of professional skill and engineering professionalism”.

This, Gordhan said, was necessary because human error plays a role in the breakdowns that cause load shedding.

He cited an incident where an Eskom employee ignored a warning light at one of the units at Kusile Power Station. This led to the unit tripping at a loss of more than 600MW to the system.

The employee was fired the next morning, Gordhan said.

Read: Load shedding: Brace yourself for more

Money from the fiscus

Gordhan further stated that National Treasury will be approached to give the necessary exemptions to enable Eskom to procure what is necessary to deal with load shedding.

Power station managers’ remuneration will be restructured into a basic and a variable amount to ensure that good performance is incentivised and that poor performance has consequences.

Gordhan said the electricity system “urgently needs more megawatts”.

“We have been talking about it for two years.”

He seemingly took a swipe at his cabinet colleague Gwede Mantashe, who, as minister of mineral resources and energy, is responsible for procurement of energy from the private sector.

“Parties who are responsible” for adding more generation capacity must see that it is speeded up “with a greater sense of urgency than shown so far”, he said.

He finally warned that “Eskom must not be seen as a political football.”

The focus must rather be on getting operations at Eskom right and stopping load shedding.

Listen to Fifi Peters’s interview with Phillip Dukashe, Eskom generation group chief executive (or read the transcript here):


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We are not concerned about the lack of electricity on election day. We are concerned about the lack of electricity for the rest of our lives.

We dont need electricity, thats a colonial, capitalist luxury. We need to live like old days herding cattle and growing crops we are not interested in the western colonial way of life

And this is what western progressives dont get.

Zimboland is pergect to sig under a tree and look out at the goats.

We can use various methods to solve this problem:
1. Dance-for ours to some horrible repetitive racket
2. Slaughter a sheep in public-it solved all the racists in Clifton from being racists.

Read what world leaders say about Africa:
1 President Putin said about Africa-its nothing but a cemetery for Africans
2. President Trump-sh**hole country
3. Prime Minister Johnson
“The best fate for Africa would be if the old colonial powers, or their citizens, scrambled once again in her direction; on the understanding that this time they will not be asked to feel guilty.’‘ The Sun, February 2002.

Funny how the first thing u all buy are German wabenezis….

Other thing to think about…. The African population growth rate has exploded to sush a point that yr old rural farming methods have a hope in hell of ever providing enough for yr people again….

The fact that this sarcastic comment got 116 likes should worry any sane han being

It got the likes because people recognized the sarcasm, not because commentators are racist, or stupid, as you now seem to infer. Very poor comment on your own post.

“Gordhan tries to reassure the country”

Same old, same old!

Feels like deja vu!

You couldn’t save SAA so you made it reappear with partners who have yet to “board the flight”

What is your plan with Eskom? Can’t wait to see what the ANC concoct this time round

“A lie is a lie until it’s overtaken by the truth”

Why not admit the entire ANC cabal have failed this country. Whilst they’re in charge, more destruction, looting and poor Governance will always be at the order of the day..

We are in the midst of a failed state and there’s no turning back.

How terribly sad it is to be a living witness of the degradation of what was once the Power House of Africa when, back in the day Eskom was up there with the best in the World

I am absolutely not concerned about Pravin Gordhan, a highly educated person coming from a family with six or seven professors.
You cannot have a better person.

The current administration is trying to fix the theft and corruption carried out by the Zuma administration. Yes our Tax money is in Dubai and Pakistan.

The Zuma administration was like a hundred nuclear bombs dropped on South Africa.

and no kilometre long lines waiting for a mere R 350 grant handout!

Exactly. You’ve saved me a comment.

The funny part is the “New broom” whete is he?

head of Eskom sits in meetings in Europe chit chatting about pie in the sky green fever unmoved by the implosion at home.

So fitting to running of a SOE in SA

Ignorant comment as usual. Renewables remain the quickest and cheapest way to get us out of this mess but the funding for these projects has to come from somewhere. No doubt De Ruyter is there to lobby for investment in this country, which cannot be easy. The COP26 conference is the best place to secure funds for these renewable projects (which will be privately managed) and get us out of the coal-fired mess we’re in.

Gordhan worries about elections only – not failed businesses, job losses, inconvenience to taxpayers – – – these guys are just classical self-centred b%$#@stards.

Guys and girls be happy, you have a day off for voting, we can braai and spend time with family, friends and girlfriends.

