R2.5bn to fix Medupi unit that blew up

Explosion at Medupi Unit 4 occurred because of a failure by staff to comply with procedures, according to Eskom CEO.
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It will cost R2.5 billion to fix the Eskom generating unit that exploded at the Medupi power station last August.

Eskom CEO André de Ruyter said at a virtual press conference on Thursday that the facility is insured, and that the company is in discussion with its insurers to “ascertain who will pay for what and what we can do to recover the cost”.

De Ruyter said that an investigation by Eskom has determined that the explosion at Medupi Unit 4 occurred because of a failure by staff to comply with procedures. As a result, “appropriate action will be taken” against the individuals concerned “following due process”, he said, without elaborating.

The replacement cost of R2.5 billion is an “unfortunate blow”, De Ruyter said, particularly as it will mean that 720MW is not available while repairs take place. This will put further constraints on the system, contributing to the likelihood of load shedding. (Eskom last implemented load shedding on 19 November 2021, despite heavy summer rains.)

Also contributing to a greater risk of load shedding is the fact that Eskom has taken Unit 2 at the Koeberg nuclear power station near Cape Town off the grid for scheduled refuelling. The unit will be offline for 155 days, after which Koeberg Unit 1 will be taken offline.

On last year’s sabotage of infrastructure of the Lethabo power station, De Ruyter said Eskom has deployed 450 additional security guards at its facilities. It has also deployed drones equipped with infrared cameras that can operate at night as well as installed “intelligent cameras that detect untoward behaviour at our facilities”.

“It’s still early days but it (the technology) seems to ensure we are able to protect our assets through both overt and covert intelligence gathering and surveillance,” De Ruyter said.

Duncan McLeod is editor of TechCentral, on which this article was first published here.

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Appropriate action ne !!
Full promotions for everyone involved ne !!
They promised not to do it again ne !!!

“As a result, “appropriate action will be taken” against the individuals concerned “following due process”, he said, without elaborating.
The replacement cost of R2.5 billion is an “unfortunate blow”, De Ruyter said.”

So no one fired, but the Naughty Step is getting very crowded. What a abysmal caricature of a business.

This is a close second: “The woes of the Navy’s SAS Manthatisi submarine, which has been out of commission for nearly three years, include fuses blown because somebody inserted a plug in the wrong socket, Defence Minister Lindiwe Sisulu said on Monday.” Cheap at R35 million Dec 13, 2010

Our Dear Minister Sisulu presiding disastrously as usual.

The small-time criminals steal from Eskom through illegal connections to the grid. Some steal the actual grid itself, the powerlines, pylons, and the substations. Others, like the workers who are Cosatu members, the BEE coal and transport contractors, and those users who don’t pay, steal through their political connections to Eskom. The political elite steals from Eskom through their connections in the boardroom and in management. Eventually, Eskom steals from the taxpayer and the GEPF. Eskom is this ANC- sanctioned monopoly on plunder where everybody plunders everyone else.

They say that ubuntu is hiding in there somewhere. It is clear that ubuntu and plunder are the very same thing.

Not following procedures! No kidding! These things cannot happen when all the operating safety & control systems interlocks etc.are working. This kind of thing has happened before when the above mentioned systems are bridged out.
Gross incompetence.

Mind blowing that Eskom seems to have no automated PLC / SCADA systems in R200 billion power station that would not only avoid such an expensive result but safeguard human life.

On the sabotage : we now employ 450 additional guards and drones at a cost of probably R200 million a year. More if they are paid like Eskom pays or supplied on a tender.

You know Johan, I suspect that these plants are operated in a similar way to an SA taxi, and unlicenced, inexperienced and unqualified operator (or two) over rides safety systems and effectively does his own thing; Dunning Kruger meets cargo cult. The terrible thing as you note is that nothing is being done to change or improve.

R2.5 bijon here and R2.5 biljon there and soon you are talking real money.

End of comments.




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