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Nomachule Gigaba waxes lyrical on the Guptas

Says her estranged former-minister husband would be briefed about SAA and Transnet by his ‘unofficial advisors’.
A counting machine had been installed at the Gupta compound. You could press the amount of money wanted, and the machine would dispense that amount. Image: Jason Alden, Bloomberg

Nomachule Gigaba, also referred to as Norma Mngoma, the estranged wife of former minister of home affairs Malusi Gigaba, appeared at the Zondo Commission on Monday night (April 26) to testify to Gupta-related evidence.

Mngoma testified to the Gupta influence, a R5-million-rand wedding, expensive gifts, having large amounts of cash to spend, and a privileged lifestyle where the state picked up most of the couple’s expenses.

Gigaba had given her a credit card with a R200 000 limit. He would also give her cash to shop overseas, R100 000/R150 000.

Read: UK sanctions Gupta brothers over South African corruption (Apr 27)

Attempts to stall the hearing

Gigaba’s counsel attempted to stop the hearing on the basis of marital privilege, or alternatively, that it be held in camera.

He argued that “these are parties who are married, going through an acrimonious divorce” and should be protected by the marital privilege. Counsel further submitted that “the commission should not be used as a platform … we submit is sets a tasteless precedent”.

The commission had however only approached Mngoma after she had appeared on TV.

Evidence leader Anton Myburgh SC said that the Criminal Procedure Act (CPA), which allows a spouse to refuse to disclose evidence when testifying before a court of law, does not apply to the commission’s proceedings.

Mngoma’s counsel also attempted to have the hearing delayed on the basis that Mngoma’s affidavit contained inaccuracies.

Neither counsel was successful.

The Guptas

Mngoma dropped some revelations:

  • Gigaba referred to the Guptas as his unofficial advisors.
  • Ajay Gupta informed him that he would get the post of minister of public enterprises two to three months before he got the position. The Guptas also informed Gigaba of other official appointments ahead time.
  • Ajay Gupta gave her son a gold necklace, but Gigaba took it and she never saw the necklace again.
  • She and Gigaba went to the Waterkloof Air Force Base the day before the Gupta wedding, as Gigaba had to meet the Gupta wedding guests.
  • At the Gupta residence, Ajay Gupta would brief Gigaba about South African Airways (SAA) or Transnet, or a forthcoming meeting. Ajay would tell Gigaba who he thought should be appointed to a particular position. They also discussed the Kusile Power Station project at Eskom.
  • Gigaba told her that the Guptas didn’t like Brian Dames, the chief executive of Eskom from July 2010 until the end of March 2014, and that there would be a restructuring. Dames apparently didn’t dance to the Guptas’ tune.
  • If Ajay Gupta wanted someone to be appointed, he put pressure on Gigaba. Gigaba started avoiding Ajay’s calls. Ajay told Gigaba that he should remember why he was appointed at the Department of Public Enterprises (DPE).
  • When Gigaba didn’t always do the Gupta’s bidding, he was told that he would be sent back to the Department of Home Affairs.
  • The Guptas had given Gigaba a white BMW 3 series, which was registered in her name.

State-funded trip to India

Mngoma confirmed a state funded trip to India, where Gigaba was to meet Gupta family members who could assist in running an airline, and who needed permits.

She didn’t see who attended the meeting in India as she was out shopping.

Myburgh asked Mngoma what she knew about the Guptas’ application for South African citizenship, but she wasn’t comfortable talking about this.

Mngoma was not able to check the dates of trips, as her passports were missing. She had two passports, her private passport and a government official passport. 

Dudu Myeni

When Gigaba was at the DPE, he argued a lot with Dudu Myeni, former chair of SAA. He would meet Myeni at the Sheraton hotel in Pretoria, but sometimes she would come to their home.

Myeni would tell Gigaba what to do, and he didn’t like this. He used to question why she was appointed as she wasn’t competent. Gigaba thought she was feeding information to former president Zuma.


