No one has died from Covid-19 vaccines in SA – Saphra

But anyone who suffers adverse effects as a direct result of Covid-19 vaccination can expect compensation.
No word as to how much money is being earmarked for the compensation fund, but it will be available ‘for the foreseeable future’. Image: Dwayne Senior/Bloomberg

The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (Sahpra) and the Department of Health (DoH) claimed in a webinar on Monday that no one in South Africa has died as a direct result of receiving a Covid-19 vaccine to date.

However, Sahpra says if there are any vaccine-related deaths, then there will be compensation through a special compensation fund.

Investigations into reported Covid-19 related deaths showed that people died either as a result of contracting the virus before vaccination or contracting the virus shortly after inoculation, but none died because of taking an actual vaccine dose.

“So these people that died because of Covid-19, they had already incubated Covid-19 at the time of vaccination or they contracted Covid-19 shortly after being vaccinated, before they could mount an adequate immune response,” National Immunisation Safety Expert Committee chair Professor Hannelie Meyer said during the webinar.

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The Sahpra data on vaccine side effects comes after a recent survey by Ask Afrika and the Government Communication and Information System found that 23% of South Africans were hesitant to take the vaccine because they feared vaccine side effects.

‘Adverse event’ reports

Sahpra said it has received 2 770 reports of ‘cumulative adverse events following immunisation’ in the period May 17 to August 31, which represents 0.02% of all the doses administered nationally.

The health products authority said 86 cases related to deaths among people who received Covid-19 vaccines were reported.

Of these, 40 have been fully investigated, with Sahpra finding that 34 of the deaths were a coincidence and six were unclassifiable due to lack of information.

“Among the 40 that [have] been causality assessed, none of these [deaths] were related to any of the Covid-19 vaccines we are using in South Africa,” said Meyer.

“The vast majority of them [people whose deaths were Covid-19-related] had multiple comorbidities. As you’ve seen I think there’s 13 of them that have died of Covid-19 infection and then all the others were coincidental deaths, so they had multiple comorbidities.

“For example, a person would have hypertension, heart disease, some would have TB as well [or] obesity. So they died coincidentally to the vaccination because of their comorbidities.”

According to Sahpra stats, more people between the ages of 60 and 69 (484 cases) reported adverse events after receiving the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine, while the highest number of reported adverse events following immunisation for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was seen in younger people, aged 40 to 49 (176 cases).

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Of the cases reported, the most reported side effects for the Pfizer vaccine were headaches (430 cases), local reaction at the point of injection (355) and pyrexia, or the increase of body temperature (231).

The J&J single-dose vaccine saw headaches as the most reported side effect (193 cases), followed by pyrexia (91) and dizziness (88).

Compensation fund

It was also revealed during the webinar that the DoH will establish a ‘No Fault Compensation Scheme’ for adverse events following immunisation.

The scheme is aimed at compensating people who suffered serious vaccine injury as a result of taking the Covid-19 vaccine in South Africa.

“However, a causal link will have to be established and therefore proof would have to be provided that the vaccine caused the adverse event,” said D0H pharmaceutical policy specialist Marione Schonfeldt.

“This causal link will be established by the national immunisation safety expert committee.”

Schonfeldt could not indicate how much money government will dedicate to establishing the fund but said the fund will be available to claimants for the foreseeable future.

“The scheme will be operated by the [DoH] and the funding available will be sufficient to cover people [who] suffer from serious adverse events, and it will be available for the time period until it is determined it is no longer required,” she added.

App for self-reporting

People experiencing adverse drug reactions or adverse events post-immunisation are encouraged to report these on the Med Safety App. The app is meant to combat underreporting of vaccine side effects and increase awareness for the public and medical professionals.

“We thought that through the use of the Med Safety App, together with the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccines, it is an opportunity for us to actually promote pharmacovigilance [monitoring the effects of medical drugs after they have been licensed for use],” said Sahpra pharmacovigilance manager Mafora Matlala.

“It has come to our attention that not so many people actually are aware of the medicines that they use and the effects thereof, so this is an opportunity to actually promote pharmacovigilance,” she added.


