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President blames Western nations for attempts to oust him

ANC’s top brass to discuss discipline breach, Zuma says.

South African President Jacob Zuma indicated that ruling party lawmakers who backed an opposition attempt to oust him should face disciplinary action and said he may consider firing his higher education minister, who has criticized his leadership.

More than two dozen members of the ruling African National Congress backed a motion of no confidence in the president on Aug. 8, which the main opposition Democratic Alliance filed after he unilaterally fired his respected finance minister and two ratings companies responded by downgrading the country’s debt to junk. While the motion was defeated by 198 votes to 177, Zuma said “anything could have happened.”

“The ANC was put into serious disrepute” by its lawmakers who refused to toe the party line, Zuma said at an ANC gathering in Parys in the central Free State province. “Nobody can say they did not know” what they were supposed to do, he said.

A former intelligence operative who has ruled Africa’s largest economy since 2009, Zuma has been implicated in a succession of scandals, including a finding by the nation’s top court that he violated his oath of office by refusing to repay money spent on his private home. While he has clung to office because he continues to enjoy the backing of most of the ANC’s top leaders, who are reliant on him for their jobs in the government and cabinet, his missteps have cost the ANC support and left the party deeply divided.

Secret Ballot

The Aug. 8 vote against Zuma, 75, was conducted by secret ballot, and with only a handful of ANC lawmakers having openly stated they would vote in favor of his ouster, the party will battle to identify all those who broke ranks. The matter will be raised at a meeting of the party’s top six leaders at a meeting on Monday, Zuma said.

In 2012, the ANC expelled youth league leader Julius Malema who had clashed with Zuma, and he went on to form the Economic Freedom Fighters, which is now the country’s third-largest party. Marius Fransman, the ANC’s chairman in the Western Cape province, had his membership suspended for five years in November last year, after he was found guilty of misconduct.

Zuma also said he would consider a suggestion raised by one of the delegates who attended the gathering to replace Blade Nzimande, his higher education Minister, who is also the general secretary of the South African Communist Party — an ally of the ANC that has called for the president’s removal.

Zuma is due to step down as head of the ANC in December and as president in 2019. He alleged that Western countries intent on destabilizing emerging economies were behind the the attempts to bring about his early removal.

“Part of what is happening in parliament is not an innocent political thing,” he said. “It is anchored on a bigger strategy.”

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Here’s news for Zuma: Western (i.e. civilised) countries couldn’t give a toss for him, or the country’s he’s energetically stuffing up.

The ANC is becoming more and more like Zanu PF.

Same rhetoric. Same brainless gits in the youth league and veterans who claim to have some credentials for affiliation and threatening violence.

Same blame game.

Same attempted control of the media.

It seems to be the African way.

So what did others say – found this on old article from Reuters 2016:

“Jacob Zuma is the dude who just threw up all over the dance floor but still doesn’t want to go home,” comedian Lazola Gola

Comedian Mojak Lehoko said Zuma’s ability to ride out the constitutional court smack-down was no surprise. “This is a man who has survived more than 700 corruption charges and a rape case. There’s no way he’s going to jail over some home improvements and a swimming pool,”

South African host of the Daily Show, Trevor Noah, explained to U.S. audiences how Zuma was elected in 2009 without ever being formally cleared by a court of hundreds of corruption charges.

“I know, I know, that should have been a red flag to South Africans but ever since apartheid we’ve strived to be color blind, so all we saw was a flag,” Noah said.

Others have taken the view that the politics of the self-styled ‘Rainbow Nation’ have become so bizarre that satire is unable to compete with the real thing.

“April Fools’ Day 2016 canceled till further notice,” the Daily Maverick, a respected online political magazine, wrote on April 1. “We couldn’t come up with anything half as mad as SA reality today. Sorry.”… and its still even more ridiculous NOW.

So it must be those western governments from the other continents that’s smaller than Africa that conspiring to oust him, or did his office forget to correct him again on his assertions.

The western nations and all of the world (-198) see you as a “seven million, hundred and , listen carefully twenty …Nkaaaaaaaandla clown”

look in the mirror , fool !
that is the person together with yr party and da guptas who r to blame fr the chaos in SA

Paranoia to make Mugabe proud. Everyone wins if Zuma does his job well but he is not willing or capable of being a good President.

“intelligence operative” … an oxymoron if ever there was one.

Luvly! But maybe that’s more a moron-oxy. Definitely though it’s a case of ego far exceeding intellect (or capability)…

Jip – His head is a sphere and his brains are located in the corners!!!!

First the enemy was WMC and now it is the West.

Oldest trick in the book to create a common enemy which you can successfully use in your rhetoric to try and restore unity.

Imagine his constination when he finds out that WMC and The West are similar in that they demand ethics, morals and ACCOUNTABILITY for ones actions. Only in Africa is criminality rewarded with promotions, free access to more looting and more parties……

He is clearly Clueless and not fit to rule. The reason for the no confidence vote is that the nation and the world have no confidence in your rule mr President. Please do not blame external western forces or anyone; this is your own doing and your party’s failure to take action against corruption by you and your party.

Failure of this no confidence created another crack in the ANC’s foundation. This empire of yours will come crashing down and you personally will be held accountable.

…the sad thing is Zuma is NOT clueless. They know exactly what they’re doing. They just don’t care for the general good of SA (so long the elected elite has wealth, and the less educated masses are kept happy…like mushrooms: you keep them in the dark & feet them sh#t)

It is NEVER their own fault. The blame always lies elsewhere doesn’t it? I heard from a reliable source at the foreign office that it was Jan Van Riebeeck who persuaded the foreign governments to support the efforts to remove Zuma. Jan Van Riebeeck should be denied a visa to South Africa if he ever tries to come back here.

Blame the west but remember we have no oil or gas so that excuse doesn’t hold water

Hogwash! The ANC using exactly the same political strategies as their “comrades” north of us.

The ANC is mere copy-cats of ZANU-PF policies that “worked” in the past (..i.e. to keep them in power). They not innovative thinkers (sorry..only when it comes to corruption), and much easier to copy/paste from ZANU-PF as their grandmaster. Zim’s “indigenisation” policies has just different names in SA. ZANU-PF has also blamed the whites..especially that filthy Tony Blair *lol*…for Zim’s economic woes.
Today, Zim is clearly an example of a flagship, modern industrialized economy, with freedom of speech, etc to which ANC aspires to (..the problem is majority of voters allowing the ANC-regime to continue, but they still want to have a job, house, etc like in a western civilization. The Guptas/Zuma clan a lesser problem for SA…the real problem is the masses allow that).

The ANC is unable to run a western, industrialized country. Not much different than mad-Bob’s successes…

First SA was known as the “largest economy” in Africa.
Now we’re referred to as the “most industrialized economy” in Africa.
Sooner or later there will be nothing to distinguish SA from the rest of continent, and we’ll merely be known as “Africa’s southern-most economy” in future.
(People, remember that one…if this phrase is used in the future to describe SA, I’ll be suing for trademark infringement! 😉

…it’s that filthy Tony Blair at it again!

Zuma is very clever, he and his delinquent son Eddie are sowing the seeds of anarchy. When the time is right he will send the message out. Farms will burn, shops will be looted, students will riot and townships will burn tyres. Then he will declare a state of emergency cancel all elections and declare himself President for life.

do people actually believe this guy’s conspiracy theories? What has he actually done to transform the economy because handouts to Guptas is not transformation? Or does he mean transformation of his lifestyle?

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