If Gigaba didn’t follow the instructions of Myeni or Ajay Gupta, one of them would call Zuma.

Myeni facilitated a trip to Mauritius for the couple before they got married, and had arranged the itinerary. Mngoma said that Gigaba had paid for the trip.

Gigaba wedding

Mngoma planned the couple’s wedding. Ajay Gupta gave Gigaba cash towards the wedding and their honeymoon in Dubai. Gigaba gave her cash to pay for the wedding, which cost between R4 million and R5 million, and was paid for in cash.

Zondo asked if she didn’t find it strange that she was given all this cash. Mngoma replied that Gigaba had been a minister for a long time, and that he had a money market account. She said that Gigaba used to take out all the money that he would make from the money market. He did this every year.

“And most of our expenses were paid for by the state … we both had salaries and we hardly paid for anything in the house.”

She also retorted that amounts of R50 000 to R100 000 “were not large to us”.

Money bags

Gigaba would be given cash at the Gupta residence, when he was having meetings. Sometimes he would ask his bodyguards to bring “the bag from the car”. Gigaba had two large bags and one small one.

On one occasion Mngoma saw what was in the bag – bundles of notes. They often went to Sandton City together after visiting the Gupta residence. She saw him taking cash from the large bag in the boot and putting it in his shoulder bag.

Mngoma identified similar bags in photographs in the evidence bundle.

On returning home Gigaba would pack the cash into the safe. Ajay Gupta also gave him cash for the ANC elections.

A cash counting machine had been installed at the Gupta compound. You could press the amount of money wanted, and the machine dispensed cash in R100 and R200 denominations.





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” I did not join the struggle to be poor ” . Seems to be the true ANC punch line. Morals or integrity have no place in the minds of these ANC crooks. Their greed , turbocharged with their incompetence has brought South Africa to its knees.

It’s all about their own pockets and the party before the county or its people.


That’s where money comes from!!!!! It does not grow on trees. It comes from a Money Market account. Very lucrative!!


These “People”??

So maybe it was the ABSA MM. Had to close due to being emptied out by the state capture cadres? Where can I find these money bags? Will Mr Kieswetter and his HNWI crew accept that I was also ‘given’ bags of cash. Tax free much?

Read the book “Mbokodo” written by an ex-Umkhonto we Sizwe cadre Mwezi Twala. It gives us insight into the workings of the training camps of the ANC during the struggle. Prisoners in the ANC’s Quatro camp in Angola were subjected to daily torture. He tells how their own soldiers’ needs were relentlessly ignored as they embarked on a road of physical and psychological torture. This whilst the ANC leaders lived in luxury, defrauding their donors. If the ANC tortured their own soldiers on a daily basis, do you honestly think that they would have any scruples about enriching themselves at the expense of the masses?

Quite right JNRB, the Camp Quatro story gives us a chilling insight into the soul of the ANC. We are now subject to financial terrorism but they can (& in future will) revert to physical terrorism just as easily. Just ask the inmates of that dreaded camp that survived. The affable Ramaphosa is just a slicked up PR face of a truly evil and soulless organization. Do some homework on the pre-1992 doings of Kasrils, Zuma, Modise, Tambo and others. They were as bad as the Nats. Sometimes worse

It is sobering to think that SA’s ANC regime government is one steeped in violence. My guess is that most of SA’s cabinet ministers (and Ramaphosa as a scab skull breaker for the NUM) have either killed people personally or ordered them killed. Then we have the EFF who threaten death and violence o a regular basis.

Strange thing is that the DA, with very little record of any violence, if any, gets regular and intense criticism from the media. Makes one wonder what kind of country the scribblers and majority of SA want.

The money thrown around is mind boggling. Imagine the same spent on services.

Its all very well having these comedy/farce shows on a daily basis, just see yesterdays performance by Zwane, real off the cuff stuff, but what happens next? I dare say a report like the Arms Deal report. Seribi??

