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Gwede Mantashe tries to explain cadre deployment

Believes the policies of the ANC are ‘on trial’ at the state capture commission of inquiry.
Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Gwede Mantashe – ‘we don’t tamper with judges’. Image: GCIS

After ANC national chair Gwede Mantashe delivered his long opening statement to the Zondo Commission on Wednesday, Advocate Alec Freund began leading the evidence.

When Barbara Hogan, former minister of health (2008-2009) and public enterprises (2009-2010), testified to the commission in 2018, she alleged that the ANC’s deployment committee staffed the public service and state-owned entities with ANC cadres.

Mantashe stated in his affidavit that the ANC’s “immediate goal as set out in its strategies and tactics is to deepen the hold over the levers of the state”.

After some discussion as to the meaning of this, Mantashe agreed with the summing up by the commission chair, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, that essentially this meant “deepen the control of the liberation movements” over the various organs of the state.

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Mantashe accepted that the public service should be non-partisan.

Freund said the Constitution provides that there shall be a sufficient non-partisan, career-orientated public service broadly representative of the SA community, which shall serve all citizens in an unbiased manner.

‘No conflict’

Mantashe could see no conflict between the principle that the public service should be non-partisan, and the express policy of the ANC to control the public service.

Mantashe explained that “we inherited a state that is run by white men”.

“The ANC had to deploy persons who understood transformative constitutionality.”

He further intimated that the ANC does not have a cadre employment policy, but a deployment policy.

Zondo asked if he was missing something, as Mantashe in his affidavit had referred to the “employment of cadres”.

Mantashe then tried to explain the distinction between cadre employment and cadre deployment.

Apparently when ‘cadre’ is used by certain parties, it means a person who lacks competence.

However, where Mantashe refers to “cadre deployment”, he means a cadre who has the necessary skills and competence.

Mantashe also explained that “cadre policy” means the development and training of cadres, and the cadre deployment strategy means to employ people in areas of greater responsibility. According to Mantashe, suitable persons are encouraged to apply for positions, “but they must go through the selection process”.

Freund failed to get a clear answer out of Mantashe as to whether cadres remained accountable to the party or to the government.

Example of unlawful process: appointing a mayor

Freund referred to the Mlokoti v Amathole District Municipality judgment, in which the court held that an unlawful process was followed in appointing its mayor.

The ANC Regional Executive Committee (REC) had overruled the process of appointing the mayor, and appointed its preferred candidate.

Freund said this case illustrates the conflict between decisions made by functionaries on the merits according to proper processes and “on the other hand the inevitable pressure that must arise from the policies which we have been talking about – that the ANC, in terms of its own policies, considers that it is appropriate to make these kinds of decisions”.

The judgment further stated that: “It is clear that the councillors of the ANC supinely abdicated to their political party their responsibility to fill the position of the municipal manager with the best qualified and best suited candidate on the basis of qualifications, suitability and with due regard to the provisions of the pertinent employment legislation as set out in paragraph 1 of the recruitment policy.

“This was a responsibility owed to the electorate as a whole and not just to the sectarian interests of their political masters.”

Mantashe rejected this: “The ANC has the right to make decisions on who serves in its structures. This cannot be unlawful.”

Zondo said he would need to know more about the judgment. 

Cadre deployment in ‘the five pillars’

After 1994, the ANC shifted from “opposing apartheid colonialism to leading development, from resistance to reconstruction”.

This is according to a November 2018 ANC discussion document, which further states:

“We now pursue the struggle around five very different pillars: the state, the economy, organisational work, ideological struggle, and international work.”

Mantashe had stated in his affidavit that the 52nd ANC conference in 2007 resolved that there would be cadre deployment in each of the five pillars.

Freund asked Mantashe to explain the type of deployment of cadres to institutions with judicial functions.

Freund said that “the whole notion of employment of cadres to institutions with judicial functions carries, with respect, a sinister ring”.

Mantashe maintained his stance that competent lawyers are merely encouraged to apply for positions.

Zondo asked for clarification on what the ANC means in preparing cadres to be ready for areas of responsibility in judicial institutions.

Mantashe replied that the ANC respects the separation of power, but that “we don’t tamper with judges”.

Freund asked Mantashe to explain cadre deployment in bodies with investigative functions.

Mantashe explained that in 1994 all the investigative units were dominated by investigators from the previous era, and it was necessary to change the demographic. Freund replied that it appeared that the strategy was to also change the political affiliation. Mantashe disagreed and said that the intention was to change the demographic to a non-partisan one.

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Freund then refers to the minutes of the meeting of the ANC’s national disciplinary committee – the NDC Report – on the deployment of cadres, which noted that “deployees of the ANC should always be loyal to the organisation”.

Freund asked: surely once appointed, they should always be loyal to the ANC? And remarked that cadres who are loyal to the party cannot be non-partisan.

Mantashe explained that “non-partisanship means the ANC is sleeping and relying on luck, and not influencing any change in society”.

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The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa provides that the public service must loyally execute the policies of the day – and there is a tension between the party and the government if all the employees must be loyal to the organisation.

