Live archive: Trade in alcohol allowed

Limited to Monday to Thursday.

Minister of Trade and Industry Ebrahim Patel said alcohol can only be sold, from Monday to Thursday,  in sealed containers, from licensed establishments, which including restaurants, shabeens and taverns from June 1.

Patel said his department was speaking to provincial liquor boards about allowing establishments which have a licence to sell alcohol on-premises like restaurants, to sell them off-premise.

Restaurants will also be allowed to offer curbside and drive-through service.

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Bunching people up again. Just go back to normal trading hours then there will be no rush and social distancing will happen automatically.

..precisely, if trading hours are say stretched to 24/7, there will be theoretically fewer people (from a given level of demand) visiting the store at any given time. Be it selling liquor, clothing, groceries, etc.

The Command Centre Circus simply feel they must make rules, however nonsensical, otherwise they are “not combatting the virus”. The rules regarding alcohol and exercise only allow for the unemployed to buy alcohol and to exercise. Can’t buy a bottle of wine after work with your groceries, or exercise after getting home. Despite evidence to the contrary, I had always hoped there were intelligent people in the government too. Alas, the lockdown has dashed that hope forever.

this ministar is NOT cleva

Where, oh where can I find the level 3 regulations ????????

Am a non-smoker & occasional/light drinker, so trying to be impartial here:

Still cannot grasp the issue about NOT selling tobacco products yet (especially while SARS is screaming for income), while liquor is allowed to be sold?

(….conspiracies of NDZ being funded by underground tobacco dealers, aside)

ALCOHOL abuse is a leading cause of (i) family violence, (ii) crime related, and (iii) a high % of road death statistics, be it intoxicated drivers or pedestrians.

Smoking: explain how smoking leads to increased road fatalities or increased family violence? (…it calm some people down, I understand…)

A reason was given, that poorer communities tend to share / pass on cigarettes to each other. Then what about passing on and drinking from same ‘quart’?? (…or don’t poor communities practice that??)

You do realize you are making a fundamental mistake? You are being logical while dealing with people who banned the buying of belts and socks in winter. I vomit a little bit in my mouth when I walk past Toys-R-Us and see the children’s toy section (still) cordonned off as “non-essential”. What utter moron locks children up for months and yet deny them toys?

….kids toys? Off course the powers that be will see it as non-essential. Kids should EAT & it’s not time for playing around 😉 Even ‘adult children’ (i.e. spoertsmen & -women) are not allowed to ‘play their respective games’. Sport is ‘n spel…so dis speletjies speel (apparently not real jobs). According to the ANC you are NOT supposed to ENJOY yourself…don’t let the Govt catch you smiling!

(The needs of the kids in wealthier leafy suburbs are of a lesser concern to our “Commy Command Centre” Govt, than the kids in the informal areas…i.e. the majority matters. The need for kids toys are very far down Maslow’s Hierarchy in townships.)

Another point is, we have an inept Govt trying to micro-manage the concept of C-19 social distancing by setting up bizarre rules for all of us, simply because the majority of SA’s population is unable to think for themselves (unlike that of Sweden). Our people are not the brightest on the planet….so Govt tries to tell us HOW TO social-distance by thumb-sucking a range of small, non-sencical steps to be applied in our daily lives. The reason why so many C-19 regulations are bizarre, is that our political elite has been elected by the intellectually cripple. So they’re mostly clueless at the top, as well.

Is Corona permitted under the new regulations, or are they going to play it safe on that one?

Indeed, you can now order your favorite Mexican beer for own use. But OWN USE only.

(….but there could be rules enforced to ensure you’re not a ‘dealer in disguise’ buying stock. It will have to be rationed to one case case of beer at a time.)

If you are caught with 2 six-packs outside the store, the SAPS may frown.

If it’s one case of beer…you could face a fine, but you need to point out the the SAPS, by bribing them with one beer can from the case….now you possess 23 cans, being just under the limit allowed per purchase.

Hunt for Red October “…give me ONE CASE Vasily. One case ONLY, please”

and of course you still can go from store to store to store and stock up…..

this Ministar makes his own life complicated.

I almost think he is trying to prove his cleverness…. sorry intelligence

Just make it normal hours,wtf!

….you must bear in mind, according to Govt thinking, the Coronavirus “will get you” after 17h00 (Mon – Thu). NOT SAFE to buy liquor beyond said time-frame…as the virus will “come out”.

End of comments.





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