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>> Investigations into reported Covid-19 related deaths SHOWED THAT PEOPLE DIED either AS A RESULT OF contracting the virus before vaccination or CONTRACTING THE VIRUS SHORTLY AFTER INOCULATION, but none died because of taking an actual vaccine dose. <<

Convid is the first “pandemic” in history where the average age of death is higher than the life expectancy of a country and not only in South Africa.

The avg life expectancy in Australia is 82.8 years. The average age of Covid death is 85.

The average life expectancy in the UK is 81. The avg age of Covid reported death is 82.4.

How could that be in a country where many people die young of AIDs and violence before they are at serious risk of dying from Covid? Let us think about this – because it is really haaard to understand.

And in the UK, that 70+% coverage is clearly working! Only those well past their due dates are able to die from Covid. Vaccines clearly working well.

Bit of an own goal there by the anti-vaxxers.

14 SEPTEMBER 2021 @ 2:31 PM
Trust is a delicate commodity. Similar to respect. It has to be earned and in difficult times, for the esteemed, it can enable some benefit of the doubt. But when it is repeatedly abused it will be lost forever and the tide of support will turn into a tsumani of distrust and disrespect.

You lost people’s trust a loong time ago by making things up, pushing discounted old theories and latching on to anything but the evidenced facts. Sorry.

MW MSM pushing the only allowed theme here to herd sheep.

This statement by gov is misleading.

The official death rate of the Covid vaccine is 0.0002%, multiply that by the say 8 million doses given in SA and you get a value significantly larger than 0.

Seeing no evidence is very easy hhahahaha

casi_negro, would you mind quoting the paragraph (or at least the sentence) where you read that “The official death rate of the Covid vaccine is 0.0002%”, as I seem to have missed it in the linked article.

Hhahah Yes, not easy to find, check last paragraph.

Overall numbers are lost between all those medical thrombosis, thrombocytopenia syndrome, myocarditis, pericarditis and varieties of menstrual disorders they mention..and permanent disability not even highlighted at what aprox 0.0003%?

you’d think theyd make it simply clear just as with reported COVID death numbers ..died within 28 days of a positive test for coronavirus

or reported deaths within 28 days of receiving a vaccine for coronavirus.

I received a world-class service from the Provincial Department of Health in the Western Cape when I got vaccinated. Friendly, respectful, skilled, and highly competent staff stood at the ready to make the process smooth, fast, and painless. Such an efficient service can only result from proper and functional command and control structures right from the top. I basically got vaccinated by the DA. I salute the Western Cape Health Department and the medical staff for a job well done.

I am still alive by the way, and I am not receiving any covert communication from Bill Gates either.

Agree. I had exactly the same experience at the CTICC, which is in the Western Cape. So I conclude, based on others’ experience too, that the service is consistently good across the province.

The covert communication is in the Ivermectin. Bill hid the microchips in a horse dewormer in what has turned out to be a brilliant sleight of hand.

Ah yes, the old horse-dewormers and microchips canard. I get it, the narrative is that anyone who questions the vaccination push must be made to look like cooky-conspiracy nuts, so we need to create strawmen of ordinary people, simply because they have unanswered questions.

Suddenly Ivermectin, which is an FDA approved treatment prescribed by medical professionals the world over, to 250 million people must be called ‘horse-dewormer’ just because it’s also found in horse-dewormer. Just like Ibuprofen is also prescribed to animals, but hey!

Likewise I have yet to see a single so called anti-vaxxer in the moneyweb comment section use microchips as the reason for their scepticism, but knocking down strawmen is a lot easier than engaging in an honest informed discussion.

Let’s talk again in December ’22 after your fifth booster shot.


But trying to change the minds of anti-vaxers (and from the psychologists I’ve heard interviewed, it’s about their feeling not being in control of their lives) is like trying to convince a drunk Bok supporter that it was the ref’s fault that they lost 57 – 0 against the All Blacks.

Yes, Minister

Same, good experience at Durbanville Town hall, nurse also told me to have Panados on standby as the vax gives a nice kick around 10 hours later.

Why take a ‘vaccine’ for something that almost has a 100% survival rate?

