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No more load shedding in Joburg – if you behave

Only households that use too much will be cut.

Listen to an interview with Sicelo Xulu – MD of City Power, on smart meters here.

The City of Joburg and its power utility City Power announced a pilot project on Tuesday aimed at saving its customers, especially businesses and industry, from the devastating effect of load shedding.

The scheme, named Load Limiting, is aimed at households and will only be implemented when Eskom signals the need the reduce the electricity demand.

According to a statement electricity users with smart meters will be sent an SMS and a message will flash on the interface of these meters when they need to reduce their electricity consumption.

Based on the average household consumption, excluding non-essential items, they will be informed of the limit on their consumption. Since they will be able to read how much they consume, they have the opportunity to switch off devices in order to achieve the required reduction by switching off geysers, stoves and other energy-intensive appliances.

If they comply, there will be no power cuts. If they don’t the power will be cut for 30 seconds. This will be repeated five times. If the consumption is still above the required limit, the power will be cut for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the whole process will repeat itself.

Currently 65 000 households are equipped with the smart meters necessary for this solution. This is expected to be increased to 150 000 by October. 

The 65 000 households already have the potential of yielding 153 MW of demand reduction. This is significant, since Eskom requires City Power to reduce its demand by up to 150 MW during Stage 1 load shedding, 250 MW during Stage 2 and 600 MW during Stage 3.

By just implementing Load Limiting at the current 65 000 households, City Power will be able to avoid Stage 1 load shedding for the whole of Johannesburg.

Joburg mayor Parks Tau said: “The City of Johannesburg is South Africa’s financial and business hub that contributes substantially to the country’s GDP. The economic development of Johannesburg hinges closely to the uninterrupted supply of energy to power businesses and households. Through this intervention, we will ensure that we not only keep the lights on for many households, but we help to stimulate the development of Johannesburg and contribute to making the City the preferred investment destination.”

City Power Managing Director, Sicelo Xulu says an extensive educational drive will be undertaken to educate consumers about the new system before it is fully implemented.

City Power has also implemented other strategies to limit consumption during periods of constraint in an effort to avert load shedding. This includes ripple control which provides the utility with the ability to remotely switch off energy-guzzling geysers.

Xulu says: “Through the implementation of Ripple Control, City Power is able to control approximately 110 MW of electricity, the rollout of solar water geysers around Johannesburg has generated an additional saving of 60 MW of power and the Kelvin power station has contributed an additional 150 MW of capacity.

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Wow – when did April Fools move to the 15th..? Sounds like a disaster in the making.

30 second power cut repeated 5 times … I can just hear all the appliances in the house abruptly shuffling off their respective mortal coils. Clearly it was Eskom’s best and brightest that came up with this one.

Just about every television and other electronic devices such as computers will be stuffed within minutes of starting this crazy idea.Do the idiots who control our electricity supply know anything about electricity? Or are they only up to the stage of changing a light bulb? And putting a new plug on something would be playing Russian roulette with the pretty coloured wires. See, this red one looks important so we’ll connect it to the bigger brass thing. For God’s sake!!

Any thought given to disconnecting illegal connections? Any education drives planned for areas with the highest amount of defaulters (voters)? No need to apply the 30 second rule there – simply cut supply. Any statistics available as to how much electricity is used by thieves and defaulters? They seem to know exactly how much the honest Joes use. Lets talk about this elephant mayor Tau. Please.

die anc is te bang om die onwettige aansluitings aan te vat want hulle stem vir die anc. wat is nou makliker om die onwettige aansluiting te volg na die onwettige verbruiker. hulle wil dit nie doen nie en die onwettige verbruikers sal ook nie onnodige items afskakel nie. gee voorkeur aan die gebiede met die meeste onwettige aansluitings vir beurtkrag fase3.

we live in a small (8 units) complex. Have had smart meter for years for meter reading. It is mainly out of order or stolen and we have had estimated bills for months now. In any event with one meter serving 8 household this new system can not work for us. In fact I doubt if it will work properly for anyone on a long term basis. Would love to know which company got this contract, they will certainly make money.

Try Edison Electrical and a couple of other names all linked to J Reddy who of course is a sponsor of Zuma783 and a staunch financial supporter of the ANC

End of comments.





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