Liberation activists call for the ‘bleeding’ of Covid-19 funds to stop

Threaten government leaders with legal action if it doesn’t.
Tough week for the president as coronapreneur fallout intensifies. Image: Kopano Tlape, GCIS

An activist group composed of liberation activists from the late 1960s and 1970s has sent a legal notice to President Cyril Ramaphosa calling for all work and payments on all Covid-19 tenders suspected of irregularities to be suspended pending an independent review by an external team of experts.

The letter sent by lawyers representing the ‘70s Group on Wednesday is also addressed to Health Minister Zweli Mkhize, Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni and Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu.

The non-profit organisation’s letter comes as the Competition Commission clamps down on issues of unfair pricing on Covid-19 supplies and complaints regarding councillors stealing food parcels intended for the poor.

The spotlight has recently moved to instances of lucrative Covid-19-related tenders being awarded to relatives and friends of senior government officials and a number of irregular tenders being investigated by law enforcement.

Legal action

“Such gravely compromised tenders that may have been so awarded ought to be placed on hold, until reviewed by an external independent group of experts comprising persons in the public space/[polity],” the letter reads. 

The ‘70s Group also wants further tenders to be placed on hold until they are reviewed by the “irreproachable group” of independent experts to determine the quality of goods and services of the service providers.

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Further, payments by national and provincial governments related to these tenders should be frozen pending a review of the invoices to identify instances of overpricing and whether the tenders were awarded through proper processes. 

“The State Attorney is required to give an undertaking within seven days that the payments for the service providers are on hold pending the investigations and finalisation of the review of the tenders so awarded,” the lawyers say.

Should this not happen the group of liberation activists says it will have “no option but to proceed to court on an urgent basis to give effect to the reasonable requests we have so far suggested”.

The wheels of corruption go round and round

“It’s like the bleeding continues and there is no urgent response to stop the bleeding,” said 70s Group coordinator Oupa Ngwenya. 

“We think it’s not a matter of saying let’s see investigations happening, we think people will take this country seriously if everything is brought to a halt and anything that is in motion is verified so there is no cause for concern,” he added. 

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Professor Saths Cooper, who is the 70s Group’s treasurer, said they are awaiting the government’s response. 

Cooper said the irreproachable review process would ensure that the tender contracts – whether for personal protective equipment (PPE), essential supplies or food – are valid in terms of pricing, quality and being delivered to those who need it. 

The Special Investigating Unit (SIU) is currently investigating over 100 cases of irregular Covid-19 tenders in Gauteng alone, according to reports by EWN. This comes after reports by the Sunday Times that the SIU is also investigating R30 million worth of irregular contracts in Kwa-Zulu Natal and the Eastern Cape. 

Conflict of interest

In the wake of this came news of a R125 million tender contract for PPE awarded by the Gauteng Health Department to disputed Bhaca King Thandisizwe Diko, whose wife is presidency spokesperson Khusela Diko.

In a report by the Sunday Independent, it is said that the AmaBhaca King had inflated prices in the tender. The report also highlighted the friendship between the Dikos and Gauteng Health MEC Bandile Masuku and his wife, suggesting there may have been some undue influence in the awarding of the tender.

While all parties have denied any illegality, Diko has temporarily stepped down from her role as Ramaphosa’s spokesperson pending investigation. Masuku and his wife have also been asked to step aside from their public office roles until a probe is concluded. 

SIU not enough 

The revelations come after Ramaphosa said he had put together a multi-disciplinary team of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to look into corruption related to Covid-19 funds. 

But the ‘70s Group is not convinced that the teams will act quickly enough.


“There have been so many of these things happening,” said Cooper. “Where has the retribution been? Where have the prosecutions been? Has there been payback? Has some of it stopped?

“We can’t have commission upon commission or inquiry upon inquiry when we are in a dire state in our country, we are in a borrowing state,” he added, saying that this generation and the generations to come will have to pay for it.

“Those in power will pass on and leave the rest of us in debt.”