Why pay all that money for private security and alarm systems when your risk of being killed by a burglar is less than half your risk of dying due to covid? Burglar bars, alarms, security firms, all for nothing. Imagine the number of beers you could have bought with the money you are senselessly spending on an illusionary security threat.

@Sensei, with respect people do not only install alarms to survive death. It also protects ones property. Insurance is sometimes much higher on house, car, contents etc, without it. Maybe some people just don’t want their sH!t stolen every few weeks. Also drinking that many beers would lead to obesity and increase your risk of severe Covid 😉

@Sensei if you go check the mortality rate due to COVID per 100,000 people in SA and compare it against the mortality rate due to homicide in SA, homicide is actually wins by a small margin. And likewise if you can trust the numbers in this article which states adverse effects in 0.02% of all vaccinations and compare it to the survival rate of 99.98% of infections in my age group which includes those with underlying conditions, then a healthy individual such as myself with no conditions and a healthy BMI should really ask themselves “why should I get the jab?”. And if your answer is to keep those around me safe, then the answer should really be that those that are vulnerable should get the jab. After all, if the jab works like it should then you should not have to fear for your safety right?


Where do you get your homicide number from?
COVID deaths still win by a longshot, SA has 57 murders per day.

The rolling 7 day average for covid is 198 today (And that’s down from a peak of 400 in late Jul)

So statistically there was a time in SA where for every 1 murder there where 6.6 people dying of covid.

@PJJ you’re right! I was looking at “lifetime odds of death for selective causes” and compared it to the current covid mortality rate. My mistake.

Similar experience here. Vaccinated at a temporary site run by Stellenbosch University with assistance from the provincial department of health and local municipality. In and out in about half an hour, including the mandatory evaluation period.

Were you told that are a volunteer and at-your-own-risk beforehand?
Were you given any choice of which product you prefer?
Were you told about the risks for someone like you beforehand?
Were you advised to consult your own doctor to verify that you are safe to take the injection that you were given beforehand?
Did you receive and sign the understanding and awareness-of-the-risks form beforehand?
Did you sign the volunteer’s indemnity-of-everyone-involved form beforehand?
Do you know which product and batch number was injected into you?
Do you know if the product was not beyond expiry and kept at the correct temperature?
Do you know if any official record was made of all relevant details of the event of your entering the trial as a volunteer at-your-own-risk?
Are you in possession of certified copies of all related official documents in case of any future need for these?

I thought not.
What exactly do you know?

Did you do any of that for all the other vaccines you received?

I thought not. What exactly do you know?

Why do you care about certified copies now when you didn’t before? Histrionic much? Irrational. Are you scared of needles?

It’s very easy to spin the results showing that those who died had comorbidities. Best to report your adverse side effects on social media so that its on public record.

The shareholders have declared war so no holds barred. Those that cannot run or hide are sitting ducks.

No one died from flu either in the last 18 months.

You know this how?

Where are all the flu stats we hear every year?

So you are saying masks, social distancing and isolating and lock-downs work?

Fake news. They are reporting in exactly the same place as usual.

What you MEAN is the media hasn’t reported on it. Because there is something bigger. Just like AIDS is not reported on as much.

80 percent is of flu this year is the influenza B/Victoria strain.

Stop making up misleading lies to push an agenda. Disgusting.

“Hardly any” is not the same as “no one has died”.
“Where are all the flu stats we hear every year?” You just linked to them! Unironically. There are the stats. So where is this conspiracy that you anti-science lunatics keep going on about?

What you MEAN is the media hasn’t reported on it. Because there is something bigger. Just like AIDS is not reported on as much.

It is very obvious why there is less flu than before. If you can’t understand why, then that is on you.

Stop making up misleading lies to push an agenda. Disgusting.

Go do some reading on Scientific American. Conveniently influenza was a no show in the US in 2020 and 2021. Our own NICD reported approximately 11,000 deaths attributed to influenza in 2018, but less than 50 from 2020 to May 2021. I believe the official reason was that “we import influenza” from Europe and elsewhere and due to travel restrictions this didn’t happen … but not covid. Covid won’t be stopped by travel restrictions.

