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Mango, FlySafair, Airlink and CemAir to take flight in Level 3

But Comair and SAA remain grounded.
Mango Airlines confirmed on Thursday that it will resume flights from mid-June, joining the likes of FlySafair, Airlink and CemAir, which also plan to operate this month. Image: Supplied

Businesspeople who are now allowed to undertake essential travel between South Africa’s ‘golden triangle’ hub cities of Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban, during alert Level 3 of Covid-19 restrictions, have a choice of four commercial airlines (currently) on which to fly.

Mango Airlines confirmed on Thursday that it will resume flights from mid-June, joining the likes of FlySafair, Airlink and CemAir, which have already confirmed plans to operate this month.

Mango CEO Nico Bezuidenhout said that the airline “is getting ready to take the skies once more”, but will remain compliant with government regulations.

“We are pleased to announce that we will resume flying on Monday, June 15, 2020. New bookings are open now for flying from June 15, 2020,” he said.

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Mango will be offering 12 flights a day during weekdays – four each between Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport (ORT) and Cape Town; ORT and Durban; and, Cape Town and Durban, respectively. Over weekends, it will operate ten flights altogether between these cities.

FlySafair confirmed to Moneyweb earlier this week that it will recommence flights on June 15. It will operate flights on the ‘golden triangle’ as well as from Johannesburg’s Lanseria International Airport to both Cape Town and Durban.

Airlink is set to commence flights from June 8, however, it will operate the ‘trunk routes’ of Johannesburg to Cape Town and Johannesburg to Durban.

Smaller aviation group CemAir will also be operating these two routes for now. The airline notes on its website that flights will commence as of June 5.

Meanwhile, SAA and Comair – both in the midst of business rescue proceedings – remain grounded.

Comair not insolvent and can be rescued – BRPs
Court ruling on SAA retrenchments ‘wrong’, say BRPs

Comair’s business rescue practitioners (BRPs) this week said that the group “is unlikely to start operating again before November this year, notwithstanding the easing of restrictions on air travel.”

They noted that the group, which owns and operates British Airways’ domestic flights in the country, would need “a substantial cash injection” in order to resume operations this month.

SAA’s joint BRPs Les Matuson and Siviwe Dongwana clarified in a statement last week that the airline would not be recommencing flights in June.

“The position around the cessation of flights remains as is until SAA has a better sense of what the level 3 lockdown means in terms of domestic air travel. The airline also needs to consider what the opening of the skies will mean from a commercial and load factor perspective. SAA’s future funding also remains a key variable in all of the above considerations,” they reiterated in a statement.

SAA and Comair’s British Airways domestic service traditionally offers business class seats, the supply of which will be impacted by these airlines currently being grounded.

Mango and FlySafair, which operate much larger commercial aircraft than Airlink and CemAir, are low-cost carriers and do not offer business class. However, with a food and drinks service not allowed on airlines under current Covid-19 restrictions, the value and demand for business class may be questioned.

Besides essential business travel, in terms of the government’s phased reopening of the skies to domestic travel in level 3, people travelling for funerals and other essential service workers will also be allowed to fly. However, all air travellers will be required to have the relevant permits and signed documents indicating the reasons for their travel.

According to Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula, as part of the first phase of ‘opening up’ aviation for domestic business travel, only OR Tambo International Airport (ORT) and Lanseria International in Johannesburg, as well as Cape Town International and King Shaka International Airport in Durban will be allowed to operate.

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Speaking during an inspection of ORT on Wednesday, Mbalula reiterated that only passengers will be allowed inside airport terminal buildings. He said temperature screening will become a norm at terminal building entrances before any passenger is allowed entry. Passengers without face masks will not be given access to terminal buildings.

“All airports will have markings on the floor for social distancing of 1.5 metres. This will be applicable at check-in counters, security checkpoints and airport lounges,” he noted.

“At boarding gates, boarding will be staggered and prioritised in terms of the number of passengers waiting to board. Sectional boarding will be implemented to avoid unnecessary contact inside the aircraft,” he added.

Mbalula said that airlines will be allowed full capacity in terms of passengers, however, stringent health and sanitisation measures will be implemented.

The wearing of face masks is compulsory, while catering and magazines will not be allowed in the cabin.

In addition to precautionary temperature screenings at various points at airports, he noted that all commercial aircraft are fitted with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, which reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection on passenger airliners.

“These HEPA filters are manufactured to the same standard as those used in hospital operating theatres and industrial clean rooms, with the same efficacy of 99.97% in removing viruses,” he added.

Mbalula said that the last rows on airlines will be reserved for isolation of suspected Covid-19 cases, should they be detected on board.