Is it PC to say white wash…..?

Where was SARS?

They seem to be selective in who they audit.

Does SARS have any credibility?


And that squeaking judge wants more tax money to pay for this!
Whoever is pinching from SARS surely can justify it morally as despite all the evidence nobody has been arrested-nobody!

PS Who paid the donations tax on the BMW? Kieswetter-go do some work!

Agreed. I say tax the lot, and use the SARS basis of ‘pay now, argue later’. Come on SARS, that would be some good news for a change.

Not sure that the BMW should be classified as a donation – it was for services to be rendered and should therefore be fully taxable in Gigaba’s hands. Furthermore, the money and the BMW should be traced to see how it was treated in the Gupta’s books as it would not be deductible, being for illegal activity? But SARS does not want to scratch too much around the ANC.

Another thought, this country really likes being colonised and for a few trinkets compared to the amounts the Guptas shipped out.

The amounts she throws around is sickening. Many people in SA don’t even have R5000 a month yet to them R50 000 is “nothing”. Shame on you!!!

A wedding that cost R4M to R5M to get divorced only a few years later. Are you serious ?????

Yup. As the old adage goes: It’s cheaper to keep her. From what I read the wedding was paid for with laundered money and tranches of cash from kit bags. So presumably there are no receipts or a paper trail ? Did the honourable Gigaba pay income tax on the money he splurged on the wedding …..?

Hats off to the lady, she has guts. As far as I can tell the only Zondo participant not lying through the teeth.

Zupta heavies will get to her shortly.

Agreed, we need more people like Nomachule Gigaba.

She has courage!

Corruption stinks worse than an un-attended sewer for more than one year!

So Sun City excepted bags full of money in cash. Millions! and never though to ask a question about it?

I’m too disgusted to comment…but not surprised.

“R50,000 to R100,000 were not large amounts to us.” Tell that to the millions living below the poverty line in South Africa. So many pompous, bloated aristocrats, stuck like whelks to a bedrock of corruption. Will we ever scrape them off?

Guess this is the anc way of saying “LET THEM EAT CAKE”!!

Guptas are a race of Banias/Marwaris.They have the same Modus Operandi, in India.They have bankrupted all the State owned banks and STC and MMTC.

Their skill lies in Political Management – which is a euphemism for BRIBERY.They provide the term loan and working capital loans,for politicians and their rallies/campaigns.They are also the custodians of
the black money of Indian Politicians – which is rotated in real estate, smuggling,drugs,entertainment,bollywood,Switzerland and the stock market (on the name of the Banias).

These Banias do NOT do any Knowledge capital business.They only do businesses,where the ONLY USP of success,is “Political Management”

The same Modus Operandi,is used by the Guptas in South Africa.

Their business operation is STRATEGIC SERVICES in PROCUREMENT – which involves brokering and consulting on PROCUREMENTS BY STATE OWNED ENTITIES – like Transnet, OR businesses with subsidies and grants – LIKE THE MILK DAIRY BUSINESS OF THE GUPTAS,OR Resources – as in the Mining venture,of the Guptas (where you pay a bribe,and get a Gold concession,for the price of a coal concession) and STRATEGIC CONSULTING,wherein they conned SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS,TO GIVE UP THE INDIA ROUTE IN THEIR FAVOUR


As an extension of their STRATEGIC SOURCING,STRATEGIC CONSULTING, THEY ALSO DO STRATEGIC PLACEMENTS – wherein they place politicians as key pointmen in Ministries,and also,have their men in key posts,in Global Audit and Consulting firms

That is Y there is no Interpol RCN,on the Guptas,and they are plonked pretty,in Dubai.All the money is already transferred out of South Africa, and the immovable assets left behind in South Africa – were left WITH THE INTENT,To be seized by the state.

Of Course,the Guptas also left behind Zuma – and the Zondo commission, is playing the Bongo,and is clueless.

End of comments.





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