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Implats executive in court on charges of contravening lockdown provisions

Spokesperson for the miner says the issue is around interpretation of the restrictions.
Image: Supplied

Impala Platinum (Implats) said on Friday that the chief executive of its Rustenburg operations had appeared in court on charges of contravening South Africa‘s lockdown rules by calling non-essential workers back to work.

The platinum miner said it had been in consultations, through the Minerals Council, with the mines ministry as to the need to bring some non-essential workers gradually back to work under agreed precautionary measures to ensure the integrity of its mines is not compromised.

Mark Munroe appeared in the Bafokeng Magistrate’s Court on Friday, it said.

“There is clearly a difference in interpretation in the regulation with the police on one side and the DMRE (Department of Mineral Resources and Energy) and the mining industry on the other side,” Implats spokesman Johan Theron said.

The North West provincial police spokesman could not immediately be reached for comment.

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When it is illegal to work, then by implication, it is illegal to eat.

No court, other than a bundu court, will sanction the act of an official to ban man’s natural right to gather food. No government intervention can ban the exchange of labour for food. This exchange enabled the development and proliferation of the human race. The law natural selection will have to restructure the human genome so it can adapt to this new restriction on the exchange of labour for food.

On her farm, Thandi Modise ran an experiment in preparation for lockdown.
She tried to breed animals that can adapt to food restrictions. She was fairly successful up to a point, but just as she taught her animals to live without food, they died. Now the government is trying this same experiment on all of us!

Speaking of farm animals….and the pigs….on Comrade Modise’s farm, there are also lots of parallels between Orwell’s Animal Farm and the current situation in SA. Some animals get to have lunch with their friends, and get away with a slap on the wrist. Other animals, business people, are far less equal and are arrested. No doubt this lock-down’s destruction of business is not an accident. It is intentional.

If you were ever wondering what it would be like living in the communist dictatorship envisaged by Orwell, stop wondering. You’re in one.

How clumsy of an EXECUTIVE!

Mr Munroe, if only you had done State Capture you would be fine because no one gets apprehended for that!

If I was him I would sue the Minister of Police for 25 Million US Dollars for :
1. Defamation,
2. Wrongful arrest,
3. Pain and emotional trauma,
4. Prevention of him doing his rightful job as an employer and 200 other reasons only a well paid lawyer can dream up.

You cannot make a movie about this shite – no one would believe it is remotely plausible

Not good for investor relations and attracting new investment. A totalitarian government that is consistent, at least provides a predictable business landscape. Parading a chief executive of a notable company in court for trying to do what he is appointed to do, to run a business, in a context of interpretative issues about legislation and regulations in a unique situation, is madness.

By all means then enter into a legal process if necessary, but this is going to end in embarrassment for the government and legal system and yete further economic damage.

The LEFT hand not knowing what the RIGHT is doing:

This makes my blood boil. The platinum mines and a lot of mines have been giving the green light to start operations, which government should be encouraging and fast tracking. Whatever the start up number is 50% staffed, following social distancing etc. Here we have a CEO trying to get started following the guidelines laid down by the government. I would love to know which snivelling little narcissistic autocratic wannabe individual, actually decided to make an example of this CEO and initiated this process to start with. It is not an easy process in lock down, to open a case and take a high powered and high profile individual like that to court, it takes an extreme amount of effort and dedication from a dozen individuals in the legal process. Papers please!

What is worrying is that someone, did not even to take advice or phone a DG, they decided drunk with power, to start down an independent path and “make an example” of this man. Name and shame, the individual and the others involved in the process. If this is the push back we are facing now, in trying to get the economy upright and breathing again – GOD help us. Dawie Roodt made some comments earlier, a good article but certainly holding back. When i read this, jobs lost will be closer to 2m+ and GDP for 2020 will be at best negative 15-18%.

I would be surprised if Covid kills more than our top of the range flu season, which according to the NICD is around 12-14,000 i believe. Deaths from poverty and all the associated ills, will be well into 7 figures over the coming years and that is if we end this insanity on the 30th April. But with the UK having just extended to around the 10th, and tiny little Macron (Has anyone ever noticed how short the Frenh leaders are – Sarkozy, Hollande, Napoleon, the only exception i can think of is de Gaulle) has extended until the 15th. Will our dictators be able to resist another further 3 weeks – bearing in mind seen as we locked down without a single death, that as in any even mild flu season the death toll only starts to accelerate in beginning of month 3 – my fear and the fear for SA, is if we panicked on what might but had not yet happened, how will the gang behave in the face of normal flu like daily death tolls of 70-150 – anecdotal evidence shows us that the powers that be just do not give a S£$T they are all VERY WELL INSULATED, we might be in store, just looking at this story and many others for a protracted lock down – common sense be damned (well it was long before covid) – then Zimbabwe might be receiving economic refugees from RSA.

It is ominous that the ZAR is hovering just above its all time low, not helped at all by idiots in the police that initiate proceedings like this.

Load all magazines – sharp points

The well-disciplined, well-trained, well-equipped, highly-motivated and paraat Defence Force could not suppress the violent uprising before 1994. The loose conglomerate of vagrants that travel in troop-carrying rust-buckets and make up the current Force, will certainly not be able to suppress what is coming their way. This government, out of incompetence and ignorance, is stirring a hornet’s nest of social upheaval that will overrun them. A hungry man is an angry man.

A true leader will not implement measures that might push a country into anarchy. That means that we do not have any leaders. Nobody is in control. “The accountability lies with the collective”, and the collective is gatvol.

Lock him up or fine him, whatever the law stipulates. Apply the law fairly and consistently.

Agree. But only if Gov ministers are treated like wise.

Meanwhile in the ‘hood, most have never heard of social distancing and nobody takes action.

Bro..we not in the hood. We here in the leafy suburb of Moneyweb.

The is hood doing okay regardless. The hood didn’t import this thing from Italy anyway.

End of comments.


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