If anyone has strong feelings and emotions about the Electricity situation in the country then look up the street address for Nkandla and go voice your opinions there. You might even meet Carl Niehaus there by the gate standing guard in his full military uniform and all the medals.

Or even better give the disgraced Mr. Zuma a call and say hi how are doing?

I do’nt give a continental about the elections it does not matter which party wins the national or municipal elections they are all BE orientated which means photocopy credentials and selfenriching.
Mashaba has shown us that , he could not get his own way in the DA so now he is spinning the same nonsense from another podium.
zimbabwe here we go , amandla!
I am not voting ever again , waste of time and effort.

Pity because by doing so you are effectively supporting the ANC as you are not going to dilute their majority. So you are facilitating the hastening of Zim 2.

Idiotic stance to take, by opting out you just give the ANC a better chance of staying in power.

Cyril oh Cyril, where are’t though?

In this time of our darkest hour, mums the word!

Surely as the leader of this country facing perhaps a total meltdown of the economy, you don’t utter a word

Don’t you think it’s your duty to explain to the tax payers and citizens of this country whats actually happening at Eskom?

You were quick to have “family gatherings” and impose restrictions, which is an easy thing to do, but when the rubber hits the road and affects all of us, you’re strangely on awol, leaving Pravin to make the call

Now thats a sign of poor leadership, a sign of a weak man

So true, he’s possibly the worst communicator we’ve ever had in the top job, which is saying something!

…the only way to “guarantee” NO load-shedding, is to have Elections every day *lol*

Mr Gordhan….so SA will waste millions of fuel for (uneconomical) open-cycle generators? Just to accommodate voting day?

Let’s hope your supporters lose their appetite for the (A)bsolutely (N)o (C)urrent party come 1 Nov…

How about Absolutely No Clue ?

The ANC wants answers from parliament regarding the loadashedding….clueless !

When Bafana Bafana are playing international soccer = Electricity
When parliament opens = Electricity
When we need to vote = Electricity

All other times = No Electricity and plenty of plans and excuses

SAA has already been privatized and government now intends to privatize Eskom. Loadshedding is being used to garner public support for privatization

Privatization will increase the price of electricity for the poor, making it unaffordable.

If they privatize Eskom, it’s gone forever and it’s the poor that will suffer.

Eskom is already gone,it’s running on fumes. Diesel fumes. With no electricity, everyone is affected, not just the poor.

Let’s hope so!

Eskom being forced for political reasons to provide electricity as a free social good without anyone accounting for the cost, is a large part of why we’re in this mess, all going down together.

If electricity costs what it needs to cost to have it be reliable, like your Internet connection for example, then we can still do the social welfare thing the way we already do – cash transfers. People can buy electricity at full price with their grants just as they buy airtime.

We all know they dont pay for electricity so what are you on about? Millions of illegal connections… and legal connections such as in Soweto that never have to pay a cent.

The only people who are affected by the price of electricity are businesses and middle class. The same people that you are always making out to be evil are the ones funding this welfare circus.

Like they privatized SAA? Another lie..EFFIE, time to change your medication, the dose you’re taking is preventing you from thinking straight whilst you’re in Lala Land

Incidentally, your leader Julie Ass has been implicated in another scandal, of course denying the claims

Can you not see that the Little Red Riding Hood band of clowns are nothing but a mini me ANC?

It’s a free for all! Too late to Privatise any Parastatal.. There’s virtually nothing left to Privatise

The poor don’t pay for electricity from illegal connections and those who are legally connected but don’t pay are not disconnected because they might stop voting for the cabal, so stop whining and whinging. It’s about time they started paying or learning to go without because the WMC they despise so much are tiered of subsidizing them.

Your comment almost perfectly captures the socialist mind set, you would rather the state control the major levers of the economy even if it means that more people lose access to services and infrastructure. The only thing socialism achieves is in bringing the middle class to the level of the lower class, everyone will be then finally equally poor, except of course the glorious leaders who will continue to live in opulence.

Regarding your point that the poor would miss out on privatisation, that is not necessarily true. In many developed economies where major electricity and gas companies are privately owned, the government and / or local councils provide vouchers to poor people to assist them in gaining access to energy services.

This is the only sustainable future in SA in my opinion, privatise Eskom and deregulate generation to allow private players to easily enter the industry to compete against one another. Will this lead to increased tariffs over the short term, yes probably but over the long term as more players enter the market and competition increases prices should stabilise. Government can then instead of continuing to pour billions each year into the Eskom money pit use that money to give vouchers to poor people in order that they do not loose access to electricity.

