Motsepe Foundation and Sanlam pledge R1bn to fight Covid-19 crisis

The billionaire and his partners have joined the pledges of fellow philanthropists the Rupert and Oppenheimer families.
Image: Moneyweb

Billionaire businessman Patrice Motsepe’s foundation and other partners on Saturday afternoon pledged R1 billion to South Africa to overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier this week, President Cyril Ramaphosa applauded the commitment made in “this time of crisis by the Rupert and Oppenheimer families of R1 billion each to assist small businesses and their employees affected by the coronavirus pandemic”.

Watch the virtual media conference live below:

Read the Motsepe foundation and Sanlam’s full pledge below:

The Motsepe Family in partnership with companies and organisations that they are associated with [including numerous companies owned by Motsepe], have pledged R1 billion to assist with the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and its related challenges that are confronting South Africa and the African Continent.

These companies and organisations are:

  • Motsepe Foundation
  • Sanlam
  • African Rainbow Capital (ARC)
  • African Rainbow Minerals (ARM)
  • and others

The Founder and Chairman of the Motsepe Foundation, Dr Patrice Motsepe said:

“Several hundred million rands will immediately be made available with the primary objective of saving lives and slowing and restraining the spread of the Coronavirus. We are purchasing sanitisers, disinfectants, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and are in discussions with Government, health workers and other stakeholders to assist with acquiring other equipment and making resources available which are essential for dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic. We’ve been advised that access to water for regularly washing hands is crucial for slowing and limiting the spread of the Coronavirus.

“We are therefore providing water to poor rural and urban communities by purchasing water tanks (jojos), drilling and equipping for borehole water and also building sanitary facilities. The current lockdown has an impact on the goods, equipment and services that can be purchased immediately and the goods and services which can be provided when the lockdown has been terminated. Our short to medium term interventions include building additional classrooms, computer centers and laboratories in all the 9 provinces of South Africa to assist with the excessively high number of students per classroom in some schools; particularly in the context of the current Coronavirus pandemic and the social distancing requirements.

“Those schools in the poor rural and urban areas which do not have internet access or facilities will be assisted with study guides, scientific calculators, dictionaries and other educational equipment and facilities identified in consultation with the Department of Basic Education, school principals and teachers. Poor and underdeveloped communities are ill-prepared to deal with the serious challenges and consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic and are in dire need of our assistance and contributions. We are committed to contribute to the provision of quality education, infrastructure and other facilities to better prepare and equip them to deal with future pandemics or catastrophes.”

We will be working in partnership with:

  • traditional leaders, kings, queens and their communities that we have been working with for the past 20 years;
  • the 34 Religious and Faith-Based organisations that participate in the annual Motsepe Foundation National Day of Prayer;
  • National, Provincial and Local Government authorities;
  • Trade Union and other Worker Representative organisations;
  • NGOs and other local community representative organisations;
  • sport organisations and entities;
  • local, provincial and national business and professional organisations;
  • black and white farmers and their representative organisations; and
  • other organisations or structures that can assist or partner with us in dealing with the current Coronavirus pandemic.

The CEO of Sanlam Ian Kirk said:

“Sanlam has a rich history of always putting our people, our clients and our country first; hence our mantra of ‘Doing well, by doing Good’. Today, we’re proud of the partnership with the Motsepe Family and its associated companies. We believe these efforts will make a meaningful contribution not only towards fighting the Coronavirus, but also in developing the long-term sustainability of South Africans, particularly in poor and rural areas. Periods of profound uncertainty like these call for us to come together to support all the prudent actions that contain the scourge of this virus and its impact on our already fragile economy.”

The CEO of ARC Dr Johan van Zyl said:

“As a nation we are in unchartered waters in terms of the scale and danger that the COVID- 19 pandemic presents to South Africans. It is now time for each and everyone of us to demonstrate leadership and help. ARC is a fairly young company with limited financial resources. Yet, it remains important that we make a contribution. In this regard we are partnering with companies and organisations with which we have common interests and share common values to ensure that the positive impact we aim to make is felt.”

We have been in contact with various Ministers and MECs and will also be in contact with the Government’s Coronavirus Solidarity Fund to identify specific initiatives and projects where we can partner and work together. There may be upliftment and developmental undertakings where they are better positioned than we are, in which case we may fund or donate with them on a particular project or partnership.

We want to thank Government for their leadership and cooperation including health workers, police, soldiers, as well as Religious and Faith-Based organisations, traditional leaders, trade union and other worker representative organisations, NGOs and other rural and urban organisations. We also want to thank business and in particular the Rupert and Oppenheimer families, the employees, boards and stakeholders of the companies that the Motsepe Family is associated with, for their assistance and contributions in dealing with the current Coronavirus pandemic.

South Africans have a history of uniting and working together when confronted with major and enormous challenges. We are confident that South Africa will in the medium to long term overcome the life-threatening and economic challenges caused by the Coronavirus pandemic and continue to build a bright and inclusive future for the people of South Africa and the African continent.


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LOL – Drilling companies are not essential services and I doubt that JOJO sales and manufacturing qualifies as well. RAH RAH ??

Noble initiatives Oppenheimer, Rupert, Motsepe

Now for Gupta’s,Jooste,Magashule and all the other corruptors, we’ll soon be touching a Trillion Rand if they stop partying and rather join the party Their repayment of the stolen money is enough to kick start the economy after Corona

Let this be a lesson to Government to always be prepared for the unexpected

Had they Governed like a Government should, all the bailout money paid to SOE’s would be enough to afford this country a year in lockdown with everyone receiving a salary from the state

Incidentally where’s the contribution of the other wealthy souls? Whats 10 or even 20 million going to do to your bank balance?

