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KPMG report is not flawed – Moyane

Sars to throw the book at KPMG.

Sars commissioner Tom Moyane does not accept that the KPMG report into the so-called rogue unit within the revenue service is flawed, despite the consultancy’s announcement on Friday that the conclusions, recommendations and legal opinions contained in the report cannot be relied upon.

Moyane came out guns blazing at KPMG on Monday morning. He criticised the company for giving him a mere two hours’ notice before proceeding with its announcement on Friday that came with the news that several top executives, including CEO Trevor Hoole resigned.

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Moyane labelled KMPG’s conduct “unprecedented, unethical, unprofessional and unlawful”. He said Sars would proceed with legal action against KPMG for reputational damage including, but not limited, to civil action.

Sars is further going to report KPMG to local and international regulatory bodies. It further plans to report it to the Minister of Finance Malusi Gigaba, with the aim of having KPMG blacklisted and to stop all the work it is currently engaged in with other departments until it has been investigated and reviewed.


Moyane stated that all KMPG’s current work for Sars will be stopped immediately and everything it has done for the tax agency over the last decade is to be reviewed to determine the value for money it delivered.

Sars will further report KPMG to parliament’s standing committee on public accounts (Scopa) and standing committee on finances.

Moyane argued that KPMG handed a final copy of the report to Sars in January 2016 and thereby transferred all rights, title and interest, including intellectual property rights as well as moral rights and was§ therefore not entitled to issue the statement regarding the report.

He further stated that the disciplinary action against several Sars employees relating to the so-called rogue unit were based on the prior report by Advocate Sikhakhane SC and are therefore not impacted by the KPMG statement.

KPMG weighing options

KPMG on Monday said it is weighing its options after South Africa’s tax service announced plans to sue because of public statements the auditor made about a confidential report.

“The recent pronouncements by Sars are being taken into consideration,” KMPG spokesman Nqubeko Sibiya said in an e-mailed response to a request for comment. 

ANC wants accountability

South Africa’s ruling party ANC on Monday said it wants KPMG to account for unethical conduct.

“…we are of the view that KPMG must account on its involvement in what appears to be politically-motivated immoral and unethical conduct,” the ANC said in a statement.

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Moyane, you Zuma and all the other cronies dictated want you wanted in that report. You pretend you are ignorant to content, now its flawed but not flawed enough to give Gordhan and kie. the benefit of the doubt….you are snookered boys you are snookered.

As I recall; the KPMG report was a draft and not a final report. Therefore Moyane; cannot take this to court. He is just making noise; and 2 weeks time it will die out. He is showing his true colours.

Same old, same old story – swim with the sharks and you are likely to be ravaged. Hope you have a happy recovery – Tom Moyane, though I believe you will be bed ridden

The never-ending circus that is South Africa.

This is almost like the following doctor and patient story:
Doctor to patient: “Sorry sir, but you have cancer. You only have 6 months left”.
Patient: “That is terrible, I am going to die!”
One week later:
Doctor: “I have good news, we did some additional tests and you don’t have cancer!”
Patient: “That is terrible, I want to have cancer. Besides, you have said it once and you are not allowed to change your mind. Changing your opinion is ‘unprecedented, unethical, unprofessional and unlawful'”
Doctor: “You belong in a mental institution.”

Every single day another couple billions wasted at Eskom or Transnet, reports found to be false etc etc.

NPA no interest in going after anyone, private sector is doing its job by holding people to account. Surely there is some way to take this people to task other than the ANC voluntarily doing this, which is never going to happen.

Whaaaat Monyane ??? Your reaction raises questions … there us a lot more that needs to be revealed here for sure. The zuma elite and their shenigans are going to be revealed even more now . It is amazing what the court process and discovery reveals …. We look forward to monyane coverups also being revealed !!

I would be pretty sure that the report was written for KPMG by someone in the Zupta camp. So this intended action by Monyane should have some very interesting outcomes.

Mr Moyane I would suggest that before you rush off to court you study up on the ‘clean hands’ doctrine.

What happens to the CA’s of KPMG who drafted this report? Surely SAICA needs to remove there membership as a CA..Ethics 101 has failed 🙂

End of comments.





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