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Joburg may soon see load-shedding durations reduced

For areas currently experiencing four-hour power cuts.
Image: Guillem Sartorio, Bloomberg

Residents and businesses in Johannesburg may soon find load-shedding times reduced from the current four-hour blocks, possibly to the two-hour blocks imposed elsewhere in South Africa.

In a tweet on Monday, state-owned power utility Eskom said: “Due to the interconnectedness with @CityPowerJhb systems, Eskom is engaging with City Power to reduce the duration of load shedding as only areas in Johannesburg are currently experiencing four-hour load shedding.”

The utility added that it hopes to have an “update on this change during the course of the week”.

Most parts of South Africa experience load shedding in two-hour blocks, rather than the four-hour blocks (plus up to 30 minutes of restoration time) implemented by City Power.

The long outages in Johannesburg can prove crippling for businesses. For example, when load shedding is implemented at midday, power is only restored at between 4pm and 4.30pm, near the end of the business day.

Of course, shorter load-shedding periods would no doubt mean more frequent power outages, as is the case elsewhere in South Africa.

News of the possible changes to Johannesburg’s load-shedding schedules comes as Eskom struggles to keep the lights on. The company warned on Sunday that it would extend power cuts into Monday after delays in restarting generation units at some of its coal-fired power stations.  — (c) 2021 NewsCentral Media

This article was first published on TechCentral, here.


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City Power is an enigma their blackouts are for 4.5 hours at a time – what’s this nonsense of 30 minutes restoration time – the adage “playing ducks and drakes” comes to mind.
City Power are incompetent

Eskom, also known as the misinformation effect

When a lie is told umpteen times, it eventually turns into memory’s truth

We as a people are tired of your lies, deceit and theft ANC, tired..

Its the Eskom version of gaslighting. As the driven-off-grid fraternity grows so the percentage of the unlimited traditionally-for-free consumers just keeps increasing. As a victim of the City Power over-charging (to compensate for their unrestricted losses) we pay the highest rates for this constantly interrupted monopoly service in South Africa. City Power is saying come freeloaders and we will place your burden on their backs.
Now they say that infrastrucutre theft is causing faults all over more and more and want the public to protect their equipment for them. They forget to mention that for 2 decades they spent zero on infrastructure renewals required due to old age whilst they transformed their people from competent to overpaid incompetent just like Eskom et al.

City Power not addressing the real issues of “leakage” i.e. illegal connections.

Reducing times will help for sure. My modem backup should last 2hrs.

Wow, really? Big breakthrough

Modem backup? What exactly is a modem backup?


I’m I supposed to feel grateful?

13.5 hours since Friday.

I’m really looking fwd to 9 only.

Bated breath in anticipation.

There can be no growth with loadshedding and Covid-19

It would great if they could switch powercuts from 4.5 hrs to 2.5hrs. I hope the infrastructure will be able handle the doubling of switching off and back on again. Although Citypower tries to stick to the 4.5hrs of powercuts, some suburbs rarely get their power back in under 4.5hrs. In those areas the power cuts go on for 8-18hrs some times. Of course this kills of business and service delivery.

The blind being led by the severely visually impaired !!

Don’t see the point of it. Currently you’ll be off from 1200 until 1630,now you be off from 1200 until 1430 and then again from 2000 until 2230.

….and they say the anc lack generosity and humanity?….phhht!

End of comments.





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