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Ramaphosa – ANC distances itself from those complicit in state capture

ANC president acknowledges corruption within the party, says this does not mean the party is corrupt.
Ramaphosa’s attempts to airbrush the ANC are being closely followed. Image: Waldo Swiegers, Bloomberg

President Cyril Ramaphosa appeared before the Zondo Commission on Wednesday (April 28) in his capacity as president of the ANC.

One would be forgiven for expecting Ramaphosa to appear contrite, ashamed, apologetic, begging the public for forgiveness that under his watch, state capture made favoured comrades filthy rich; comrades who unashamedly publically flaunted their ill-gotten wealth and assets, and depleted the country of billions.

Instead, he looked straight at commission chair Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, and confidently launched into his long-winded opening statement.

The statement started with the “decisive break with colonialism and apartheid” when the ANC won the democratic elections, and ended with a grand vision of eliminating poverty and building a non-racial democratic society.

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Ramaphosa acknowledged that “some members of the ANC were advertently or inadvertently implicit in corruption”, and that there is corruption “in our own ranks”, but said this does not mean that the ANC is itself corrupt.

He set out what corrupt cadres should do, “immediately step aside”, and they “may be summarily suspended” and face disciplinary action.

And further, “the ANC distances itself from those in its ranks who were complicit in state capture”, and that “the era of state capture is relegated to history”, and “never again”.

The main issues

Evidence leader Paul Pretorius SC said that there are essentially three issues the commission will investigate:

  1. To understand what happened in the period of review, noting that the commission has three years’ worth of evidence;
  2. To understand how these things could have happened; what were the events that allowed this to happen; and
  3. How can these things be prevented from happening again. What needs to be done?

Further insights into the ANC

In Ramaphosa’s “reply” to Pretorius’s outline of the main issues, Ramaphosa offered further insights into the ANC.

Ramaphosa’s views are briefly set out: that the ANC endeavours to lift whole sectors of society, and describes itself as a liberation movement. The ANC was set up to “achieve certain objectives, and these objectives remain current”.

“We may have a democratic state [but] a non-racial SA has not been achieved.”

Ramaphosa would also like to see a non-sexist SA, “and the overarching objective is to have a prosperous country”.

But “the ANC still has to be a political party, and must exercise power in the interests of people of South Africa … We describe ourselves as the parliament of the people”.

He ended his soliloquy with “the ANC is willing to open its heart to the people of South Africa”.

Cadre development and deployment

Pretorius commenced with cadre development and deployment, and stated that “on the one hand there is evidence that the policy goes far beyond recommendation, and in fact, is a policy implemented on the instruction of the deployment committee”.

And “the other view is that the deployment committee goes no further than to make recommendations and abides by the formal selection processes that take place in the public service”.

Ramaphosa referred to ANC national chair Gwede Mantashe’s evidence on cadre employment, saying that he (Mantashe) covered it.

Read: Gwede Mantashe tries to explain cadre deployment

Pretorius questioned him on whether the deployment committee would get involved in appointing officials in judicial and investigative functions – “are cadres encouraged to stand for appointment in the judiciary?”.

Ramaphosa replied “No. Never. No never. It is well managed through the Judicial Service Commission.”

Ramaphosa further remarked: “We now have a new reformed era, people must be fit for purpose. We are serious about correcting what has gone wrong in the past.”

Zondo noted that having the deputy president as chair of the deployment committee must put pressure on the relevant minister.

Ramaphosa confirmed that there is disconnect between what the deployment policy reads and the practice.

He described factionalism as follows: “This arises because some members would have different factions, different interests, and some of the perspectives may be ideological, some may be organisational, and some may be economic, where people have economic interests.”

One does wonder, theoretically of course, whether comrades who are “implicitly involved in corruption” would count as a faction.

Pretorius asked if the deployment policy could be used by some to pursue an economic interest.

Ramaphosa acknowledged that “this does happen, but it behoves on the organisation to recognise this and challenge it … we are involved in our renewal process”.

Is there still a need for a deployment committee?

Pretorius put it to Ramaphosa that a view has been expressed before the commission by a number of witnesses that there is no longer a need for a deployment committee.

Pretorius read from the evidence given by former public enterprises minister Barbara Hogan to the commission: “ … however the usefulness of such a deployment committee these days is debatable.

“How can a handful of people possibly have the institutional knowledge to pronounce on suitable candidates for all the senior positions in government and the public sector?”

She added: “… directorships on boards should never be granted to the favoured few for loyalty to a party or to a faction of a party …”

Ramaphosa replied: “In dealing with these types of matters it is better to be circumspect than throw the baby out with the bath water. If there is something that causes an irritation, it does not mean that you chuck everything out.”

Ramaphosa then touched on the “developmental state that we are creating … we need to keep an eye on the mandate we have been given”, that a CEO must have a developmental as well as a commercial orientation, and the gender balance. Ramaphosa expressed his appreciation of achieving such gender balance on boards.