Freund raised the question as to who governs – the party or the government? The answer was unclear.

But Mantashe did state: “We want to have people in the state who know what the policies of the government are, and will loyally execute them.”

Mantashe is of the opinion that the policies of the ANC are “on trial at the commission” and remarked that any misdemeanour committed by an ANC cadre will be attributed to the party.

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An idiot trying to explain idiotic behavior !!

Prize example of the average delusional ANC cadre idiot. No wonder Africa is the failed continent.

One just need to look at the topsix (aka TOXIC’S) … the calibre certainly is not that great.

idiots chose idiots who chose idiots (TOXICS)

Cadre deployment explained for real – Its the party before country system that is locking in corruption, mismanagement and destruction of SA’s economy.

Party, party, party. Loyalty, loyalty loyalty. Us, us, us. The people do not get a look in. The people cannot vote for an MP. Neither into so-called public office nor out of it. Only the gangsters already collecting from the public purse can choose who will be their hoodlum cadres. It is so sick that only those intent on corruption or undeserving of any genuine democracy could applaud it.
So much for any fake fight against corruption.

Gwede Mantashe, the country’s minister of minerals and energy, should have been asked about the “miracle mineral” hazenile.

Nothing explains cadre deployment better than this ANC top man’s blind acceptance of an April fool’s joke as fact and trumpeting it at an international conference.

The Hazenile debacle of some while ago exposed dramatically and clearly the incompetence of this minister. It’s really worth reviewing this, to see the blatant contradiction of Mantashe’s allegation:
“Where Mantashe refers to “cadre deployment”, he means a cadre who has the necessary skills and competence.”

This ludicrous statement exposes his own lack of “necessary skills and competence.”

His whole explanation of the anc’s cadre employment, spells out and explains why the anc could not show any progress for the past 25+ years in any state department – anything in a fully operative state inherited from the previous government, was simply ruined and run into the ground by the anc and cadre. even if one is willing to look pass the looting, just look at any soe to see the end result of the anc’s cadre employment – newest sa post office cost the sa taxpayer with losses of R1.7 billion and liabilities that exceeds its assets by R1.5 billion. sa post office even wants to open a bank!!!

how naive must one be to believe that the anc made any progress????????

“Participants” should actually be checked out at Weskoppies before they are allowed to “testify”. Maybe for 30 day’s or so???

Mentally there seems to be problems here and it would be in the public interest to ensure only mentally fit witnesses are allowed.

Sadly justifying evil and trying to call it good is in it’s self evil.

Prehistoric incompetent dinosaur!

Zondo commission started in 2018… I cannot even remember why it was set up?

i think that’s the point. tire everyone out and take a detour of the original objective

Cadre deployment and transformation implies the implementation of a process of active selection for the least-skilled individuals with the worst moral fibre and lowest intellect. By its very nature, cadre deployment selects the scum of society and discards capable, honourable and skilled individuals. It selects for failure and selects against efficiency. It delivers the opposite of the law of Natural Selection. It is the law of Socialist Selection and it has bankrupted every nation where it has been implemented.

What kind of person rises through the ranks of a socialist organisation to become a deployee or a cadre? It is the most unscrupulous individual who will blindly follow a corrupt leader and who defend the party at all cost. The ANC and the EFF displayed this process in parliament many times. The skilled and educated person of strong moral fibre has a good job at the bank or at Shoprite already. He is not interested in the dog-eat-dog world of socialist politics.

It is the unskilled individual whose lack of moral fibre enables him to hide the criminality and plunder in the party, and to protect whoever offers him the opportunity to rise through the ranks. This individual does not care about fellow party members and he cares even less about the public. He exploits the policies of populism, identity politics and the victim complex to the maximum to forward his own narrow self-interests. He abuses and exploits his fellow party members by motivating them to “march”, burn schools and clinics in “service delivery protests” to advertise his organising skills, and his supporter base in the community, to his superiors in the party. He plunders his own community to rise in the ranks of the party.

This person without any skills other than lying, who has already proven the extent to which he is willing to exploit his constituency, now becomes the municipal manager or mayor. He has demonstrated his support base, and blind faith in the party, and the party rewards him with a position that is funded by the taxpayer, who is the same individual who he has been abusing.

The person who rises in the ranks of a socialist organisation is not the most capable, kind, patriotic and benevolent individual. Such a person will not be willing to do what the system requires of him. Such an ethical and intelligent person won’t even reach a leadership position at the branch level. He will never become a deployee. He will be forgotten by the party. The system selects against him, he will vote for the opposition.

Cadre deployment caused the implosion of the mighty USSR. It caused the implosion of Chernobil and it took down the Berlin Wall. This negatively biased selection process puts the scum of South African society in Luthuli House and made them rule over the bankrupt SOEs and municipalities.

Well said Sensei. Socialist Selection over Natural Selection is the order of the day.

Thank you. I am growing more cynical by the day. A cynical optimist is a realist I believe.

And now we also have America heading down that route.