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The vile, uneducated and evil deeds of the member constituents of the ruling party and government are without any remorse for their cannibalism and treachery. Impunity fosters corruption and the absence of justice processes us hard working and tax paying citizens into fodder for the insatiable appetite of the greedy and corrupt.

The poor are mortally wounded and the rest of us are robbed liberally. Suspensions will not suffice, we want prosecutions. At this point, a cession of life would befit them.

The number one problem is political impunity. With the poor quality of the majority of the electorate, there is no political risk in corruption. You can commit all sorts of malfeasance, but will not be voted out of office, because the electorate cannot make the mental connection between their power to vote and their lot in life.

Thank you for explaining this sad fact so tactfully …

Wow King Kahn, you took your verbosity pill this morning.

Almost every government institution seems to have corruption units operating and it repeats itself.

No one seems to be reprimanded, all they do is come to the tax payer with another plan (which involves paying) to rectify the problems.

Why don’t they go to the people that committed corruption?

It’s the cellphone strategy. Send it out and fix it later??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

This is the main problem.

After “liberation” this lot should have been disbanded. All that’s left now are thieves.

The 70s Group should get their own people to vote this evil lot out of power if they want to do something useful. STOP FLOGGING A DEAD HORSE!

Their plea comes across as a request for “Grants” Like don’t forget us while you are stealing. We don’t have access to “funds” anymore.

They are thieves from the top right to the bottom. CR and that woman should just go. They all knew this was going to happen even that Makura guy. Yet they continue without checks.

Shows what CR’s promises are worth. NADA!

Makura is a bona fide mafiosa – research

Legal action? This is not Denmark or New Zealand. The judiciary is captured here! What works here-and the taxi industry is evidence-is mass action. The taxi industry fills up taxis with Covid 19 carriers, pays no taxes and drive like the ANC governs i.e. with a lack of any compliance with the law.

On CRs watch-first as the chief lieutenant of Accused number 1 and now in his capacity as Number 1 corruption and stealing prevails evidencing the inherent criminality of the ANC as an organization.

Can you believe it! The ANC even has an “ethics commission”! What an insult to the average intelligence! The standards of behaviour, the principles of right and wrong, and basic decency at this institution are so non-existent that it even abuses an “ethics commission” as a smokescreen to whitewash the criminal activity of senior ANC members.

They even corrupt and abuse the concept of the word. They pretend to appoint ethical members to the ethics commission where their only task is to find that other ethical ANC members acted ethically. In the meantime, everybody in the ANC is corrupt to the core, and everybody knows it. Luthuli House is a loose affiliation of bandits and looters who camouflage themselves under the pretence of hard-working politicians. The BEE billionaire presides over this ruinous farce.

The ANC can never act against corruption because the ANC is built upon corruption and patronage. Acting against corruption will destroy its foundation. South African society is adrift on the wide stormy ocean of international competition on the small, dilapidated and leaking rubber-dinghy called the ANC. It is powered by the smoking and sputtering 1-horsepower motor called rampant corruption.

Who is the biggest criminal – the “amateur” who risks shame and scorn with illegal plunder, or the “professional” who reaps fame and fortune by corrupting the law to legalise plunder? Only the amateurs ever appear before the ethics commission. The professional plunderer is a high and mighty member of the commission!

Society can still act against illegal plunder but society is impotent to act against legalised plunder. Even worse still, society rewards the corruption of the law by honouring those who corrupted the law to legalise their acts of plunder. Society rewards such a person with BEE billions and honours him by putting him in the highest office!

How can such a society honestly expect to end this process of plunder and corruption that they have enabled, and now so passionately reward, protect and honour?

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” – Frédéric Bastiat

The ethics committee is there to see that nothing ethical happens and those who are unethical do not face consequences. It’s Orwelian language. Nothing means what they say – doublespeak or Orwelian Newspeak at which they are fluent.

