Magashule takes Ramaphosa to court

‘I can confirm that the papers have been served and the matter is going to court.’
Ace Magashule. Image: Gianluigi Guercia/AFP/Getty Images

A top official suspended from his leadership role in South Africa’s ruling African National Congress has taken President Cyril Ramaphosa to court in the latest twist to a bitter power struggle, an aide said on Friday.

ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule’s court action highlighted deep fractures in the party as it tries to clean up an image tarnished by graft allegations and prepares for upcoming local elections.

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“I can confirm that the papers have been served and the matter is going to court,” an aide to Magashule said.

In the papers, copies of which were circulating on Twitter, Magashule asked the court to declare the ANC’s so-called “step-aside” rule as unlawful, unconstitutional and invalid.

Ramaphosa is president of the ANC in addition to head of state, and was named as the first respondent in the litigation.

An ANC spokesman did not immediately respond for comment.

The party executive agreed in March to add the “step-aside” rule to the ANC’s constitution as part of a tougher approach to members charged with corruption and other serious crimes to push them to vacate their posts within 30 days.

Magashule, a key political rival of Ramaphosa normally in charge of the day-to-day running of the ANC, was suspended after being charged with corruption over a contract to audit homes with asbestos roofs when he was premier of Free State province.

He is currently out on bail, denies any wrongdoing and has refused to step down from his powerful ANC position.

On Monday, Ramaphosa and senior members of the ANC’s highest decision-making body ordered Magashule to publicly apologise to the party after he unsuccessfully tried to suspend Ramaphosa from his post as party president.

Magashule also wants the court to rule that his attempted suspension of Ramaphosa is “valid and effective until lawfully nullified”, and for the ANC’s instruction to him to apologise to be ruled unenforceable.

Magashule’s lawyer was not immediately available to comment.


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Ah now we know what the true meaning of “dirty politics” is all about – its not about governing ethically but corruption and self preservation at any cost

And describes the corrupt ANC and friends exactly.

If you need insight into why the country is falling apart, just follow this saga.

I’m confused; Zuma used to hire and fire as he pleases. Why can Ramaphosa not do that too? Did the rules change? Government and party should be the same? He’s the president of both.

JZ used to hire and fire in cabinet; this the ANC used to rubber stamp because CR was biding his time. Just the flavor of the day.

This is all part of the domino effect that will kick in once one of the cadre get wacked.

Powerful stuff, you burn me I burn you all. Started with Zuma, he has already taught Julius, Ace and MK.

Next week Ace is forgiven, some small fry gets burned and life goes on.

There’s obviously disharmony within this Criminal Syndicate, i.e. the ANC. Here we have one gangster taking another to court. No honour amongst thieves, as the saying goes.
But I’m going to end it all!
I’m issuing letters of suspension to ALL ANC members, and I’m appointing Mini Mouse to the highest office in the land forthwith. So there.

I hope Ace wins.

Shake the tree and let’s see what falls out. Maybe a real President eventually.

This is what you get when idiots think stubborn is the same as brave.

They forgot about the word STUPID!!!!!

End of comments.





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