Listen: Domestic flights continue operations at Level 3

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Geography and travel restrictions have kept the virus under control in most of SA, except the Western Cape. Opening flights up to CT will be the great equaliser. Temperature screenings miss presymptomatic carriers: that’s how SA got into this mess in the first place.

SA is on the up-slope of the ever increasing curve on infections. It does not make sense to start filling planes again. It was the flying of people around in the first place that caused the rapid spread of the virus.

It is a cruel and shortsighted solution that prevents the herd from getting immunity to the disease. All lockdown measures should be removed immediately because they do more harm than good. The sooner we get herd immunity the better. The increase in malnutrition that results from the destruction of the economy will compromise immune systems and expose more individuals to symptoms. Not only are lockdown measures counter-productive, but they are also harmful.

Maybe this is logic that very few people, among whom the honourable Judge Norman Davis, understands. ANC politicians don’t count among the pragmatic few who show insight. They need the judge to explain things to them.

Where in the world did this herd immunity theory actually work? How many deaths would you allow before you would deem it a failure/success?

The cabinet ministers in charge botched the lockdown big time but had unique South African problems. The challenge they had was implementing a system of control on an ill-disciplined population. They had to go hard or the people would just not listen.

People like you said the same about the kulaks who were killed by Stalin, the Jews who were killed by Hitler, the Cambodians who were killed by Poll Pot, the Venezuelans who were killed by Maduro, the Zimbabweans who were killed by Mugabe etc. etc.

They were ill-disciplined and would not listen.

How about personal responsibility and individual freedom? If we are not allowed to face the repercussions of our own actions, then we are forced to face the repercussions of decisions by clueless individuals in the Central Command Council. The buck stops with us anyway. You can abdicate your self-determination in favour of the Central Command Centre, but you can’t abdicate your famine. The famine remains yours.

Herd immunity hasn’t even happened in Sweden, which is the poster-child for a “let-her-rip” attitude.

No, it’s not the “people” that’s the problem. Government should “go hard” on itself, the biggest culprit!

Senzo you are correct, nowhere.

It is a dream, theory, passed in books for animals and now by such economist incl Sensei.

They carry no real practical value, like 5 out of 6 economists think roulette is a fair play..

Following the Huisgenoot horoscope is much more entertaining, practical and safer.

On what basis is your assumption that herd immunity has not yet arrived in Sweden?

They did not lock down. They have followed largely the same path of infection and death rates as 7 other European countries. Slow start, ramp up, plateau and then rapid drop off.

Schools stayed open, so did bars and shops, malls, restaurants etc. The populace socially mingled as they normally would bar some very limited social distancing. So the virus by definition has run through that community. The fact that they fared no worst and actually are only 6th or 7th, to me anyway proves lock down is useless and that they have achieved corona virus communicable exhaustion.

They certainly were never overwhelmed by a 1st wave. The 2nd wave will certainly be a lot less than the first. So i expect when covid returns in the fall, which it will and media will be very quick to remind of us of the very 1st case, that Sweden will be far less affected by any 2nd wave than anywhere else in the world, due to herd immunity as you call it.

Ah Romulus as usual with brilliant ignoramus logic.

Sure, killing off all the elderly and sick from the population will make a much healthier society…

nice, have you hear about a guy Hitler?

Romulus, I agree, but there is another interesting phenomenon that reveals itself here. The inference we draw from a particular set of data, reveals our relative levels of insight and comprehension. The different levels of mental agility among citizens and commentators express themselves by being pro- or against lockdown. This is interesting indeed because it is clear that the faultline goes along cultural lines.

We should keep in mind that the concepts of individualism and libertarianism, like stoicism, Buddhism, and Confucianism, were the result of superior thought processes by the most intelligent individuals from the highest-developed civilizations.

It is interesting to see how people draw different conclusions from the exact same data-set. It does not reveal much about the data per se, but it says a lot about the difference in mental capability and pragmatism.

Maybe this explains the difference in reaction to the virus between Sweden and South Africa and why South Africa has the most restrictive, harmful, and nonsensical lockdown measures on earth.

Sensei agreed. Data set analysis and conclusions drawn will tell you far more about people than their CVs, employment or social. Random data set analysis has always been an important part of job applications and we will certainly be adding a covid 19 section to our existing data sets for analysis for future hirings.

Just analysing conversations on emails/ phone calls between yourself and clients/ service providers – can assist greatly in negotiation. Knowing the animal you are dealing with so to speak.

Stockholm Syndrome – could easily be replaced with Covid 19 Syndrome 🙂 It certainly seems that far too many have bonded with the NCCC and so many other socialist left wing extremist governments around the world.

Mbalula almost sounded like he actually new what he was talking about, until you read the last paragraph. You can’t make this stuff up.

Yes, that was good comic relief! The only unique set of circumstances RSA have, are brainless politicians.