Well said Sensei, I have appreciated your comments for some time now. What you have described is a structured process that is implemented in all socialist countries, or those with a strong leaning towards socialism. The socialist rule book is well documented by Saul Alinsky in ‘Rules for Radicals’. This is not some haphazard approach, but a planned way to break down current political and social norms to allow a ‘new’ process to take place. What we call lawlessness the socialist calls disruption leading to utopia..

BD, thank you for your kind comment. I appreciate your post and will read some more about Rules for Radicals.

This is the mindset of 1 of the most influential & senior politicians in the country. It’s too late me thinks..

Ironic is it not? An old school, hardline Marxist Leninist explaining to us how democracy works. George Orwell must spin in his grave.

Script for the Goon Show.

It would be a unique show if it was not so tragic for the extras (read voters) in each scene.

Poor Gweezy. All that obfuscation and waffling when he just could have said: “Cadre deployment means giving people jobs because of their political alignment and irrespective of their competence.”

The most revealing testimony about what the ANC is and why it is an utterly failed political organisation. This is communist totalitarianism at its most aggressive form. SA is at a crossroad: either the country collapses in order for the ANC to lose its electoral supporters or the ANC must collapse in order for new political leadership to take root. Something must give. Hopefully this happens soon if there’s any chance for redemption for this country.

This is a very informative article on the ruling party’s thinking and thought-provoking topic. My understanding of affirmative action was that where a candidate who did not quite make the required qualifications for the position but showed the ability to do so within a certain timeframe got the appointment. This is not how it works in practice, however.

Also telling is how these cadres are redeployed after being caught with their fingers in the till so to speak. How one wonders, is that serving the public?

There is of course nothing new in cadre deployment. Under the old dispensation, it was common practice for prospective job seekers in the civil service, to be asked which political, party they supported during the interview. The difference was that the candidate had to be at least qualified to do the work applied for, well mostly.

You are right. In certain parts of the country you had to be a member of the NG Kerk and a member of the National Party if you wanted a promotion. For a senior position you had to be a member of the Broederbond as well.

Family of mine who was not a member of the NG Kerk had to resign at the largest wine manufacturer who had the head office in Stellenbosch to apply for a job at AVI in Johburg. There, the board members were Jewish and they just focused on skills and competence. This person became MD of one of the best-performing companies on the JSE while his former employer has been taken over in an amalgamation process and the old board members fell through the floorboards.

No, I worked twice as a civil servant for the previous dispensation and was never asked when I applied which party I supported. 1976 again 1991

Which doesn’t mean I don’t agree that the civil servants of that time had their sentiments firmly behind the Nats: my colleagues at the agriculture department shunned me for weeks when I laughed – in the run -up to the 1994 election – at the plethora of notices warning us to stock up on tinned food, gas for electricity, candles, a string of essentials which the civil servants believed would not be available the minute the ANC took over. The odd official like myself who didn’t stockpile in a fit of fear, quickly became enemy nr one in the office.

Afterthought with the benefit of hindsight: had those warning notices pre 1994 election given a different date i.e.2007 to 2030 in stead of 1994, to stock up with gas and candles, they would have been absolutely correct and true!
The Power of Cadre Deployment in action!!

“”transformative constitutionality”- huh? No Gwede – racist job reservation and rent seeking. It used to be called Apartheid. Maybe Bono can sing us all alovely song now and make us feel better. Peter Hain rather quiet these days too

More like a revelation of ANC policy “flaws”.

Hardly surprising, when we consider that the ‘revolutionary’ party hasn’t evolved since prior to its establishment! A century later and the world is very different to what it once was, however, the ANC never got the memo!

Thanks Barbara, excellent article.
It’s chilling to know a person with such an inadequate intellect is one of the most powerful people directing the future of a country to be inhabited by our grandchildren. We’ll all be gone by then…

Does this man actually BELIEVE himself? If he DOES, the problem is even worse!

The ANC are such losers that they don’t even know when they’ve won.

The ANC seems simply unable to transcend the struggle against white people, with a massive inferiority complex, and unable to contemplate that their policies may be misguided. It’s become a common thread, from Zuma to Mantashe, Duarte, and a growing number of ANC cadres, to question the judiciary whenever their actions and views don’t hold up to objective scrutiny. Bottom line to Mantashe: The ANC is not bigger than the law.

One great tragedy that results from this comical crappy circus clown mindset is the message it sends to the youth of our country: If you want to rise to the top, you don’t need to pursue any studies, acquire any skills or competence, or even to think; you only have to show sycophantic loyalty to the party in power.

Shades of how the National Socialists rose to power in Germany in the 1930s.

If we all had political influence and political power, we’d pursue Cadre Deployment to look after our interests..

This time, it’s ANC opportunity to pursue Cadre Deployment. One day, it will be someone’s else.

The practice is as old as time. It’s not going anywhere.

Google the average IQ of Africa and you get 70.

It’s really hard to believe because 70 is barely functional, but then you look at the ANC and it all falls into place.

The policies of this government are all IQ 70

BEE is dead. It has been dead since 2000.

It just takes that long for the ANC to realise these things and do anything about it.

For South Africa to be fixed, the ANC must be voted out of government and BEE must be completely written out of law.

Then for the clean up of the dead wood in SOEs.

End of comments.





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