OMG! The activists of past generations are upset “suspected irregularities” of those with their fingers in the cookie jar. So, because it is cadre, these light fingered friends should be ‘suspended’ for heaven knows how long and a commission of enquiry set up to see what happened. No, No, No!

In the rest of the world, these cadre would be suspended and criminal charges laid, prosecutions will happen, and if a court finds them guilty then they receive a sentence. In South Africa, a commission of enquiry held by the party who stripped the country bare is held. I suggest that this commission of enquiry only looks to see if the alleged perpetrator has anything tangible on the accuser. If not, the fools another process, if yes, they are released and given another job elsewhere. cANCer, you suck. Because you want to protect other ANC members from prosecution and the possibility that they spill the beans on their accusers, you are restricting the NPA and are the reason why the judicial system is so slow and ineffective in South Africa. Why do you need to have a commission of enquiry every time? That is what the NPA and the police are there for!

By now thew IMF should be realising that any money lent to SA will be stolen. They and other world banks should immediately withdraw their offer to risk money with this administration.

the IMF are giving those with half a brain a Timegap to export their money :
Dont waste it !!!

When the ANC steal our hard earned money its bad.
When the ANC steal money loaned to the people of SA is much worse.
When the ANC steal the money (ours or loans) its despicable.

And when they steal from the poor???

They even steal from the dead!!!

Don’t know whether it was true or not, but it is said that the ancient Chinese only paid their doctors while they were well. When they got sick, they suspended payment. It might be a good idea to adopt the same principle here; pay government ministers/department heads while their departments are working to the satisfaction of their constituents (“patients”) and stop paying them when things stop working properly.

Since 2002 the SIU has completed 239 investigations with 13 convictions. That is an almighty 5.4% success rate.-, No wonder they are called in to “probe” corruption.

Chaps this is not bleeding, this is a heart lung machine pumping it out with no return line.

What a shock…
Who could have predicted this…

Must be terrible to get what you want.
“But here’s some advice, boy. Don’t put your trust in revolutions. They always come around again. That’s why they’re called revolutions.”

All lives matter (more specifically those that contribute positively to society and fend for themselves). The rest can go drown in the sea.

Billionare Cyril the embarrassment doesn’t care! Thats it.

A solution to the fraud and theft of Covid funds:

A single, centralized tender board under multi-party oversight – using blockchain for tenders.

Until perpetraters are prosecuted and punished – including the Zuptas, Steinhoff/ Tongaat/ VBS Bank/African Bank etc connections – nothing will change. Words are cheap and actions speak louder than words.

All decent people who are taxpayers should revolt and NOT pay taxes until prosecutions take place…..I’m sick and tied of listening to talk about investigations…..action is the only thing that will deliver credibility to CR and the ANC.
The World Bank and IMF should hold back any funding until we see prosecutions for fraud within our government and Municipalities.
This has to stop.

why on earth is anyone surprised by all this. do we actually believe that criminals become saintly in the face of a disaster. of course not they thrive on chaos, it makes everything so much easier for them. History books,in the future may or may not tell the truth, hindsight is mostly more,accurate. of course by then it’s too late. the reality is that the supposedly socialist ANC is about as socialist as Donald Trump. they have proved that over and over again. They were a revolutionary organization that helped to get freedom for the majority of our population, I stress the word help because without the assistance of overseas boycotts and the downright inefficiency of the Apartheid government they,would,still have been struggling. seldom do revolutionary organisations successfully transform into efficient governments, they carry too much baggage and resentments which transforms into a culture of entitlement. I am truly disappointed and doubly disappointed in our President.

Nothing can be built to last unless it’s built on firm foundations. Same with a country.
When the ANC first came to power our Judiciary and Constitution were the firm foundations the new SA rested on. The current situation within the Government and Municipalities run by ANC cadres has now undermined these foundations.
Unless we shore these up with ethical action, the entire structure will collapse and all South Africans will end up with nothing but ruin.

The ANC does not understand the concept of ethics or morality but we keep on harping about out expectations.