Where is our Jamnadas? he is sooo quiet! Probably slaving away choosing between the Boeing 787s and A350s as well as designing Gucci outfits for the staff!

I thought that trading under insolvent circumstances is a criminal offence making the directors liable? Clearly Mango has a solid balance sheet?

Depending on your position on ‘covid 19’ – will decide how you view all the new terms being bandied about. Herd immunity (actually about a 100yrs old) is being bandied about a lot, also social distancing and flattening the curve etc

Herd immunity – where has it worked, it works and has done so for hundreds of years. Certainly in every cold&flu season for all of us here since we were born, as it will going forward until we check out. Herd immunity can be called by a number of other terms, such as infective saturation or communicable disability etc.

No disease is ever 100% communicable, not even bio weapons, the best bio virus/ bacteria weapon will still run into 10-30% of the population, that for genetic and unknown reasons will just have a natural immunity.

Covid 19 is at best 20% communicable to those that will show symptoms, the rest of us will be asymptomatic and never even know, or will just not be genetically capable of catching it. Case in point the floating PETRI dish – the DIAMOND PRINCESS 3750 passengers and 800 infected, 13 deaths if i recall. It was the perfect environment floating for 7+ weeks with everyone in close quarters with waiters, cleaners etc moving around the ship servicing everyone. So 21% infection that were symptomatic. The ship clearly reached herd immunity or communicable exhaustion another term we can use.

We are all subject to the flu season and have kids or know those that do. It is not unusual in a bad flu season to have half the kindergarten class off with the sniffles – strangely though covid 19 does not even or barely touches the very young, a huge plus that we overlook while idiotically closing schools. Kids aside, not all of us get the annual cold or flu, but we all know someone that does or did, the following year it might be you and not them and so on. Flu communicability is the same or similar to covid 19 at around 20% of the populace as above. So infective saturation occurs when around 60-80% of those in that particular year that are communicably susceptible and symptomatic have caught and recovered from the disease – so that is 60-80% of 20-25% of the population… yes read that twice…

Why does the flu season start slowly, then reach the stage where we kind of all know a handful of friends and co workers that are off sick, they then come back to work, a few more go off, but after a couple months almost no one has it and we are back to normal. Again i ask why is covid 19 any different and why is it treated so differently. Media hype aside. During this time we all attend braais and birthdays if we feel upto it, if we do not we stay home. If your kid is sick but not that bad they go to school, likewise you go to work, you feel a bit rough but it is an important birthday of your best mate, so you take corenza C and disprin and suck it up and socialise – the disease passes through the community unhindered other than by common God given sense.

I believe we have to ask the question, why should covid 19 be treated any differently to the common cold or flu season? What is special about it, that it has been singled out to be hyped to death by the media? There is enough data now for anyone to check, real science not Neil Fergusons dysfunctional and agenda driven model. Which btw he has now declared a failure and says Sweden with no lock down is actually better off at less deaths per million than the UK (less than 500 vs nearly 600 in UK) UK not yet at 40,000 deaths which is questionable, but in 1967/68 flu season they recorded 81,000 deaths. Other examples that stand out, Japan – 130 million elderly population, barely 900 deaths. S.Korea – 50m pop – 273 deaths. Taiwan 20m pop only 7 deaths! Yes these countries have exceptional health care systems, but they did not lock down – but surely even the most dogmatic covid lethality believer, must now be questioning the real figures available everywhere? Versus the daily media mantra of basically if you go outside you will die and your children will die.

We are told repeatedly by officials and media personalities, with their best practiced SOLEMN faces and voices, the daily death toll and new infections. Surely by now most people see that firstly the new cases is a pointless number and an exercise in futility. Obviously the number of cases is a direct function of the number of tests, so the more you test the more you find, the infection rate is 100 times what the tests are showing which is a good thing. The death rate we are told solemnly is nearing 400,000 globally – as a single number on a given day it is shocking – but just the USA has suffered this many deaths in a single flu season forget the other 199 countries in the world. The CDC already stated 65,000 deaths for the last flu season in the USA and approx. 39 million infections. Global Covid 19 cases are 7 million – you see how bizarre this is?

Aside from the top 5 countries maybe 6. Being USA/ UK/ SPAIN/ ITALY/ FRANCE, add Belgium maybe Germany. They are the only countries having a BAD DAY from Covid 19, comparable to not even their worst flu seasons. They have shocking health care systems and all of them bar Germany, made the insane decision, aside from lock down, to send elderly infected into care homes, where the average age person has a 70-80 times higher chance of dying from covid than a 40yr old. We all knew in Feb the elderly were susceptible. So instead of focusing on the elderly and immune vulnerable, we did the opposite, herded the sick into highly susceptible homes, sealing their fate – i really hope that was an accident. Aside from these countries the rest of the world is not even having a bad flu season, not even a very mild flu season – why?