Messrs Bekker, Basson, Ackerman, Wiese,du Plessis, The Gordon family, Bank CEO’s and Corporate CEO’s,

C’mon guys SA consumers made you rich beyond imagination. It’s time to save them

Unfortunately money does not “save” corona virus victims !! Only a vaccination will. What is the point – a Freebee? ??

I’ve just read Mr Wiese donated 40 000 liters of 5Lt bottles. = 8000 bottles x R15 = R120 000.

We have a long way to go to reach the trillion!

Perhaps Steinhof has taken it’s toll?

Thank you for the generous donation Patrice. Anything is fantastic even if it is R1. May we get out of these troubled times. May God Bless South Africa always!

I hope the people that have lots of commentary donate generously themselves before they criticize and condemn.

More like come on King Zwelitini – personal wealth valued at over $4bn by Forbes some 6 years ago – and many others who benefit from ANC largesse.

Said so too, if they had a store house they could get through this but the store house is empty…….WHY?

Peer Pressure.

I get a sense those other billion rand donations caught Patrice off guard he had to maak n plan.

Well done Motsepe.

….did Patrice give R1 billion on his own …..doesn’t seem to be

Perhaps the details will show it as so

“….did Patrice give R1 billion on his own …..doesn’t seem to be”

That’s what I am saying.

Hmmm; Sanlam policy holders; get ready for a haircut.

Why and what is the need for your sarcasm and negativity. How much have you donated?

Just say thank you! This is a fantastic and generous donation which he does not need to give. Regardless of peer pressure. Generousity comes from the heart. May we all donate and get wealthier so we can donate more!

We came into this world with nothing, and we will leave with nothing but our good deeds.

ANC shill alert.

Relax no need to get your hackles up. This forum is a place to air our views no matter how good or bad

It’s a platform to debate. Clearly you haven’t experienced the brunt of a Government or Corporate thats touched your life or picket adversely

So quit preaching to others.. If i don’t like a certain chain store or their leadership for personal reasons, who are you to tell me what i should or should not say?

And yes, i care for the less fortunate and yes i do help them

Ever heard of the parable of the poor widow?

“… He saw the RICH putting their gifts into the temple treasury.
He also saw a poor widow put in two very small copper coins.
“Truly I tell you,” He said, “this poor widow has put in more than all the others..”

…..and other partners. How much did they each give?

Mr Wiese gave R120 000 in water

Bought it at Checkers and probably demanded a rebate and advertising money from the supplier as well

He paid with his Master Card

Then we are very grateful for his R120000. That is still a generous donation in this time of need. We must all do as much as we can to make South Africa a better place.

Let us not judge others and do the best we can. I applauded him for his generous donation!

Be a man and a leader and there is no need for sarcasm and criticism.

He will enjoy the dividend generated by the sake too.

Wiesie probably just filled the bottles at shoprite

What does it matter. How much have you given! You are what society does not need.

Looks like Luthuli House has got you working overtime during this crisis.

Sanlam policyholders, get ready for an increase in the “Other” fees in your next policy review document

i left old mutual for the trevor manuel circus, now it seems sanlam also has the idea of dishing out pensioners money and then come up with some lame excuse for bad financial performance.

if i was personally in the position to donate money / anything, i would do it on my own – i have lost trust in any government department run by the anc to use money prudently with or without external supervision / control – the past 20 years simply proved it.

Listening to our group of Ministers this afternoon I was encouraged to hear the plans regarding water to townships and rural areas. if there can be any plus points out of this global catastrophe then at least there will be some improvement afterwards for millions of our people. these facilities should have been provided decades ago. Hopefully some of the money donated will give a kick start to better infrastructure.

With all due respect, and NO racism intended. If I may ask – our president is ALSO amongst the rich, where is HIS share ?

Damn I’m gonna have to give something now otherwise I’ll look like a greedy bastard…

Show us proof of the donation and where the money came from?

A great example set by Rupert, Oppenheimer and Motsepe/Sanlam.

Where are the donations from the artificial BEE billionaires and millionaires, for example pres. Ramaphosa, Saki Macazoma, Cheryl Carolus, Trevor Manuel, Nhleko from MTN, the Kumba ceo, Maria Ramos and many others?

What is the use of donating a billion rand when the Zondo Commission wastes R500 million? The Commission could have been run at a fraction of the costs with State advocates and Legal Aid counsel instead of very expensive private counsel. The ANC cannot work with money.

Don’t forget Tokyo. Where is he hiding? Very scarce after the Trillion Capital debacle.

An altruistic contribution is probably best done anonymously.

Moneyweb reader.
I agree, however this is the time and need where pressure and physical cash helps immediately.

there are many Billionaires right now hiding away on their game farms, also scared. they must now stand up obo their employees and the countless others that meed support.

you stand up when you are needed.

Dear Johnslauck,
In my opinion, it’s the principle that counts, not the principal. Making an anonymous contribution (however big or small) appeals to one’s intrinsic values, and will most likely yield better, more sustainable results than a carrot or stick approach.

Show proof of cash donation. never easy to donate such large sums. challenge?

On second thoughts – The Motsepe family is highlighted as having given R1bn.

Sanlam probably gave half and the rest came from a number of Motsepe related companies, in other words, the shareholders of those companies (of which Motsepe is one).

Motsepe is R46bn strong (Bloomberg) – what is his personal contribution?

It pales against Rupert and Oppenheimer’s.

I would like to see a proper list of those who COULD contribute – say the list of SA billionaires who could be asked to.

End of comments.




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