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Left-wing EFF says ‘racist whites’ keep Africans poor

Watch Malema talking to the JSE’s CEO. ‘Down with capitalism! Down with the racist JSE!’ Malema told a cheering crowd of supporters.
Leader of South Africa's left-wing Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema

Thousands of South Africa’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) protested outside the Johannesburg stock exchange on Tuesday in pursuit of working class votes for the radical leftist party ahead of municipal elections next year.

The EFF, led by firebrand Julius Malema, is looking to use the momentum built from student demonstrations last week to increase the pressure on President Jacob Zuma’s African National Congress (ANC), the anti-apartheid party of Nelson Mandela.

Malema, a former ANC youth leader, says the ruling party under Zuma has allowed a black political elite to enrich themselves while most of the country’s wealth remains with the white minority, 20 years after the end of apartheid.

“Down with capitalism! Down with the racist JSE (Johannesburg stock exchange)!” Malema told a cheering crowd of supporters dressed in red party T-shirts and waving “capitalism sucks” banners.

“You bloody racists. It is the ANC who has spoiled you. Your days are numbered,” a finger-wagging Malema shouted at a group of white businessmen standing on a balcony outside the JSE.

Only around 10% of the JSE is owned by black South Africans, a statistic Malema cites as a prime example of the ANC’s failure to redistribute wealth concentrated in white hands during the apartheid era.

The EFF handed a list of demands to the JSE’s CEO, Nicky Newton-King, including that all listed companies be owned 51% by workers and that a national minimum wage of 4,500 rand ($330) per month be implemented immediately.

Watch Malema talking to Newton-King here:

“Comrade Malema, thanks for making the effort to come. South Africa has taken notice,” Newton-King said to jeers from the crowd.

Tuesday’s EFF march, which also stopped at the central bank and chamber of mines, was the latest sign of anti-government dissent as South Africans vent frustration at high unemployment, stretched public services and political corruption.

Malema, whose anti-Western rhetoric has growing appeal among poor voters, has pledged to nationalise South Africa’s mines and land, raising fears of the kind of seizures of white-owned farms undertaken by Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe.

“The land of South Africa was stolen and taken through genocide,” Malema said. “We must all have a slice of this cake.”

The EFF, formed in 2013, won 6% of the vote at the national election last year, gaining 25 seats out of 400 in parliament, while the ANC claimed 62%, down from 66% in 2009.

Malema expects the EFF to expand its support base at municipal elections next year where the ANC will be in a close race with the main opposition Democratic Alliance in important urban areas, including the economic hub Johannesburg.

Protests by students across South Africa pressured Zuma into scrapping plans to increase university fees next year, in what was seen as a symbolic victory for the post-apartheid “Born Free” generation.


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Mr malema has every right to his utterances.the ANC of Mr Mandela aimed to encompass the entire nation of South Africans in a single united entity with differences of opinion and approach that would lead to the economic improvement of all. the JSE is not the problem nor the mines or or for that matter private business. the problem Mr malema are your former bed fellows i.e. the present regime of Mr president and others who have created a self aggrandizement and self enrichment ethos which has effectively deprived all of us the dignity of self respect and reduced us all into grovelling unemployed hungry mouths that can only chant slogans and demand what they want with no effort to earn .
yes sir you are entitled to say all that you say.
close down the JSE and all that it represents and what thereafter sir do you propose we all do. yes sir take all the land all the banks and then what . what my dear sir do you intend to do to improve out lot. i am not a fat cat or a white racist i am like you sir of those that are “deprived” so please sir i want to see what you are offering other than slogans of we want but what i want is what are you prepared to give me for my labours

Agree with you, what he wants is the fruit of others labours. In politics it is normal to promise the earth and deliver nothing and then blame some one else. This is what is happening here and this is what happened in 1994. Promise to give a person with nothing the earth and he will follow you blindly, but when his eyes open and he finds it is all political lies, then you better be very careful of him.

Do what Michael Jackson done.

Always someone else’s fault. Is this the rest of Africa’s excuse as well. The first step to recovery is the realisation that YOU might be the problem.

“You bloody racists. It is the ANC who has spoiled you. Your days are numbered,” a finger-wagging Malema shouted at a group of white businessmen standing on a balcony outside the JSE.”

The above is hate speech and a criminal offence. Shall we take bets on whether Malema will be arrested and prosecuted?

And, is every white office worker now suddenly a “white businessman”?
This country is in more trouble than I thought.

Exactly. Take him to the HRC. Where are you Afriforum/Solidarity/Businessmen????