Also the current subsidising regime is totally unfair and does not work. In my town alone there are middle class people building beautiful 4/5 bedroom houses in the township who only pay R150 to use as much electricity as they want to, but low income people who live in run down houses in the town has to pay full tariffs simply because of where they live.

Hello is this Robert from Sydney? the happy guy from down under?

Ever noticed that Sensei never replies to EFFie? I think this is Seinsei fooling around. The grammar is simply to good for a EFF person/thing.

Bibap. I am watching you!

Bipab. You got me. I’m Sensei. How did you figure it out?

EFF Commissar. I am willing to represent your party in parliament for a Rolex, a bottle of Glenfarclas 40, 4 bikini models as security personnel, a Toyota 4*4 bakkie with sheep railings and orange light for transport, and a VBS bank account. I refuse to wear the red beret and overalls though because I am an infantry soldier and I wore a green beret and browns. If you can comply please put me on the voting list as soon as possible. I am not scared of the DA or the ANC. The FV+ is another story though.

Who cares about the poor? They are the ones who voted for this morons and destroyers

The gift of the vote to IQ<70 is a death sentence to everyone.

Stage 6 looming.

That is fully blacked-out – like the ANC.

come hell or high water…this November elections MUST NOT BE CANCELLED, it must go on at all costs! just Bring your own pen and torch please.

Gordhan the weasel trying to blame the private sector:

“ANC governments over the years have been aware there will be electricity challenges. The hope was that the private sector would invest in electricity generation but that did not happen so government decided in the early 2000s in Medupi and Kusile, but now we know that due to lack of skills at Eskom and corruption it resulted in both these power stations having design faults and wrong boilers and overruns in terms of time and cost. That is now the subject of a rectification process.”

True, but then you have loadshedding for over 10 years and the ANC govt blocking the private sector from investing or being pernitted to provide power because it will interfere with the corrupt coal supply chain.

Gordan -please go back and hide in your hole again !!

Mr Gordon is one of the good guys – or have you been sleeping through the Zupta saga? He, at least has put his head on a block and come up with a short term solution so we can all vote on Monday! That’s a hellova a lot more than anyone in the ANC has done for a longtime. Hopefully he can deliver this assurance although there will be plenty trying to ensure he doesn’t. The Factional split in the ANC at work!

Lol. I suggest you read my comment again…slowly this time.

Gordan was minister of finance when the ANC started spending big time which started the process we now find ourselves in with no money to pay the bills. So, while he eventually stood up against Zuma, he is no hear in my books.

Maccie my man — He promises stage 3 and it is still stage 4 — He is an idiot !!!

Yeah right, doing a fantastic job at SAA. Tsek.

doesn’t matter what type of guy he is…he is still an ANC cadre.

That graph says it all. South Africa is in die kak, and the trend is just increasing

we are so deep in the k@k because we all ignoring the elephant in the room!

Interesting how everything possible is being done to prevent blackouts during election day;…as if we the public care. What we would have appreciated, is a similar intervention and sense of urgency every single time loadshedding is on the cards. Alas, it’s only about them, not the public.

Certain members of the public who understand that a vote is the only way to change anything do care about voting on Monday. A defeatist attitude doesn’t help anyone – if life in SA is so hopeless then I suggest you look st moving to boring Australia or the Disunited States Of America…or even better not so great Britain where the politicians can’t tell the difference between lying and telling the truth and the people do nothing else but complain!

I can strongly recommend any of those places over SA 😉

He said the Eskom board and management “have been instructed to take whatever steps necessary” to get extra skills they might need “and ensure the proper level of professional skill and engineering professionalism”. “This, Gordhan said, was necessary because human error plays a role in the breakdowns that cause load shedding. He cited an incident where an Eskom employee ignored a warning light at one of the units at Kusile Power Station. This led to the unit tripping at a loss of more than 600MW to the system. The employee was fired the next morning, Gordhan said.”

