Government seizes control of North West province

Region has been hit by violent protests against premier.
Premier of North West Province Supra Mahumapelo. Picture: Reuters

South Africa’s government seized control of North West province as a way to force out Premier Supra Mahumapelo from his post after weeks of violent protests in the region.

The move may help President Cyril Ramaphosa to strengthen his grip over the ruling African National Congress after he won control of the still divided party in a tight election race in December. Mahumapelo, 49, opposed Ramaphosa’s leadership bid and is a close ally of Jacob Zuma, who was forced to resign as the nation’s leader in February.

Unhappiness with Mahumapelo’s leadership has been mounting over his handling of a graft scandal and the sidelining of his ANC rivals in North West. Ramaphosa, 65, wrote to the National Council of Provinces on Friday, notifying it of the cabinet’s decision to place the region under national control because it could no longer fulfill its statutory obligations, Parliament said in an emailed statement on Sunday.

“What President Ramaphosa has done now is to use the constitutional powers of government to take control of the province because it is clear that it’s not possible in the ANC to simply go in and replace the leadership that is part of the problem,” Roland Henwood, a political science lecturer at the University of Pretoria, said by phone on Monday.

Temporary Leave

Speculation that Mahumapelo was on the verge of resigning has intensified in recent weeks after several senior ANC leaders said they were discussing whether to remove him from office. He went on temporary leave on May 9 after backtracking on a statement that he would resign. He remains chairman of the ANC in the province.

A special South African police unit known as the Hawks said it raided Mahumapelo’s offices last month in connection with alleged mismanagement, fraud and corruption amounting to about R160 million ($13 million).

“You have the internal conflict within the ANC and the leadership contestation, and very clearly Mahumapelo and those who are in his group are not going to give up anything or cooperate with the national ANC leadership, so that leaves government with very few options,” Henwood said.

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…and slowly the ANC wheels is falling off, when lies and deceit caught up with your incompetence, ANC a mockery to governance….Who said “ANC will govern till the next coming..”, at this speed, think it’s time to convert, the next coming might well be 2019.

Even with the ANC gone , there is no fullproof party to run this country.

The problem with Pretoria is that Pretoria cannot run South Africa- now it wants to run the Northwest province. Everything they attempt decrepitates and implodes. The curse of the ANC’s shidas touch.

At leadt CR is trying to manage a bad situation inherited

Whether this ANC government can “prune” the Zuma “medusa” is doubtful but credit is due to CR in removing this ponce, Mahumapelo

Your time is up Mr. Mahumapelo, the people have spoken.

Is it true that Mr. Mahumapelo bought Mr. Zuma 24 cows with my Tax money?

A strong move by CR – well done. But he must know when to stop!
And the constitution must remain inviolate at all costs.
Anybody know when JZ faces the music, or has that just gone away?
Where are the Guptas? Remember them or are we too busy worrying about Steinhoff still?

I also can’t wait to see Mr. Zuma and his circle of friends in court.

I suspect that it will be South Africa’s biggest fraud case.

Please have a look at the Emfuleni municipality also.

It is time for this one also.

When Pretoria took over Limpopo, Pretoria crushed Limpopo’s economy so hard that even now (we) it hasn’t recovered yet, even today, so many years after administration.

Playing with fire this Pretoria.

The are consequences to these administration. Even if one is not doing or looking for business related to the government, based on experience, I recommend that those in business in NW look into diversifying out of NW maybe in the short term.

The wound has not yet healed this side. I would not wish Provincial Administration on anyone even my enemies.

The ANC is full of corrupt cadres catapulted to positions of power way beyond their level of integrity or capability.

We need to ask why have monsters like Zuma, Mahumapelo, Dlamini and Gigaba been allowed to get away with such destruction while the ANC sat idly and did nothing until the damage was extreme?

cause …Semunye, ANC are ONE! always was, always will be.

End of comments.





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