Okay – so what is so fascinating about that? Where is the conspiracy?

Travel bans, social distancing and masks slowed the flu. WOW!

I’m pointing out that your claims of fake news and claiming that someone is spreading misleading information is absolutely ridiculous and that you live in ignorance, even going so far as calling them “disgusting”, shame on you.

And what is fascinating about it?!?! Allow me to spell it out for you. Influenza did not take a holiday when covid showed up. The influenza data is most likely counted as covid cases because the symptoms are the similar. The skewed numbers have a material impact on policy and human behavior. THAT is why is is relevant and fascinating … unless you are a sheep living in la la land and blindly believe everything without questioning it.

And it is not exactly a conspiracy either. The old PCR tests is being phased out in favor of the new RT-PCR test which is able to differentiate between SARS and influenza A/B. So hopefully in the near future we will start seeing the real numbers.

And as for the travel bans, social distancing and face masks. If you haven’t noticed people are still dropping like flies with all these measures in place so I’m not so sure it actually works that well. At least not for covid, but for Influenza, no no … Influenza is a nice well behaved virus who plays along with all the measures we put in place. Totally ridiculous idea!

And while I’m on it, let me tell you the “science” behind that “lappie” you put on your face which you hope will protect you. A typical virus is 100nm big while a HIGH quality tightly woven “face nappy” has pores > 40microns, that’s 400x bigger than a virus. With literally millions of viral particles per cubic meter in an enclosed space there is no way it will offer you any protection. Still people will follow the advice like sheep and tell others “we follow the science” ROFL. The only face masks that offer any type of protection are non-woven N95 masks and only if worn correctly.

Perhaps instead of making these negative critical comments you should invest in an education and learn how to apply critical thinking. Perhaps then you will ACTUALLY become a big time exec LOL.

Interesting double standard. If you have Covid-19 and a co-morbidity and you die, it’s Covid-19 that killed you. But if you have the vaccine and a co-morbidity and you die, then it’s the fault of the co-morbidity.

Totally agree. There does seem to be a certain crafting of the message. It is a simple question really, why are the underlying conditions not included in the reporting. If not, then surely only covid hospitalisation and deaths, without co-morbidity (ie only by Covid), should be reported. This will give a much clearer statistical picture of situation imho. It would be like ignoring the fact that someone smoked 60 ciggies per day for 20 years, but no he died of lung cancer. The two are deeply linked.

The current mass usage of the controversial PCR test will no longer carry its authorisation from the end of 2021. Labs have been advised to wind it down and gear up replacements. Anyone want to know why?..
Anyone want to know what will replace it?
That’s anyone’s guess.
Anyone want to know if the replacement will be similarly authorised?
Do you think we should just trust the authorities?
Are the authorities trying to wash their hands now?
You tell me.

It looks like MoneyWeb is practicing activism instead of journalism again by blocking comments that highlight inconsistencies in the statistical methodology around this pandemic.

If a person dies from a co-morbitity while also having Covid it’s counted as a Covid-19 death. But if someone with a co-morbidity gets the jab and dies, then it’s not counted as a jab-death.

In other words the standard for Covid fatality reporting is rather broad, but the standard for reporting adverse vaccine effects is rather narrow.

Surely, journalists would be interested in such inconsistencies, instead of silencing those who ask questions about it, yes?

Right on there! I was considering to publish my own web page of all the post attempts that have been summarily deleted. I copy all on submission.
So far it is enough to reveal the underlying bias when compared with the associated posts and comments. However, the censorship clearly fluctuates like a bat morphing into a temporary butterfly. Dancing with the credibility equation. Sophisticated.

Agreed, MW MSM tactics at full steam controlling the theme here..

“But anyone who suffers adverse effects as a direct result of Covid-19 vaccination can expect compensation.”

The key word here is “DIRECT”. Is the same standard applied when reporting COVID-19 fatality statistics? If not, why the double-standard?

Yes, in my personnel opinion, it leaves itself wide open to let’s call it “fraud” without a clear cut definition of what actually qualifies as a “direct” result of covid-19 vaccination. when my 94 year old dad passed away a few months ago, the undertakers immediately wanted to treat it as a covid-19 case without any medical evidence – at the end of the day it was simply old age and nothing more – it lets one think how accurate are the stats / conclusions made actually???