I am convinced SA is in its death throes.

“The Robben Island Old Boys Club” failed Governance 101 from the very start, they thought they would automatically pass it when they passed Freedom 101, unbeknown to them it doesn’t work that way. They got honours in Denial 301, flying colours there!

this is a funny article. the government being called to account? bwahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Must be the comedy hour?

Just read about the latest farm murder again. Its not just the covid debacle. Its not just the economic debacle!

Cyril as usual says nothing. Nobody does! In cahoots with “his people”?? To ashamed to mention that he knows about it but it will be politically wrong to say anything? He rather says nothing as he does not want to be seen to be against animal behavior else he would have said something RIGHT???? He says nothing as he secretly condones it? Cant be man RIGHT?? There must be a reason he says nothing?????

I cant say what I want to say either! I will probably be locked up but I am sure you know what I mean. We can all see it for what it is!!!

This guy is not what he pretends to be.


Not being able to say what you want is very frustrating but I totally agree with what you are NOT SAYING.

I think this will be my last response or comment. It has absolutely no effect and makes me the moer in.

We are surprised by this ‘revelation’?

They have barely scratched the surface of the corruption in the Covid ‘missing funds’.

Never let a good crisis go to waste, not so?

Imagine if you will – it would be even better, if you could CREATE a good crisis and feed it with massaged/ padded numbers and highly questionable science = Loot at will. Covid 19 is every socialists Utopian ‘black swan’!

There is more wealth in being creative and innovative than being a thief! The ANC government lacks the pride of ownership. Ever since the apartheid government, nothing new the ANC have built that competes in the global market. No role models that are not built by corruption, they are the opposite of Robin Hood

Bravo members of the ’70s Group!

You are close to those in power and your impetus to clean governance will have a far greater effect than a million online comments like mine.

Please do not let your fellow South Africans down!

What STOPS a socialist/ communist government hell bent on destroying the country and the economy, all for self enrichment?

The ultimate enforcer is ALWAYS the market.

In the last 2 days the RAND has ‘popped’ above trendline resistance from the March lows of 19.35 and simultaneously also the same RSI resistance, giving some more credence to this break down. All the while the Euro/ £/ Y … are making new highs – things are not looking rosy if the ZAR cannot pull back now. What happens when the next down leg comes in the global markets and global civil unrest explodes, where to then for the ZAR – considering our fundamental base… is epitomised in this article.

Unfortunately this does not happen overnight – they will plunder and externalise $$$ billions first, they will be stopped only when there is nothing left and the ZAR has a couple more zeroes behind it. Africa`s saddest story has just entered its twilight years.

We are the next Argentina/ Zimbabwe? Our ‘leaders’ seem to want that REALLY badly.

I share your concern, all while the dollar is getting weaker.

Sake Burger today : SA is nou in groot $@#,se Schussler.Sounds about

Sounds like That 70’s Show. What an unfortunate name

My bet is that these when these Clowns are given a new position or Portfolio, they do not even ask or care what the remuneration package is, that is so secondary to them, compared to being within reach of the trough!

Dit gaan lekker in die nuwe Suid Afrika

The corruption just does not stop.

It is a lose lose lose for ordinary South Africans.

The only choice of survival is to sell, pack and go!

Leaving SA is not the answer…..standing up to this corruption and fighting for the rights of every South African is the only way…. my family have been here for 300 yrs building this country to what it is today…I’m buggerred if some Johnny come latelies who have only been around for 25 yrs and haven’t made any serious contributions to South Africas success…infact have degraded what little reputation we had, stolen, plundered and lied their way to accumulating material success whilst destroying what has taken generations to build…swan around making sure there is more feed in the trough on which they can feed.
Enough is enough people…..

The horrible anti corruption minister is suspended on corruption charges!

So-called liberators!! You are not free. If you were truly liberated, you would use your freedom and vote for someone else. Posturing with threats of legal action is just a waste of time, because you are just as complicit in putting this corrupt government in place.

End of comments.





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