I can see why Malema flunked woodwork. I do woodwork as a hobby but one of the caveats of woodwork is that you are millimeter perfect and you come with a drawing of what you want to create – these aspects seem to be devoid in Malemas case as he has no plan or is he capable in converting that plan into a work of art. So he should surround himself with a bunch of thinkers and doers who can guide him rationally. I wonder what the country would look like once he has driven the whites from these shores and disposed them of their assets, I suppose they will revert to using carts with wooden wheels on dusty trails criss crossing the country. Malema unfortunately can only take this country way back to the stone age at best because his sense of entitlement for no effort is astounding

“I wonder what the country would look like once he has driven the whites from these shores and disposed them of their assets…” It will look like Zimbabwe.


“So he should surround himself with a bunch of thinkers and doers who can guide him rationally. I wonder what the country would look like once he has driven the whites from these shores and disposed them of their assets,”

unfortunately your comment is misplaced and racist.

first, he has done as you suggested – viz dali mpofu and any number of other “thinkers and doers” behind the scenes.

second, he may have flunked woodwork but he has far more recently obtained a degree in politics

third, the insinuation that there will be no “thinkers and doers” once the whites leave is, frankly, disgusting.

Malema needs to be taken seriously. The issues that he addresses are very real for the constituency that he speaks to.

Malema speaks to a real problem that every fatcat wants to talk about glibly with glass in hand – but NOBODY has a practical plan to fix.

Not a single political party or leader in SA, including Malema, can produce a practical plan which can be shown to work, based on credible results-delivery (that’s key – policy talk by itself is useless – execution is what counts) produced either in another country, or even better, on a pilot-scale implementation in this country.

Poverty is largely a non-white phenomenon. Black politicians like to blame this on racist whites and colonialists.

This is lazy thinking, but finds favour among black leaders because it allows them to easily evade taking responsibility for fixing the real causes.

Black poverty arises from poor life-choices which are deeply embedded in black cultural mores. It has very little to do with apartheid, or the whites, or the chinese, or martians or colonialists. It is a social problem that arises from within. And likewise, the solution has to come from within also (although outsiders may point to the path).

Show me a single black leader that speaks out against teenage motherhood, and absent fathers, and living responsibly within your means.

Yes, that’s the root of the problem. Now, where’s the political interest, let alone plan, to fix this?


There is no doubt that EFF is going to muster a higher percentage of votes in the coming elections. However, the leaders must also be honest with people and guide them accordingly. The hard reality is that the companies on the JSE are driving the economy of the country and making a significant contribution. Nearly all the companies have a Social Responsibility component where they are spending some of their earnings on improving the condition or our people. There is however, no agreement on what these earnings are spent, so that we cannot possibly gain maximum investment return on each rand invested (or we are unable to quantify it collectively over time.) However, part of the honesty required off of the leadership is that we must tell people that these ‘capitalist’ companies can be owned by buying shares in them. It is not enough to protest and run down the streets when people don’t know that they can actually buy shares, and go to AGMs and actually have a legal right to ‘force’ the companies to make a greater and more meaningful contribution to the country. So, let’s organize people to start investing, to own part of these companies, and to then shape actively the direction of the distribution of profits and retained earnings in the companies with the same egalitarian spirit of these people who feel excluded from ownership. The shares are available to anyone in the public to buy, so let’s make it a central component of our strife to own a majority of this economy. It’s never too late to mobilize the people for economic ownership!!! This time is as good as any. Let’s mobilize and conscientize our people so that each and every person in the country owns a few shares of this and that, to create wealth. Let’s go to work on it!!! That should be as much a part of our struggle, as anything else. Let’s try and have at least 30% to 50% of (poor) South Africans owning stocks (10%+) of 20% – 30% of companies listed on the JSE by 2050.

Magnus wrote in another article today about the quick and slow methods of bankruptcy. Under the ANC we have been experiencing the slow; should this opportunistic demagogue ever get into some form of political decision-making, we will experience the quick.

I am seriously concerned that this clown is going to destroy the economy and everything that has been created by tax-paying businesses and citizens over the last 100 years and he and his followers will rejoice in the resulting chaos as has happened in Zimbabwe.

If I could afford to, I would be making plans to leave …

I don’t think Mr Malema realises that The biggest player on the JSE by some distance is the PIC, about R1.8 Trillion I think. They invest money on behalf of all govt employees. What percentage of govt employees are white? All of the unions that represent the workers that he claims to speak for, have their pension funds invested on the JSE. So, firstly, his claim of 10% ownership is bull, (not that fact checking has ever been one of his strong points.) Secondly the JSE is merely an exchange, and does not have any power over how the companies listed on it run their businesses, so going to the JSE with the demands that they did is just stupid.

