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Prasa placed under administration – minister

Developing story.

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula said on Monday he had decided to place state-owned Passenger Rail Agency South Africa (Prasa) under administration with immediate effect, adding that he had dissolved the interim board.

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Bongisizwe Mpondo, managing director and founder of transport company Safiri, was appointed as the administrator of Prasa, Mbalula added in an annoucement from his Twitter feed.

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Ja no well fine. Customers will catch a lift. A lift your feet and walk ne !!!

You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.
I think the ANC just found this out. Way too late unfortunately.

Don’t worry, Government is still hell-bent on rolling out the NHI private health care to all citizens and illegal immigrants. They claim that it is going to be a huge success.

Hmmm, when you google “Safiri transport”, Google autocorrects to “Safari Transport”. If you insist on search results for “Safiri transport”, Google reluctantly returns a mix of results, some for Safiri transport and some baby names starting with “Safiri”. Not a big Internet footprint in other words.

On the website there is a section for “meet the team”.

Only one man in the team. Like in One Man band.

Very easy to find the BBBEE certificate though. Must be the companies greatest achievement. Being locally owned.

Laughable socialist stupidity. Will Creditors fall for this nonsense? The Government obviously has. Must be coming from someone like Magashule or half pint? Although anyone in the ANC really.

Mbalula – minister without a plan, just excuses.

That makes him the model politician. The job qualification is to obfuscate, shift blame, make false promises, point fingers, lie, impress naive people and cling for dear life to a position of power over ignorant voters.

He’s been doing the circuit since his president of the ANCYL days when he was buddies with Brett … useless then, useless now. And forevermore ..

I am not so sure. He has a plan; how to divert taxpayer funds meant for PRASA into his grubby pockets. Venal personified.

But the biggest SOE problem, Eskom, don’t get put under Administration?

Makes you wonder how Bongisizwe Mpondo and “safiri” scored this tender…

Shouldn’t a registered administrator be doing this? But no we appoint some fool who owns a few busses to administrate a state owned entity.

Me thinks the real looting has only just begun.

If i am wrong i will eat my humble pie.

SA is unraveling with speed now. Everything is coming apart.

Never rains but it pours, all the beautiful colonialist work down the toilet.

When clicking on Safiri BBBEE certificate nothing comes up.

The website does not work. Great omen. Much like PRASA, ESKOM.SAA. They also don’t work.

He would fit right in.

Ex SAA non executive director. Now Prase is in real trouble; if that’s at all possible.; Meet our team;

Mr. Mpondo, a social entrepreneur, has extensive experience in the fields of transportation planning, development planning, project management and strategy development. Presently Managing Director and founder of SAFIRI (Pty) Ltd, a transportation planning company, he has served in Board positions at the Cross-Border Roads Transport Agency, the Gauteng Transport Management Agency (Freight Transport Expert) and African Tramways. Until recently served as a Non-Executive Director on the South African Airways (SAA) Board.

goverment must now be affraid of many other business rescue applications…

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