State capture has bankrupted South Africa, but we must celebrate the fact that we have gender balance.

The hearing continues on Thursday.

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I gave Ramaphosa a chance, I really did. But he has failed again and again to deliver what we the people of SA need – land security, jobs and safety. I suspect that he is corrupt and we will find this out in due time. If he is for us then why did he allow the 24 Cuban engineers to be hired when we have hundreds of qualified engineers? Um…. can you tell me why? Why are South Africans not given property rights for the land the government gives them? The ANC must go. It has no desire to improve SA.

Dear Mr President, you are the leader of a Government who is the cause of:

all Parastatal’s going bankrupt,

multiple downgrades,

flying the national carrier into the ground,

the National Broadcaster in tatters,

load shedding due to a mismanaged Eskom

filth and sewage lining our streets due to Municipalities under ANC control with their unabated theft and cader deployment and millionaire mayors

complete and utter service delivery grinding to a halt

the State being caprured

a commission of inquiry with very little results

an oversized Government wage bill

And you have the audacity to say you “acknowledge corruption within the party, this does not mean the party is corrupt”

It’s like arguing “i have 5 Rottweilers in my front yard and 5 in my back yard, but they don’t worry, they don’t bite or kill, they’re only dogs?

Please dear Cyril, don’t insult our intelligence!
You are either completely and totally misinformed and out of pace with what’s happening in this country or, you are misleading us with your jargon!

I for one go with the latter!

Nothing will change if your corrupt ANC doesn’t change, and it won’t, you and I both know this

So quit pulling the wool over our eyes, Sir!

Agree! The AG’s annual report on municipalities shows large scale corruption on every level of government.

What else would you have expected from the frog boiler?

State capture and corruption are bad, but BEE is worse. The economy lost more and continues to be plundered with BEE laws. Zuma is a small-time criminal relative to the current political elite who became billionaires by abusing the legislature to legalize the plunder of private property. Zuma stole from the state. BEE plunders both the state and private property. Ramaphosa is wealthier than Zuma. How did that happen if both are “disciplined ANC cadres” and are acting in the best interests of the poor?

BEE bankrupted the largest platinum mining company in the world. This is only a small example of the destructive effect of legalized plunder and how the process plunders property.

How Cyril never paid back the money:

How Lonmin lost billions to Shanduka:

Never has the truth been spoken so boldly

You hit the nail on the head Sensei

Valid comment

Correct! And BEE is arguably the cause of State Capture because it breeds corruption and it’s decimating this country’s revenue due to tens of thousands of tax payers fleeing these shores every month!

Correct! They were, are and will be what they are….thugs. They have no ethics nor respect for the SA people, assets, wealth! The ANC from it’s core has no value or ethics. Their attitude, behaviour, conduct and decisions the past 27 years has shown that greed and grab is the motto on every level and where ever they get involved. Any person with common sense will not touch them and IF there are really value-based people in this corrupt organisation they will give back every thing they took; hand themselves over where they should go…jail and ensure that this corrupt organisation just disappear. It was and is a typical grab and greed 3rd world bunch

No matter what this person says, I(We) can never(and must never) believe him(them). If I(We) do, we will stoop down to their level and betray our own moralities. Sorry but you are not my president and never will be!

I have to agree with you.

There are plenty of JOBS in SA.

The Government and corporation favour black skin. And that is a fact… and if they cannot get it from South Africa …they get it from the rest of Africa…. and if thats not good enough they hire consultants ( like the cubans) ….

All the while valuable skills sit in South Africa…. and is not used!

The labour policy in SA is surely shooting itself in the foot…

Volumes of hot air . The frog boiler lives in his own bubble if he believes what he utters. Look around and see the result of the ANC’s
” work “.

every supporter of the ANC stooped to the same level as their leaders.

The ANC is ground zero for corruption and state capture. The entire party defended the implicated cadres many times over many years, and knowingly elected flawed leaders to its highest levels. It is rotten from the bottom to the top and from the surface to the core. Cyril was at the heart of the party during the worst of times. Pretending otherwise is deliberately misleading BS.

What a joke Ramaposha is.
How can ANC distance itself from corruption? Since the very first deal (Arms deal back in the 90’s) they were corrupt and it hasn’t stopped till now.
If you look, qualified and professional people from all cultures are leaving the country. They realize SA is gone under the ANC.

“Cadre deployment”…the typical view of commie-states dressed with democratic facades!

The last time I remember such a brazen disregard for this issue being made this public, and for the whole world to see, was courtesy of the Kim’s(bro & sis) of North Korea.


From the comments it seems as if Mr.Ramaphosa is not very popular anymore? Or is it my imagination?

From “hero” to ZERO in no time at all, but why did we expect anything at all from this person. He is & was involved from the very beginning

he deserves all the disrespect trown his way.

He is facilitator NO 1.

He is the one who on numerous occasions insisted that BEE is here to stay. BEE is just a vehicle for corruption and he knows it.