Similarly for demands for minimum wages, how must the JSE do anything about it. They are afraid to go to Parliament/Union Buildings which is where they should take these demands, as they will probably get stun grenades thrown at them. Also, if many middle class families had to choose between paying a domestic worker a minimum of R4500 a month, or doing the work themselves, their budgets would answer that question very quickly, leaving tens of thousands of people with no income.

Companies are already dis-investing from South Africa, see BHP Billiton/South 32, Amplats, Steinhoff, SAB etc… and sending their “dirty white capital” by the hundreds of billions somewhere else, where no one in SA can benefit from it.

I do not think Malema even has a clue what would happen to this country if he actually got his wishes.

Excellent points …

“I don’t think Mr Malema realises that The biggest player on the JSE by some distance is the PIC, about R1.8 Trillion I think.”

Unfortunately even if this is spelled out to him in monosyllables, it doesn’t matter. His end-game is actually the destruction of the economy and re-distibution to his cronies. This is why he gets support: they see the goods in the shop window (the so-called “white wealth”) suddenly being available after the shop windows have been smashed and you can help yourself.

Don’t we see this on an ongoing basis in the township rioting?

Investors will vote with their feet.

Well…firstly it is unclear what percentage of the JSE’s capitalisation is owned by Black people, but does Malema think that, because it is a smaller percentage than owned by White people, the prevailing system should simply be overthrown, to be replaced by…?
A Zimbabwe-style utopia.
I’m getting moedeloos.

The EFF is making the same mistake as the ANC by thinking all whites are bad and want to keep Africans poor.

-Most whites is SA are born here and are African
-The people that are stealing the future from young and old South African’s are the ANC elite through corruption and theft
-The phenomenon of the rich to keep the poor from getting a traction on wealth happens the world over – even in China
-Therefore it is not a race thing but a class thing and the biggest current obstacles to the spread of wealth in SA is the ANC.

Wake up, Julius my boy. The anc crooks and incompetents are making everyone poor. They are sucking SA dry with their arrogant greed, not the whites. Go after the anc Julius, you will be doing us all a favour.

Agree Beethoven if they can get the ANC out stop the thieving there will be heaps of cash for all of them, way beyond what he thinks he will get from stripping the JSE.

The JSE-listed companies belong to the shareholders, of which the government- and mine-workers pension funds forms a significant part.

The demands by the EFF means they want to steal from government employees and mine workers. Many people taking part in the march and who share in the demands, are mine workers with pension funds. They are in fact then putting demands to themselves!

The rest of them shout “down with capitalism” but at the same time they demand jobs and better pay from capitalists!

The EFF is nothing but a rabid dog chasing it’s own tail

It’s much easier to blame whites than to fix corruption and mismanagement of billions of ZAR. Let’s also not forget that the same Malema was building a R16 mil rand house in Bedfordview on a R25k per month youth league salary when was caught with his hands in the cookie jar. If you want to see the real problem go look in the mirror Malema. Professional tsotsi. Populist gold digger. Nothing original, proactive or constructive have ever come from the EFF. Please learn this slogan before you start pointing fingers to people that actually contribute something to the economy – “You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for.”

Malemma will one day probably take my house. But first I will send in a bulldozer to level it with the ground and fill the pool with sand. I will even take out the irrigation pipes so that it looks just like 350 years ago. I will also burn down the last tree in the garden. Then Malemma can go and sit there in the sun and scratch his balls whilst quietly watching the world go by.
He may get the land but not the improvements on it. But he wants it for free. Lazy bastard – go and get a job.

“The land of South Africa was stolen and taken through genocide,” Malema said. “We must all have a slice of this cake.”

Malema is a populist speaking to the desires of his constituency. But this is not a political position or policy statement, this is the rhetoric of war and genocide.

So what to do? Human Rights Commission will simply be another platform for him to martyr himself.

It is perhaps time that Constitutional Democracy minded people get more organised, active and outspoken.

Inflammatory threats & warnings against whites, blacks who oppose him, the ANC, DA, corporates, agricultural sector. He says what he likes, does what he likes, and no-one, not even the govt, checks him, nor reassures minorities & business. Foreign capital is put off, local businesses want to sell up, or list elsewhere, and whites & coloureds emigrate as fast as their feet can carry them. And I thought the ANC were bad! Not compared to this bunch.

Whites in South Africa have exploited everyone and everything in south africa.

Mandela was exploited and that is why the whites were “happy” with him.

Whites since 1994 have become far more wealthier and the present
government has been bankrolled by every south african corporate.

Behind every BBBEEE deal is a white person involved

End of comments.





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