If this virus is as lethal as the media and our health officials tell us, it would have flattened a country like Japan. It would have already exploded in Africa. If lock down really worked SWEDEN would have the highest death toll per capita in the world by a factor of 4 or 5. Not less than 6 other peer group countries all under lock down. Yes Sweden also did not protect their care homes.

One other question, aside from all these facts not personal opinion or here say – what criteria if lock down was proven to work, would we need to kill economies, where the implications of future poverty and disease will dwarf the worst covid predictions ten fold – what criteria justify this? I would hazard that it would need to be 25-50 times the real current death toll and an R rate of 5 plus sustained and proven – even then we all know we cannot stop it and at some stage we will all encounter it – so why delay it. The 6 countries btw get overwhelmed every year with the flu. There are those that will hide behind the false premise that the world is so much better off because of lock down. Nonsense, NYC again has carried out tests and so many have been infected after lock down 24%+ – 67% of hospitalisations came from lock down homes. The results are the same throughout the world.

Africa another covid 19 enigma – 1.3 billion people and only 4500 deaths. We are currently on 850 i think in RSA and 10 weeks in. Yes for sure it is accelerating. But it is not unusual for RSA to lose 20,000 people in an annual flu season – – now model those 20,000 deaths onto a typical 26 week cycle flu season, of a 14-16 week ramp up. 2-4 week plateau and then the subsequent 4-6 week crash back down. Now compare that to the current curve on Covid and you see the lock down is nonsensical and illogical. In any other flu season, if it were not for the imminent collapse of the EU debt and the Euro and a desperate need to create a smoke screen for the collapse, now everything and various socialist government failings can be blamed on Covid 19 – this flu season would have not made page 6 in most papers and barely a headline on TV, other than a new corona strain has made the tail end of this years flu season drag out and has a much higher mortality rate on the elderly.

Scientifically it is far less lethal to new babies all the way upto 65yr olds than any flu in the last 70 years. Not my opinion fact supported by data that you can readily compare and fact check.

All flu and colds are spread more quickly by air travel obviously and it is a good point that many who are infected but not yet showing symptoms or those who will always be asymptomatic, will spread the virus. The virus is airborne but is spread more readily by touch. Try walking down the aisle to use the toilet in even mild turbulence you cannot help but touch probably 10 head rests there and back to steady yourself, your armrest etc etc etc.

A study in New York 10 years ago showed that the average commuter into and out of NYC, through the course of their day, directly and indirectly virally communicated with between 150,000 – 400,000 people. Flu and corona viruses live for upto 3-4 days on various surfaces depending on conditions. Gloves and masks are just proxies for your hands and mouth and a false sense of security – much like the post 9/11 ridiculous security regulations which are still in force today.

However, strangely the new covid 19 regulations in many countries no longer require laptops to be removed, as they are no longer lethal!?!? We can all climb on board an aircraft and are expected to carrying hand sanitizer – at 70-80% alcohol content. We can carry 60ml bottles not exceeding 1 litre. Have you set fire to a bottle – go for it, it really burns and is an excellent accelerant. So now we have what 400 people on a 777, carrying 2 bottles each … makes you think.

A clever terrorist could take upto 1 litre of very flammable liquid onto an aircraft in the name of covid health and safety if so inclined.

Do not believe me – try it out and light a braai with it, gel works better but so does non viscous spray bottles.

All countries geared up for the first wave which never came, now we are hearing about the 2nd wave. I am sure when that does not materialise we will be scared into a more lethal 3rd wave. For sure in the N. Hemisphere fall covid will return as do all corona viruses they always take 18-24mths to totally die off.

My point normal life must carry on and should never have been stopped. Most of the public have heard so many lies and deliberate fake or exaggerated news on covid, at best we are confused at worst down right terrified – mission fear accomplished by governments. Extra controls gained never to be lifted and extra emergency spending and laws allowed never to be lifted.

Rommel blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah and some more blah blah blah blah

You would make a good economist

Romulus, well said. Casi is still trying to get his head around it. I won’t hold my breath though…As you have said – lockdown is an IQ test. Those who support it are below 75, those who are indifferent are between 75 and 110, and those who are strongly opposed are 120+.

Casi and Senzo classified themselves into their respective brackets. Most people will recover from covid, but the same cannot be said about stupidity.

Oh dear, only an econ-pseudoscientists or a psychologist living in a cave would still use such a things as IQ as a measure of anything..

but by your books I recall..

some inverse “correlation” between amount of words one use and that thing “IQ”?

Forget about Mango – it’s linked to SAA and any profits will be usurped by Gordhan….
And till SAA pays BA the money it owes, we won’t touch SAA or an affiliate thanks!

End of comments.





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