New Covid variant found in SA has concerning mutations

The mutations on the virus ‘are associated with increased transmissibility’ and an increased ability to evade antibodies.
Image: Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images

South African scientists said they identified a new coronavirus variant that has a concerning number of mutations.

The so-called C.1.2. variant was first identified in May in the South African provinces of Mpumalanga and Gauteng, where Johannesburg and the capital, Pretoria, are situated, the scientists said in a research paper. It’s since been found in seven other countries in Africa, Oceania, Asia and Europe.

The mutations on the virus “are associated with increased transmissibility” and an increased ability to evade antibodies, the scientists said. “It is important to highlight this lineage given its concerning constellation of mutations.”

Changes in the virus have driven successive waves of the coronavirus with the delta variant, first found in India, now pushing up infection rates across the world. Mutations are first classified as variants of interest by the World Health Organization. Once they are identified as being more severe or transmissible, they’re termed variants of concern.

C.1.2. evolved from C.1., a lineage of the virus that dominated infections in the first wave of the virus in South Africa in mid-2020.

The research was published by South African groups including the KwaZulu-Natal Research Innovation and Sequencing Platform, known as Krisp, and the National Institute for Communicable Diseases.

South African scientists also discovered the beta variant in 2020, but have been keen to stress that the country’s advanced ability to sequence the genomes of the virus means that while new strains may be identified in the country, they could have originated elsewhere.

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Ex Africa, semper aliquid novi …

So tired of variants and BS

Pitty the virus never get’s tired of mutating.

The more novel the injections, the more novel the variants. The annual flu is also kept in indefinite mutation by indefinite annual injections. Thats where the idea came from.

Yeah … I’m also tired of BS. From the idiots who think Google is their friend.

Strange how no-one told the virus it could not mutate before the first vaccinations were released…

We are all going to die!!!!

These guys are idiots. They clearly dont want tourism and want to see people starve. The UK has higher cases than us so they have a worse strain than this

I wish upon a star for a meteorite shower that rains a desire for the truth across all humanity. Then, as the truth pours out over us all, every born enemy of the truth disintegrates into molecules and drifts far far away.

The real danger is our idiot government who will shut down the economy yet more at the slightest excuse. They still haven’t figured out that people need to work to survive.

Kill it before it grows.

From the letter to the UK Governments by “130+ Doctors” (UK)..
“6. Misunderstanding of the ubiquitous nature of mutations of newly emergent viruses
The mutation of any novel virus into newer strains — especially when under selection pressure from abnormal restrictions on mixing and vaccination — is normal, unavoidable and not something to be concerned about. Hundreds of thousands of mutations of the original Wuhan strain have already been identified.
Chasing down every new emergent variant is counterproductive, harmful and totally unnecessary and there is no convincing evidence that any newly identified variant is any more deadly than the original strain.
Mutant strains appear simultaneously in different countries (by way of ‘convergent evolution’) and the closing of national borders in attempts to prevent variants travelling from one country to another serves no significant infection control purpose and should be abandoned.”

Thanks…well said. Lockdowns are futile. This whole thing started with just 1 person.

Adam, was it?

Dit was Jan se skuld

I feel somewhat sorry for the lab scientists. Their job is to identify, study and publish in journals research on disease, not to make the rules. They then get lambasted by government and the public whole manipulate the data in whatever way they wish – talk about shooting the messenger.

You thought it ended when you got vaccinated? You played yourself. The booster shots are on their way and Pfizer is going to now give you a third shot. Digital passport is coming, add 5G and they’ll be now able to see everything you do and where you go. Good luck, you have allowed your freedom of choice & privacy to be taken away from you.

They can see everything you do and where you go anyway on your smartphone.

With smartphones its only if you allow it or accept irrevocable terms that insist upon it (eg Samsung). 5G removes the choice. Its like having the CIA as a neighbor.

One would think that with the push of vaccines and many getting vaccinated this virus will see it’s last days but no it seems each time some new variant is “discovered”.

More BS. If no-body has isolated sars cov 2(according to CDC on FOI request) then how can they isolate a variant ? These “scientists” and the media will be held accountable for their actions….

But the high priest of righteousness (Reuters) has stated that all naysayers need to report under the sole of its left foot.
One would think that such a deity is too expensive to debauch. The money-power would surely need to be all-consuming to fix this monolith so easily.
If this entity can be put on a string then absolutely nothing is immune.
And yet it is a clear consensus of the bonafide legitimate that this is exactly what has transpired.

And the BBC is the ultimate offender. From hero to zero.

Feel so sorry for the jabbed. This means boosters for life, or boosters till death.

Covid forever and ever…

Was about to ask “When can we expect an END to the Covid plandemic?”

….then THIS article hits me between the eyes!

This ends when everyone tells their governments to shove their restrictions somewhere else

To date no one has isolated the original to prove it exists. Spreading lies to instill fear.

End of comments.




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