Government again spends more on VIP protection than land reform

And this is set to continue.
Well-protected – President Cyril Ramaphosa. Image: GCIS

South Africa will once again be spending more on protecting the president, former presidents, their spouses, the deputy president, “persons related” to the president and deputy president, and “local and international dignitaries” than on land reform.

This came to light in the national budget released by Finance Minister Tito Mboweni on February 26, which shows that the budget of R3.44 billion for VIP protection and related activities is larger than the R2.93 billion set aside for land reform for the 2020/21 financial year.

And the difference between the two allocations is expanding: the budget for protection and security has grown 9.34%, while that for land reform has been reduced by 5.8%.

Although the land reform budget is expected to increase over the medium term, it is not projected to overtake that of protection and security in the next two financial years.

This trend follows a pattern where the budget for protection and security has once again outsized that for land reform.

If the trend continues, the budget for protection and security will exceed that for land reform by just under R400 million in the 2022/23 period.

This is a big change from when the government spent about R487 million more on land reform than protection and security in 2016/17.

The budgets compared



2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21 2021/22 2022/23
Protection & Security R2 546m R2 839m R3 000m  R3 149m R3 659m R3 659m R3 826m
Land Reform  R3 059m R2 455m R2 736m R3 113m R2 930m R3 147m R3 431m

The rise in the bill to keep the president, the deputy president, dignitaries and related parties safe comes as the government is going through a period of belt-tightening.

Mboweni wants to cut R167 billion in spending and is pushing to do so through big cuts to the public wage bill.

The cut in the land reform budget comes as government is under concerted pressure to accelerate land reform.

Last month President Cyril Ramaphosa said in his State of the Nation address that addressing the land issue would be a priority for the government.

“This year, we implement key recommendations of the Presidential Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture to accelerate land redistribution, expand agricultural production and transform the industry.”

The controversial issue around changing the constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation would also be addressed urgently.

“Government stands ready – following the completion of the parliamentary process to amend Section 25 of the Constitution – to table an expropriation bill that outlines the circumstances under which expropriation of land without compensation would be permissible,” he said.

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Billions are the price the tax slaves have to pay because the rulers know they are intensely disliked, and the rulers are scared. Very scared.

The ANC jumped on the EWC bandwagon when they realised what an exceptionally powerful electioneering tool the EFF-conceived idea was.

The ANC has been so inept in the execution of (longstanding) land reform procedures that they now require a more radical version in order to create the illusion of action. Without which they’d lose many supporters to the EFF.

It is evident to me that the intention was never to uplift ‘the people’ but to rather use emotive topics, such as EWC, to elevate and enrich the select few – under the guise of the “greater good”.

‘VIPs’ – a term loosely used for the regime apparachniks

Big waste of cash. Cut it down with the wage bill ASAP!!!

No surprises there, cause they living in fear – the funny part is that they scared of each other hence the need for such hectic VIP protection

Modern Sniper Rifles with trained marksman reach easily 2000 meter, alternative, explosive devises as used in Middle Eastern countries will get their intended target, sooner or later.

Exactly, and when you drive around in big expensive black motor vehicles with flashing blue lights you simply make yourself an easy target. Your enemy knows exactly where you are.All the security guards in the world will not stop a sniper when he can wait for the motor vehicle parade to come speeding down the freeway announcing itself from two clicks away.

The snipers biggest issue is location and identification of the target. Not so difficult here.

Why does this particular group of people deserve more expensive protection than the normal citizenry who rely on SAPS? After all they mostly politicians and senior officials with a few other odd-jobs thrown into the mix – and therefore not really worthy of extra protection – given the k#k job they do. Wasn’t this government hosting some dodge exiled leader of some other backwater like ours at some stage? Maybe if they were exposed to the same threats and risks the people living in the townships and informal settlements faced, they would stop behaving like clowns in parliament and elsewhere and do their jobs.




And there stands the hypocrisy of the urgent priority that is “land hunger” nakedly revealed.

Will the electorate notice and punish these charlatans and thieves?
Nope. They will keep voting Mandela until Africa burns to nothing.

My my. They do have an elevated opinion of their importance, don’t they.

With little or no safety and security guess what the Police Minister wants to do? Remove all guns from civilians i.e. leave them totally defenceless against the rampant criminal element. Criminals have a great ally in the ANC Government.

I don’t mind spending my tax money on CR and Tito but the rest can whistle Dixie as far as Im concerned!
The three things that will spell the end of democracy and economic survival in this country would be ( in my opinion)
– if any changes are made to the Constitution.
– if the Reserve Bank is nationalized
– if CR is assasinated
To me …. that would be it. The death knoll to any future here.
As I said…just my opinion.

End of comments.





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