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Magda Wierzycka puts up bounty in hunt for the Guptas

Sygnia CEO offering rewards worth R900 000.

Magda Wierzycka, the outspoken head of Cape Town-based Sygnia Asset Management, is so keen to see those who are accused of looting South Africa’s coffers brought to justice that she’s offering hundreds of thousands of rand of her own money to secure their arrests. Magda Wierzycka

For information leading to the whereabouts and arrest of fugitive Ajay Gupta, Wierzycka said she’d pay out R500 000 ($43 000). She’s also pledged R200 000 to the first Gupta bodyguard who calls the authorities to reveal his location, and another R200 000 for the first person to turn state’s witness in a case involving dairy cows and a farm that was allegedly used as a front to siphon money to Gupta and his two brothers.

The Gupta family has been accused of using its friendship with former President Jacob Zuma and his son Duduzane to secure all manner of state favours from mining contracts to choosing cabinet ministers to landing their aircraft at high-security military airbases. With Zuma now deposed, the country’s prosecutors are starting what may be the lengthy task of probing allegations against the family and last week arrested eight people, but not a Gupta brother among them, for the cow scam. 

The scandal is alleged to have involved the state leasing a farm to a Gupta-linked firm and then transferring R220 million of public funds to that company. Zuma and the Guptas have denied wrongdoing.

So far, Wierzycka’s money appears to be safe. Ajay Gupta was last spotted in India on Friday before getting on a plane to fly no one knows where. His brother Atul confirmed in court documents that he’s outside the country. There’s no update on Rajesh Gupta’s location and there’s been no sign that the bodyguards are giving up their clients, nor that there are any snitches among the cow farmers. Still, Wierzycka says her offer is good till the end of the month for anyone looking to make more cash than most South Africans earn in a year.

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Magda and all her self-promotion stunts….

She is just behind Trump in getting the media to give her free advertising – or does she pay moneyweb a retainer to have at least 10 articles a month with her

There is nothing wrong in offering a bounty from your personal money in order to assist to clamp down on blatant corruption. In fact other corporate rich of all races should come to the party in the name of ridding S.A. of blatant corruption on such major scale. If you’ve got it, you can flaunt it – especially as a female – and Magda’s got it for sure.

I want to see her put up rewards for other crimes, but somehow some crimes are more ‘appropriate’ to warrant her attention…

Well done! Willing to spend own money on getting rid of corruption. I don’t see anyone else doing the same.

I agree with JapieM – spot on my mate! Magda is a blimin hero – more balls than anyone else in the industry!

Would be nice to do the same with Markus Jooste of Steinhoff. Seems to have disappeared without trace.

What is with the Poles?. One killed our leader Chris Hani amd now another wants to make up for it!

Careful about the Chris Hani thing – Vytjie Mentor if you care to follow on facebook is adamant our own ex Jacob Zuma was the last person to see him alive.

Maybe she should spend more time and energy managing her company. The Sygnia share price is going nowhere!

Asalaam Alaikum, Solly!

“What is it with the Poles?” A hell of a lot. As I understand it, after WW2 (between 1945 – 1989) Poland became part of the Soviet/Communist block. A generation of Poles suffered extreme poverty (…unlike the nice life in SA…even in townships/we have little, but we’re not poor…go visit India to see really poor) under Communist rule, until the fall of communism. Or go to Soviet Union in the 50/60’s to see what is really poor….the average S’African back home in the townships owned more pairs of shoes than the average Russian family did. Communist life in Poland under Stalin was oppressive…likely worse than the Nazi occupation. The realm in which Janusz Waluz lived.

In the same way one cannot blame the ‘oppressed’ who suffered under Apartheid with their current hatred, so do you blame someone who come from a country who SUFFERED under Communism, and then came to live in another country, and get a chance to kill a leader of the SA Communist Party?

Not defending the act to kill, Mr Waluz must’ve truly believed (indoctrinated?) that his act will give him a certain benefits in heaven. (Like it’s accepted in many religious).


you go girl
do not listen to your detractors- damned if u do, damned if u do not

We have a country run by proxy…

Private security
Private healthcare
Private education
Private pothole fixing
Private investigations
Private energy backup
Private NPA, etc etc etc

Hey Pop,

Now that you are into active policing in SA..have you put up some reward for the killers of the 6 police men in EC?

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