Undertakers do not determine the cause of death. Nor do they contribute to the stats. They were just protecting their workers.

Stop spreading misinformation.

From a fund ‘yet to be established’. Yup, thanks, no thanks. Shades of Road Accident Fund appear on the horizon…


I had very bad reaction to the Pfizer vaccine and tried for days to get through to the hotline to report it but you cannot ever get through to talk to anyone. I had severe headaches, nausea, tiredness, severe diarrhea for six days, dizziness to the extent I could not walk straight, my arm swelled up like a tennis ball, and it impacted my cognitive abilities – I couldn’t think of the right words. I had Covid last year so knew what it was like and this was very different. I just had to endure and after only about 3 weeks I started feeling more normal. Of course since I emailed Health Dept, having obtained an email address, I was told I must have had Covid. This is nonsense. I was very ill and not for 2 or 3 days like they tell you. It was from the ‘vaccine’.

Sorry to hear that Glenda. Are you planning to take the booster shots too?

No because I could not work for five days and as I am self-employed, it’s just not feasible and I also don’t think the effects I had did me any good at all. I am a healthy person with no comorbidities or any illness at all, and yet I was sick for longer from the vaccine than from Covid.

Your symptoms sounds very similar to when I had covid minus the cognitive issues and arm swelling, could very well have been covid.

When I had Covid I did not have these effects of the vaccine. They were very different.

A friend of mine also had a bad reaction to receiving the vaccine, but he’d just had Covid beforehand and did not wait the required period before receiving the vaccine. Do you think this might have happened to you too?

No because I had Covid under the hard lockdown and the vaccine a few months ago.

We received an excellent vaccination service in Johannesburg. I also don’t care if others do not want to be vaccinated, they must take the consequences of their decisions.

Social media anger and preaching is becoming tiresome.

As someone on the sidelines I obviously know nothing about the quality of the service in Cape Town or Johannesburg.

Hopefully they informed everybody about the documented side effects of other trial runs of the particular treatment, so that everyone took a informed decision when then enjoyed this service.

I agree 100 % with you on social media anger and preaching. I also find it very tiresome. It is, after all, each persons personal decision what they want to do.

My wife had headaches for two days after the second shot. We had discomfort at the vaccination site after the first shot. No complaints about the side effects.

When I received my first shot, the nurse carefully informed me of all known side-effects as well as provided contact information for whom I should speak to if I start feeling unwell after receiving the vaccine.

Trying to Retire and clea_f_r did they tell you about the parkinsons type side effects that people have experienced. And the damage to the heart muscle that some young people have had? And how many people have died just after getting the vaccine? And how people will try and explain that these deaths are anything but this life changing treatment? And strangly enough how many get the Covid-19 virus shortly after getting the injection? And that it currently is still in a trial phase and you are getting the treatment before the trials have finished? And the fact that the Farma companies do not take any responsibility to your dependants if you were to die in 4-5 years time (Or a week after or even in 15 years time….ie – never) as result of this treatment?

What are these “consequences” you mention? That sounds like a threat

1. The fear of side effects is not the (only) reason people are avoiding the vaccine. 2. Multi-comorbidities caused death which probably means that those same people would have died from the virus if not injected.
3. There will always be an excuse to avoid compensation, therefore it is irrelevant what the amount would be. 4. The company who made the vaccine should be compensating the families by the way.

Compensating them for what?

Who are you asking to compensate for the much more costly treatment of people in ICUs? Whoa re you asking to compensate for the Covid deaths? Why are you concerned about one unlikely cost when there is a much bigger actual cost happening?

You don’t seem rational.

and you seem utilitarian: That you would take away the rights from 49% of people if it marginally improved the lives of of 51% of people.