With reference to the above in the article: so at last gordhan admit all the mistakes the anc made and the results of incompetent cadre employees over a 25+year period – but now it is too little too late – the actual professional employee were chased away like rubbish and replaced by the cadre employees – “what ever steps taken” indirectly means at any cost to the taxpayer – please gordhan talk and make excuses about something that you have a professional knowledge about – electricity is for sure not one of it – since the anc took over eskom was and is still a political playball – one can not get eskom’s operation right if it does not have the right employees in place – my sympathy to the current capable staff of eskom trying to fix what is directly the result of the anc’s incompetence/ cadre employed staff over 25 years.
very suspicious that it now happens that the election is on hand – in a once up-and-running country (electricity was no problem) we must now worry about a total of 100 mobile generators ready to support voting stations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the mechanic service my cars, the heart surgery is done by the heart surgeon with no offence to the mechanic – one is employed for what one is trained for in the real world

net so, Johannes. Eskom had all the engineers and technical staff it needed to run efficiently before affirmative action and cadre deplyment. They were unceremoniously canned because they were white.No other eson. Now the chickens have come home to roost.Cadre deployment has 100% totally predictable consequences. Ironically the crickters must take the knee against racism. What a crock. A white advocate is excluded from the panel for chief judge because of his skin colour but de Kock must show SA is against racism? Lets get honest. Racism is as rife in SA today as before 1994.

And this time we have good reasons to be.

Jessie Duarte was on the news as the ANC and demanding an answer from eskom as to what is going on with our electricity.

She seems to have forgotten that the ANC runs eskom, and had she recalled this simple fact, no further explanation would have been necessary.

The answer is simple. It’s (insert anything) is a mess because we run it.

And this is the quaint thing about the ANC. They talk of all the country’s problems as though they have just arrived from Mars.

Now the chickens are coming home to roost, and it’s 11th hour. We are staring down the barrel of no jobs, no skills (we’ve seen off all our smart people), no money (thanks to the draconian and stupid lockdowns), failed municipalities, crumbling cities, zero policing (the natal riots), any trucker can block the N3 (see how that would have worked in the bad old days), and a failed state.

Jesse thinks she’s being smart; by blaming Eskom, she exonerates the anc. As if they also find this mess unacceptable, but please vote for the anc and we will sort it out.

Jesse Duarte adds to value to the ANC or South Africa.

What did she do to stop the corruption in the Zuma all out Nuclear destruction of South Africa?

Was she not on the news for that Land Rover/4×4 gift? what happened?

It is all dishonest lip service. Eskom, like SAA, is primarily in the business of enriching ANC elite cadres and their fellow travellers. Their stated business comes a distant second.

Please can anyone enlighten me who this Gordhan oke is and when is elections taking place…oh nevermind.

Yes, Gordhan is a chemist who could not run a chemist so he went into politics where no qualifications, intelligence or experience is required. He is now the minister of public enterprises with about 77 state owned businesses under his “management” Maybe he would be successful running a pinball machine?

U left out the words fat and communist.

So sad we have blackouts … load shedding too

He said the Eskom board and management “have been instructed to take whatever steps necessary” to get extra skills they might need “and ensure the proper level of professional skill and engineering professionalism”.
They are long gone. Adverise for them in Australia, NZ and Canada and see if they are interested…

Some pheasants in Cuba are being handed blue overalls to put on and a star screw driver as we speak.

And that also turned into a lie as at 07h05 tis morning 28 10 2021 we are still on stage 4 — Typical ANC cr@p !!!

We cannot even make coffee in the mornings @HOME after 6Am or watch some decent Netflix after 10Pm.

The guy that was fired was obviously not the type that gets suspended on full pay.
He was probably told to ignore the warning light, then became the fall guy. Traditionally fall guys are not the typical ANC supporter. IE Shaik, Waterkloof colonels,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Only in SA where you keep a 72 year old failure in cabinet.

This is not just the 72 year old failing Cyril shows his lack of intelligence for allowing this.

They have both been involved with ESKOM for decades.

They are both to blame for this disaster.

Pres. Cyril Ramaphosa resqued South Africa on the 14th of February about three or four years ago.

People forget very easy and bad mouth others very easily also.

Just keep him in our prayers and say thank you

He just continued the ANC looting – You believe all his BS ne !!!

If there was someone at Eskom that knows what is going on then I would give them the microphone. Gwede has this portfolio. Is he on leave? I would recall him so that he can make a tour of Eskom power stations and speak to his comrades and cadres and get them to stop throwing spanners.

Does he not realise the comic absurdity of the concept that a national electricity utility had to resort to buying 100 small standby power generators?

btw Pravin::
What good is 100 standby generators?
Please share the tender award details?

especially share with us who has the diesel supply contract in the Western Cape ……..

Yes it is very absurd for person that probably did not study Electrical Engineering having to hold the hands of Eskom Engineers to do their job as good Engineers should.

