LIVE ARCHIVE: Council updates SA on Level 1 regulations

Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma led the briefing.


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Luthuli House embodies the immorality in society. Their deployees are examples of how, under socialism, the most immoral and incompetent get to the top. Von Hayek described how the worst in society inevitably rises to the top in a collectivist society. As such, he predicted and explains the corruption in the ANC government.

“Yet while there is little that is likely to induce men who are good by our standards to aspire to leading positions in the totalitarian machine, and much to deter them, there will be special opportunities for the ruthless and unscrupulous. There will be jobs to be done about the badness of which taken by themselves nobody has any doubt, but which have to be done in the service of some higher end, and which have to be executed with the same expertness and efficiency as any others. And as there will be need for actions which are bad in themselves, and which all those still influenced by traditional morals will be reluctant to perform, the readiness to do bad things becomes a path to promotion and power. The positions in a totalitarian society in which it is necessary to practice cruelty and intimidation, deliberate deception and spying, are numerous.” – F.A. Hayek

Who’s interested in what this lot has to say?

What you have is unelected ministers making policy for the country, all the while destroying it over .02% death rate of the Chinese flu and 4.2% death rate of the flu. So do we shut the country down when someone gets the flu?? Clueless on fluless

I am.

Listening to Squirrel and his comrades is my weekly comedic intake

A laugh a minute, one clown short of a circus

I can only wish that this is the last we see of the useless-beyond-belief NDZ.

Kopdoek should go the way of Kortbroek (or as he became known : Sonderbroek)

I can’t help but laugh at the terminology that has become the accepted norm for so many of these public officials, who grace our silver screens on a daily basis, yet they are completely unaware of just how silly such references/statements are.
To refer to the ‘peak’ of the virus as “the eye of the storm”, when in actual fact, that is a period of calm within a storm or a hurricane, perfectly sums up the intelligence of those who lead this country.

It too, perfectly outlines the reason why SA is in so much poo!

Stand up comedy gone wrong

WHY ARE WE STILL DEALING WITH ZUMA’S ? Hasn’t the country SUFFERED enough??????????????

End of comments.





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