Lockdown eased: 10pm curfew plus travel permitted within your province

Date for relaxation of rules yet to be confirmed.
Tourism Minister, Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane, speaking during a virtual media briefing earlier on Wednesday. Image: Kopano Tlape GCIS

Tourism Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane had a little bit of good news for the embattled hospitality industry and ordinary South Africans on Thursday when she announced that Covid-19 lockdown restrictions are set to be slightly eased.

This includes the evening curfew being extended by an hour, to 10pm, and the decision to now allow for intra-provincial domestic leisure travel. The latter means that South Africans are now allowed to travel within their own provinces for leisure, which could see uptick in business for hotels, restaurants and leisure facilities.


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The date for the slight easing of these lockdown level 3 restrictions is expected to be confirmed by Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) Minister, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, within the next few days and become effective sometime in August.

“In our recent discussions with the restaurant sector, two issues were raised with regards to current regulations. One was the crippling effect of the nine o’clock curfew to restaurant business operations and the second was the issue of alcohol sale,” Kubayi-Ngubane noted in her webcast media address.

“To comply with the current curfew regulation, restaurants are unable to serve dinner to their customers which means that they are unable to operate at peak time of their business day. In response to this challenge, Cabinet has agreed to move the curfew to start at 10pm to allow for uninterrupted dinner service at restaurants. We believe that this change will go a long way towards increasing their revenue generation,” she said.

Kubayi-Ngubane, however, reiterated that the sale of alcohol remains prohibited as well as inter-provincial domestic leisure travel (between provinces).

“Cabinet has also agreed to ease the restrictions around leisure travel. Currently, individuals are not allowed to leave their homes for leisure purposes. After the release of the new regulations, individuals will be permitted to leave their homes for leisure purposes within the province where they currently live,” she said.

“Let me emphasise, it is only intra-provincial travel not inter-provincial travel. Individuals are still not permitted to travel between provinces for leisure purposes,” she added.

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The minister noted that this change will have implications for accommodation facilities that are permitted to operate under level 3. These facilities include hotels as well as accredited B&Bs and lodges that are already allowed to accommodate essential business travellers, under strict Covid-19 health protocols.

Kubayi-Ngubane pointed out that accommodation establishments are now permitted to operate for leisure intra-provincially subject to the following:

  • No more than two people per room except for a nuclear family (parents and their children). Establishments are already legally obliged to require and keep a copy of proof of identity.
  • Short-term home rental/sharing remain closed. This includes operations such as Airbnb

Meanwhile, the minister also announced that tour operators will be allowed to conduct guided tours in open safari vehicles subject to directions, which will include provision for both social distancing and maximum ventilation.

“These changes will come into effect as soon as the new regulations are gazetted,” she noted.

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Kubayi-Ngubane said since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, her department together with South African Tourism have been having regular interaction with various industry stakeholders.

“These interactions, which are almost on a weekly basis, have helped us to gather inputs from all stakeholders on how best to reopen the sector and support the recovery going forward… These interactions have also helped to share information regarding how our government is managing the pandemic,” she said.

“Going forward we will invite health practitioners, who are advising government on how best to manage the pandemic, to meet with our sector so that together we can strategise on the way forward and are armed with all the necessary information,” she added.



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Curfew hours extended due to the protest. This is Africa-show unity and strength when resisting the policies of the ANC gang…and they listen. They understand strength in numbers. Want the alcohol and cigarette ban to stop-do not bother with the captured judiciary-protest in millions -close roads etc. the taxi industry did this way better than most and got everything they wanted!

These poor poor people are delusional. Does not matter what happen they want to “construct” a ANC hybrid of what is supposed to happen.

They can allow restaurants to stay open 24 hours a day but without wine and beer as a minimum restaurants will go bust.

I think CR has thrown in the towel with all this stupidity. If he has not he should.

Once the bemused tourists apply their minds to understanding how the African reasoning process differs from their own and how the actions of Africans differ from anything anywhere, then they will start to struggle with the ‘why’ part of the process. Once the bemused tourists arrive at the answer thereto then they will never come back.

My favourite restaurant closed down beginning of July.

I’ll phone the restaurant’s liquidator and give him the good news of the extended trading hours, perhaps he can whip me up something tasty.