JAMNADAS! You have returned from under your rock-did we miss you!!
And your lips are moving-well we know what that means

The travesty with Gordhan and the ANC is that they treat the citizens of the country as morons and dish up rubbish like this. They do not have enough generators to move around the country and pray tell how will they move them quickly – by road, rail, air.
Pie in the sky

They are in fact correct : The Citizens of the country ARE Morons : They will again prove so next monday !

@ edalsg: The definition of a moron is a person having an IQ of between 51 and 70 (per professor Google). So SA has an average national IQ of 77 (also per Google). So your assessment of the majority (all those to the left of 60 to 70 percent mark of that particular distribution’s bell curve) are in all likelihood well within the average of 70 and therefore fully qualified to be referred to as morons. Just in case you’re accused by anyone of being nasty / racist / defamatory etc. Just an observation (note for moderator).

You could reassure the country best by resigning, along with your corrupt, inept cadres.


Once chaos erupts then we may be able to sort out the mess If there is anything left. Because this is the road that the cANCer has chosen

Says one of the main chefs who is responsible for cooking up this loadshedding pudding, with his socialist recipe book.

Ah Mr Gordhan. More papering over the cracks… what a novel idea for South Africa for a change.

by the way, the load shedding schedule on my app runs to Non 27th. The media hasnt picked that up. So this is nowhere near short term as Jannie boy claims…
Why is he still there?

“The ruling party also said it is “concerned that these acts may be the deliberate actions of some within Eskom for political ends”” Note that Eskom is applying for huge tariff increases as well. Any connection? There seems to be a correlation between applications for tariff increases and rolling blackouts euphemistically referred to as load shedding. Maybe some enterprising journalist can match the times we have rolling blackouts against applications for massive above inflation tariff increases.

Shame on all those ANC apologists who use all sorts of excuses as to why the ANC should not be held accountable for destroying Eskom, among a long list of other critical institutions. There is no way that the Eskom situation will be improved with the ANC governmment in charge. They are destroying our economy systematically, and shame on any voter that continues to vote for them.

Commit Hobbit reassuring it will continue forever. Time for afronationalism to end as it doesn’t build anything but only destroys.

Hand it back to those who can actually run things!

The ruling party also said it is “concerned that these acts may be the deliberate actions of some within Eskom for political ends”.On social media the timing of the load shedding was widely questioned as a possible effort to sabotage the ANC at the polls??…….so total collapse of infrastructure, uncontrollable crime,FUBAR municipalities,unemployment..etc.etc…are all conjured up to discredit the ANC……jessses!!

Jenna Ruiters to the recue on voting day !!!

Respectfully so Mr. Minister you completely miss the point. So the focus is we will have power on election day and the days following the election, this is nonsense. What he should be focused on is the thousands and thousands of productive hours that is being lost in an already battered economy not power on election day. Now one reads about Eskom debating variable remuneration for senior managers, why only now one must ask?????. It is simple no electricity no pay what can be more difficult. It seems everyone is in a election coma, wake up the country is a disaster.

I filled my car yesterday and asked the attended what is their situation when the power goes out, his answer shocked me we close down, second question do u get paid for the time u are not working answer NO. This is shocking to say the least.

So such a song and dance from the rooftops when Eskom discuss variable remuneration for senior staff, this is simple get it right NO Electricity no pay cause why u did not do your JOB!!!!! why are we rewarding sub par delivery.

Now EFFIE, if you are Sense, how will you prove it?

Write a very verbose response re. this article with lots of references to Hayek etc.

If you succeed in convincing me, I will tell you why I think you are Sensei.

This is a good idea, lets debate and have fun at the same time:

Look out for another Pseudonym

Seve, it would be a good idea to promote debate & fun on this thread, but alas, 99% of the commentary is angry and /or provocative. As for the Commissar, EFF is clearly no “Gentleman” and hence no match for Sensei. However, it may help, if Sensei could be persuaded to lay down the capitalist-drum for a minute, and actually propose practical solutions to the mess that befalls SA…..
PS: For what its worth, my regular quaich holds a George Dickel 12

Our resident Pharmacist Minister needs to prescribe himself some Reality Tablets, his Party ain’t going to get it right, they are incapable of it!

There we go, this post should mean that MW readers have posted 100 comments. Is this some kind of record?

I think that ‘Robert in Sydney’ has been replaced by Bell Pottinger.

I don’t think he convinced anyone, not even himself.

End of comments.




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