Sounds like the chances of getting compensation is next to impossible because establishing the direct causal link will be extremely difficult to establish, I would imagine. It is interesting that the same standard is not applied in determining Covid related deaths – those who died with Covid as opposed to those who died from Covid? This applies especially where excess deaths are being attributed to Covid. Within my circle, there have been 3 deaths since lockdown was imposed, which is excessive for me, and not one was from Covid. All related old age. While that is anecdotal, assuming that excess deaths are because of Covid is certainly not scientific and is really a thumb suck to fit with the current narrative. Based on the official death rate, more people die of TB. How many of the excess deaths are because of people not getting treated for TB, for example?

With regard to excess deaths, my brother was supposed to get hospital treatment for a condition but was discharged at his own request because of the risk of contracting Covid at the hospital. How many others don’t even want to go there because of the risk of contracting the disease? All this hype about it does not help matters. Imagine if we were bombarded with stats of infection rates and death rates for TB or other serious illnesses. It would be enough for you to want to lock yourself in your room and rather face starvation.

aah, shame, did you want to claim easy money without actual evidence? Sorry, it doesn’t work like that.

A normal old age death is not an ‘excess death’. Excess deaths are OVER and ABOVE the historical norm. Surely you understand this by now?

I had my jab too and the only symptom I had was a mild pain at the injection site. The pain is the same as the one you get when you get a needle from your doctor.
Where I went we had more men than women. Security officers and nurses inside the facility were professional except the two security officers who were at the gates. They continue with their conversation while you greet them. They just spray you with the sanitiser and don’t tell you where to go.
Why it took me so long to take my jab is because I don’t enjoy standing in lines?

Guys, firstly I believe in the vax. That’s all I’m going to say.


My friend died within 24 hours of getting the vax. It was some type of reaction. It was an isolated incident but don’t lie and say no one died due to vax.

Interesting, is this another effort by government to give away free money?
How many opportunity sharks will be having their mouths water for this.

Last year january i took a multivitamin, my body developed jaundice to the point where my bilirubin levels went over 500 eventually plateauing at 650, my physician was considering treating me with HIV and TB meds, all because of a flippen small over the counter tablet.

The chance of that happening was 1 in 2 million people who have suffered from this but count not fight the dispensing pharmacy or the pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Since thing i look out life insurance cover and made some efforts to be healthier. If it is your time then its your time sadly…

Two weeks back I saw a friend of mine, John, getting into his car in town looking rather fidgety and nervous.

I stopped to chat with him as he was getting into his car.

He owned 3 or 4 farms in the region and was 77. He said he was going to visit his family in the Western Cape for a “holiday”. I wished him well cheerfully, saying at least Winter in this cold mountainous areawas over for him…

Turns out his family took him to the hospital there for thwe jab as soon as he arrived.

3 days later I heard he was dead.

Now John was a man who liked to have his regular dop and smoked a half pack or so a day, having worked as a mining engineer in the copper belt for many years and invested in farms in SA for his retirement.

His wife passe away some 4 or 5 years ago, and he definitely missed her like dearly like crazy.

He had a good life and was a gentle friendly guy. His mind was sharp and his manner friendly and kind.

I know your time is your time, but surely he would have been a lot better off without the vax?.

To those who have been given wisdom, ears to hear, eyes to see, and the spirit to perceive. My advise to you all:

1. Settle your debt
2. leave the cities
3. move to rural areas
4. grow your on food
5. self power generation and water

It is going to get tough for us the dissenters, non-complaint. You will not able to buy food unless you are jabbed. So get prepping. We are at TEOTWAWKI.

With you on everything except “settle your debt”. Let the system collapse.

I am going to get flack from all sides but the official deaths are around 86000 and the “excess” deaths are more than 250 000.

Now how do we trust the stats if no cause of death is determind in the vast majority of instances.
This reeks of mathematical manipulation !~!

The excess births are still in excess of the excess deaths though. Nature is running flat out to go backwards in the fight against the overpopulation of the human species. Nature will have to improve its efforts.

Then we should stop banging on about covid this, covid that, vax this vax that ,and let nature do what nature does, no?

Hahahahaha Bloem it is..

“Nature” Haahahaha

Typical african view at peace if blown around/killed.. if by randomness of nature

Wow, it is almost like there is a pandemic!

Do you have your own better numbers? Or just your feelings?