Sadly, minor concessions will not be enough to make any material difference to our Tourism, and economy in general. Lockdown has already resulted in massive damage.

Significant growth is the only solution. It is needed now and for the foreseeable future. Gov’t should acknowledge this.

The margin is in liquor not food but they know that. This is supposed to pacify us but it is just more smoke and mirrors. They want the mostly pale operated restaurant trade to go under.

Yaaaay, I can now NOT drink for another hour!!

They know exactly what they are doing, with Cheshire cat grins behind closed doors.

We are supposed to do what with a 1HR bone on curfew exactly? We can now travel INTRA provincially – on leisure! Are we sure John Cleese is not righting these news headlines?

Restaurants and the leisure industry are doomed, the ones remaining open anyway. Lets go and have some fun, oops must be home by 2200hrs and no wine with the meal either – honestly, will anyone bother!

Thanks for nothing. It is obvious to a 3 year old that these lockdowns are doing far more damage than good. Like by a factor of 100.

And we have to thank our careless politicians for each little relaxation as though we are little kids getting a sweet.

These little men with their small minds and their delusions of grandeur who believe they have all the answers, the solutions to all evils, simply because another small, gullible and clueless mind has miscalculated, and made mark behind their name on the ballot paper. Then we call them our leaders.

“The champions of socialism call themselves progressives, but they recommend a system which is characterized by rigid observance of routine and by a resistance to every kind of improvement. They call themselves liberals, but they are intent upon abolishing liberty. They call themselves democrats, but they yearn for dictatorship. They call themselves revolutionaries, but they want to make the government omnipotent. They promise the blessings of the Garden of Eden, but they plan to transform the world into a gigantic post office. Every man but one a subordinate clerk in a bureau. What an alluring utopia! What a noble cause to fight!” – Ludwig von Mises


“The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.”
— Oscar Wilde

Shall I do a ring a ring a rosies? No cure for stupid. 15 plus in a tax but my daughter cant come visit.

Notwithstanding, the taxi industry can do as they please and the next taxi I see obeying the 5cm rule will be the first. Amazing that a Black-owned and operated industry can have zero regard for lockdown regulations and Government orders and not have political parties and other groups up in arms. With this example why aren’t more industries behaving like lawless thugs?

Give me a break CR and tourism Minister Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane. Intra provincial travel. Ha ha, do you think that is enough to get the tourist industry going again? The least you can allow is unrestricted country wide travel. I guess you cannot cure stupidity.

…runners up for the “thick as ten planks” trophy for derailing the economy

Cyril Ramaphosa
Nokasana D-Zuma
Tourism Minister, Kubayi-Ngubane

Leah, the trophy for derailing the economy has been held for many years by the victor in the recent battle against hot food and beachwear.

They are not stupid-they are criminals who excel at stealing
A kleptocracy of mediocrity

So the madam has taken a few toffees out of her golden handbag and all the kiddies jump for joy. But wait, you still have to wait a few days before you can have the toffees because the other madam is still working on the regulations.
For goodness sake! This people had months to get every possible regulation or notice or whatever they want to call it print and publish ready. Why is it necessary for them to take their time on something that should have been done yesterday. This is the typical big bully attitude, I will make you wait just because I can. And Cyril is looking on helplessly on the incompetence of his ministers. How sad.

Some lack the ability to plan ahead. In SA that applies to the majority.

One can only wonder if this is not wilful destruction of the “paler” economy, with (faulty) reasoning that a new “darker” economy will arise from those very ashes. No other logic or reasoning that even resembles any sense, can even be attempted.

You can stay over in your province. Ok thats sound great, but the question is:


I understand that a BnB is an AirBnb when booked through AirBnB, but it becomes a BnB if booked direct with me.
My BnB is a house next door so it is not my house I live in so it is ok to let out.

Once again the clowns especially this one, who dines with woman beaters does not understand the portfolio she is busy wrecking.

Just like as mentioned already an hours extra dining doth not a profitable restaurant make.

The ANC has it in for BnB operators, under the table transactions. AirBnB can wasily be regulated but not the casual BnB, so like tobacco they have opened the “illicit” BnB trade.

look at the CONTROL FREAKS…

End of comments.





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