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Live: Economic cluster briefing on revised lockdown regulations

National Command Council updates on revised lockdown regulations gazetted on April 2, at 4pm.


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They don’t even practice social distance in the briefing.

Just one more confirmation that they do not have a clue as to what to do !!!

Blundering fools using ad-hoc arrangements and arbitrary force to “save society from itself” by restricting their rights to be responsible for their own lives.

330 people die in South Africa of TB every day. TB is highly contagious, and 16% of those who are infected, die from it. Only 4% of COVID patients die. There are no lockdown measures to curb the deadly TB epidemic. Nobody walks around with masks or sanitiser to prevent a TB infection.

300 people die daily because of diabetes. There are no laws against white bread or sugar. Koeksisters, pies and Coke can be obtained legally. Nobody frowns upon you if you eat ice cream in public. Those politicians won’t fine you if you walk down the street with a pie and a can of coke. But man, just see their reaction if you dare to buy cigarettes or a bottle of wine during lockdown!

Politicians jump at the first opportunity to lock up to their ultimate enemies, the entrepreneurs and business people who fund their salaries. They cannot stand the idea that businesses, the taxpayers, and not politicians, are actually in control of society.

“People’s lives are more important than economic matters,” they say. They don’t realise that economic matters determine the viability of lives. The population size in any country is merely a function of economic activity. If you put an economy in lockdown, then per definition, those same measures will cause the shrinking in the size of the population. This is inevitable. This is not a rule of man, not a rule of economics, but rather a rule of nature.

The politicians just love a crisis because it allows them to take away everybody’s rights as part of the attempt to save people from themselves. They do not realise that they are merely shifting the disaster. By trying to prevent one disaster, they create another that is 10 times worse.

I understand that road deaths are down. At least we have that going for us.

Please phone me when the lift the ban on cigarettes and booze.

Is there a ban on buying condoms? Asking for a friend.

I promise to let you know when the booze ban is lifted ; if I’m in any condition to type. I NEED some beer!

Incredible stat that is South Africa in a nutshell. CVOD-19 related deaths 5, deaths at hands of the SANDF and SAPS 4. The self-destructiveness needs to stop if we are to progress.

I must say these politicians are way out of their depth. This bloated cabinet of Ramaphosa must at least be halved, if not by choice, but by force through the massive drop in tax revenue that’s coming this financial year. You summed it up Sensei.

Now that we suddenly have to import so much medical supplies and equipment maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to drop the interest rates and let the rand fall.

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