Ja Bloem. Only exact numbers for 1 private hospital — but then you know of all the rest ne !!!

Just say you have no figures and this is based on your personal feelings.

Case No. 21A15 IN THE Supreme Court of the United States

B. There is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccines prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19, and in fact there is evidence to the contrary.


Someone should inform Joe Biden, he is also blaming infections on those that have chosen to wait and see despite the science. He wants Doctors to be prevented from practicing if they say anything that could upset sales.

I think one would have to make a judgement call, only after going through the following Statistics ..and they are not even up to date yet!

If you show people this the immediate reaction is that the VAERS database does not contain verified data and that anyone can report to VAERS. A quick search for VAERS will confirm this. In fact the majority of the search results were biased towards “unverified” going as far as trying to politicize it.

I want to point out that VAERS has been used for 30 years and have in the past prevented vaccines from being approved. And while anyone can submit a report, the process is thorough and backed by the law making it a federal offence to submit false information to VAERS. I can’t verify the number of reports, but I assume ALL of the serious cases are actually submitted by medical professionals who are also required by law to report to VAERS.

The idea that VAERS is unverified and unreliable is absolute nonsense and I can’t believe that the media is so narrow minded and short sighted to ignore this.

I’m sick to death of all the pro and anti vaccine comments. Have the vaccine or not. If you don’t want it leave those alone who do. I have had 2 vaccines with covid in between. I was sick but not desperately so for a week with covid and very little or no side effects from the vaccine, myself I’m happy to have had the vaccine.and I am aware it will not give me total immunity and I may need a booster at some time but I believe I am much less likely to die if I do get COVID. I do know personally people that have died before vaccine available including a young father. So far I do not know anyone with a serious side effect from the vaccine. It is not dangerous neither does it take away your human rights. But I am not interested in trying to persuade someone to have it.

Good for you, but “they” want to make it mandatory..

Your immune system has been proven to exist.

You should tell all the dead people about their immune system. Maybe the ones with long term effects too!

Why do you trust your immune system against a virus (which you were previously saying was man made) but you don’t trust your body to cope with a vaccine?

Doesn’t seem rational.

And where is that you see my post about a man made virus? Porkies are unbecoming to a self made big time exec. Rationality improves once you can connect the post with the correct poster.

By that very “definition” from Sahpra most people also didn’t die from COVID-19.
“He didn’t die from COVID. The died from bed sores and phlegm issues.”
“She didn’t die from COVID. She died from heavy breathing and wheezing.”
“They didn’t die from COVID. The tubes down their throat were dirty.”

Personally, if someone I know got injected by one of these “vaccines” and died shortly after I would want an independent autopsy done to make sure. 28 people dying after taking the vaccine and ALL of them either had COVID prior or after is mighty suspicious or extremely lucky for Big Pharma.

Yeah. All those people dying of ‘dirty tubes’ and ‘bed sores’.

Wow. What a joke.

“The vast majority of them [people whose deaths were Covid-19-related] had multiple comorbidities. As you’ve seen I think there’s 13 of them that have died of Covid-19 infection and then all the others were coincidental deaths, so they had multiple comorbidities. For example, a person would have hypertension, heart disease, some would have TB as well [or] obesity. So they died coincidentally to the vaccination because of their comorbidities.

So in that case then please can we change the covid stats to reflect that those that contracted covid and died but have comorbidities didn’t die from covid but in fact died from their underlying comorbidities (As the stats should have always been reported to begin with). This will decrease a mortality rate that quite frankly is already insignificant to pay any attention to or let alone lockdown a nation for close to two years. The hypocrisy of this statement is mind boggling.

In Israel more then 80 percent of the population has been vaccinated. Yet, 60 percent of those who are seriously ill from Covid in hospital have been vaccinated. This really inspires confidence in the vaccine.

This Vaccine was rushed through without conforming to the FDA regulations in the US. Over 300 doctors signed a petition against this.

I really hope the guy from Bloem starts experiencing some of those non- existent side effects…

Agree, but blometjie boyo might have a good side effect that improves his percent brain function and lets him think outside of his box. There again pigs could also fly.

End of comments.




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