New e-toll fees gazetted

Casting doubt on the possible scrapping of the scheme.
Sanral says tariffs are adjusted every year and that it does not make policy decisions related to e-tolls. Image: Moneyweb

Despite an imminent government decision on the future of e-tolls, the Department of Transport has published revised e-toll tariffs for the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) that will be effective and payable from March 1.

The government in December decided to delay a decision on the future of e-tolls on the GFIP until the first cabinet meeting this year, which takes place on Wednesday.

Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa) CEO Wayne Duvenage on Monday questioned why the Department of Transport would gazette all the tariff increases on e-tolls when the SA National Roads Agency (Sanral) in December only extended the e-toll management contract awarded to Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) for three months up until the end of February this year.

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“What does that mean? We have got to assume that when you see tariff hikes in March that e-tolls are here to stay because if they were going to be cancelled, they wouldn’t put the tariffs up and waste people’s time reading a gazette,” Duvenage said. 

“That is what I will presume from a gazette like that.”

Duvenage anticipates a government announcement on the future of e-tolls either in President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address (Sona) on Thursday or in the budget speech later this month.

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Sanral general manager of communications Vusi Mona said on Monday that Sanral publishes the annual toll tariff adjustments as approved by the minister of transport every year.

Mona stressed that these adjustments are done in terms of the preceding 12 months’ consumer price index (CPI) and, as a result, are not tariff increases but adjustments for CPI.  

He added that Sanral is not responsible for making policy decisions or decisions related to the continuation or scrapping of e-tolls.

“Sanral will implement any announcement once required to do so by the minister of transport,” he said.

Commenting on the extension of ETC’s contract last year for only three months until the end of February, Mona said there are toll operators appointed on all toll routes, including the GFIP, that are fulfilling an operational function to collect tolls.

“This is not linked to the legal requirement to pay tolls on a particular road,” he said.

Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu said during a post-cabinet meeting media briefing in December that cabinet had noted the report on e-tolls on the GFIP by the task team led by Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula and that a final decision on the recommendation, as contained in the report, would be made by cabinet in the new year.

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Mthembu said the Department of Transport had done a lot of work on the options available and government was discussing which were the most appropriate options, not only for the Gauteng e-tolls, but generally for improving the road infrastructure in the country.

“We expanded the mandate of the department to look into all these matters of Gauteng e-tolls and how do we use whatever mechanism we will agree on to also improve our road infrastructure throughout the country … and what mechanism of funding should we be looking at? That is what the cabinet has to finalise,” he said.

Mthembu gave the assurance that the e-toll issue would be finalised when cabinet next met in the new year.

“We will give South Africa an idea about what we are going to do with the Gauteng e-tolls but secondly we will also give South Africans an idea on how are we going to improve our road infrastructure throughout the country,” he said.

“The decision that cabinet might ultimately arrive at might go beyond GFIP but I think you will also be very proud of the options that cabinet would have agreed on,” he said.

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They can put it up as much as they want, I’m still not paying. Ever.

How odd that there can be bailouts for a pointless airline that would be forgotten within six months if it closed, but not for the economic arteries of Gauteng.

Why do they need a bailout? The Fuel Tax paid for these roads already.

But someone needs to pay for the greasing of palms..Comrade to Comrade!

The cost of the project was probably inflated by 500%

Anyone noticed the slump in luxury car sales lately? Money visa vie tenders drying up..Corruption stats must be down when money runs dry (there’s a new one. Corruption is a industry all it’s own, worth Billions)

Rob – Da idijits need their free airplane rides and Voyager miles. They do not travel by car unless in a high speed convoy !!!!

Kapsch – part of the weapons scandal (the elephant in the room) and also the supplier of choice regarding e-snot. I think they got e-snot as part of their reward following the weapons contract looting. To the winner all the spoils.

Democracy (demo-crazy?) is a pathetic belief in the collective wisdom of individual ignorance.

Like we need Ramaphosa to tell us what the state of the nation is? Must be one of those “WE MUST AAAAAAAALLLLL WORK TOGETHER” speeches full of “fibs” to give what they believe is hope. Then we list all the ANC self inflicted disasters and call them “Challenges” and obviously Apartheid is to blame.

There you have the speech in a nutshell so no need to get exited.

Don’t waste the money and time.

As an American, I will tell you THEY WILL NOT SCRAP E-TOLLS!!!! And when you renew your license disc “ONE DAY” all those fines will be there!!!

Well, Zokey, as a South African, I can tell you that Scamral’s records are very dubious and will be challenged in court by Outa’s massive legal resources. The whole scheme was fraudulent from the start, with huge bribes from overseas companies (already proven overseas!). The scheme was implemented with minimal public consultation, and fraudulently sold to the public under the guise of the Soccer World Cup.Since etolls started, hundreds of thousands of cars have been sold, thousands of people have emigrated, thousands of postboxes have been discontinued (so no etoll notices). The whole scheme is a rotten mess, originally designed to benefit ANC crooks. This is South Africa, boet, not America.Not paying – ever.

Mmm so CPI increases are important it would seem, yet we can exclude CPI adjustments on tax brackets like last year and screw the less than 3 Million tax payers and economy out of some R17 billion (if I recall this correctly)

Its part of the anc’s communist strategy, looting by the back door and keeping their disingenuous and deceptive money-go-round farce “alive”!

This BS is taking a “toll” on my patience!

The old adage comes to mind about rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. My late business partner also had a good one about trying to push smoke up a cats backside.
I pass a number of E-toll shops and Customer Service Centres on my travels and they are invariably empty. Of course there is often one person at the counter or one car in the car park so there are still people perpetuauting this farce for whatever reason.
I’m not sure how many toll increases there have been but there were three decreases before Cyris’ 60% discount and it makes me wonder who came up with the original amount back in 2010. It must have been a thumb suck to see what they could get away with.

Crazy hey. I am in KZN, travel a lot and want to buy a tag for tolls. SHould be at Checkers or PnP or somewhere but is nowhere to be found; maybe online?

the mini stirrer of transport needs to stop obfuscating about e-tolls, he’s all over twitter when it suits him, then vanishes like a fart in a fan factory when it actually matters. the ANC scum are very quick to make decisions that hit our pockets and not theirs. I use the tolled roads which now resemble giant used car lots every morning and every afternoon. add to this these ANNOYING blue light brigades that force their way through grid locked traffic and the taxis using the emergency lane like they own it and a dude in a black jeep that actually hooted at someone who wouldn’t get out of his way as he nailed it down the emergency lane while on the phone – the NERVE !!! #fightthefuture

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