In addition it demonstrates that he and his anc cohorts will continue with cadre deployment even if it destroys the country in the process as it is doing now. So it is definitely not country first. It is corruption and theft first. Starting from the “first citizen”. Ever heard him say we need a reset????

Everybody knows transformation is a requirement and more locals should be involved in the economy.

How does it make sense to destroy the economy and the country in the “HASTE” to push the currently disadvantaged out??

Everything they touch turns to ……!!

You ask yourself if he can not see what he is doing??? The answer is he can. He has a streak that comes across as being very slimy. Especially when it comes to ensuring a local is pushed into any and every position available even if he or she cant do the work.

I see right through him. He is a con artist and in the long run will be responsible for more damage to this country than Zuma and his troop.


ANC “will distance themselves from those complicit in state capture” – Ramaphosa once again word-smithing his way around criminality in his ranks Which ANC Cadre is serving time for corruption currently? Definitely not due to lack of evidence .. .

Ramaphosa is a BEE Billionaire and will act in a manner to safeguard his billions… If he stops the gravy train; they will come after him, once he steps down and loses political power.

Nice, decent, upstanding people don’t become Billionaires in the morally bankrupt world of politics.

I might be South African but this man is not my President.

Could CR tell us what percentage of ANC MPs voted against corruption during the Zuma years? Even in the secret ballot of the impeachment motion, a handy majority of ANC MPs backed Zuma despite a devastating ConCourt judgment against him.

The party’s majority defines its character, so yes, the ANC is fairly described as hopelessly, institutionally corrupt. More concerning though, judging by recent by-elections, is that the ANC’s brand of heaving malfeasance is a vote-winner.

Things move very slowly in African Africa. After only 27 years of rampant corruption there is now a President that recognises that it smells bad for votes and so some words must be spoken. Action to stop it a bit will take at least another 27 years. This is Africa, we must be very very patient.
There has been a surge of BBE (Broad Based Exasperation) that has prompted this unprecedented mumbling. See how the system of shamocracy responds to the pain and disgust of the people even when they are a miserable and principled minority. Proportional non-representation is so dumbfounding.

question to the president: if the anc distances itself now from those complicit in state capture / cadre employed employees – why are 99% of them still employed and not in jail yet (the looting ones) – can understand the cadre employed ones are much more difficult to handle, by your own admittance – the anc appointed / employed themselves – so all the fingers are pointing back to the top management of the anc – a difficult self-created-problem for the anc by the anc
Nearly forgot this one: Who is actually paying for the anc’s fatal mistakes, cadre employment and looting??????? the answer is once again the taxpayer and the citizens of sa – that whilst the looting gupta and bell pottinger type of anc advisers are laughing from a foreign country at the sa government and anc

Too little too late, Mr Ramaphosa. The ANC cannot be turned around, the cancer has spread too far. The ANC has been “captured” by individuals who only sees it as a way/tool to enrich themselves and to advance their own careers. Just listen to ex-Mrs Gigaba… Everything paid for by government and what exactly do the ministers do to “uplift our people”? Nothing other than go and squander the money on overseas trips and holidays, spoil themselves while hard working and job-seeking citizens bear the brunt of this ANC Government.

More porky pies
Only cadres and dummies will believe this speech , AGAiN!

I think first time ever that a government distance itself publicly from itself…

I am really struggling with this concept. Mathematically this is impossible ( 1 not equal to 1 !??).

So the people that make up the ANC are corrupt but the paperwork, flags and furniture are not. The bank account has taken the 5th.

If your lips are moving, if your lips are moving
If your lips are moving, then you’re lyin’, lyin’, lyin’, baby
If your lips are moving, if your lips are moving
If your lips are moving, then you’re lyin’, lyin’, lyin’, baby

– Meghan Trainor

Distance yourself from yourself??? A very difficult thing to get my head around. Like I am here but I am over there??? Get a headache just trying to get the picture. Just what these guys do so well, blow smoke up my ***.

On Tuesday every politician in the country was on his soapbox slamming the evil old days, sucking up for votes in every township. Wednesday this excuse is mealy mouthing around the questions.

What a week, first little miss money and glitz, then the “voice” now this. Lets top it off with the Ace in the pack. Oops I forgot about the quadrillion dollar man himself.

‘Like I am here but I am over there???’
This is not such a foreign concept as it seems to be. The ANC is simply a quantum system.
What does superposition mean in the quantum world?
The feature of a quantum system whereby it exists in several separate quantum states at the same time. Each electron, until it is measured, will have a finite chance of being in either state. … Only when measured is it observed to be in a specific spin state.

Aaaah I understand now. Did Zuma explain this concept to you?

It is impossible to be a socialist / communist and not to be corrupt.
It forms part of the ideology.

My humble opinion: If >= 95% of your organisation is corrupt, a logical conclusion would be that the entire organisation is corrupt.

Fully agree.
He is trying to sell the idea that a party is a separate entity from its members, consisting of the name only, and can never be corrupt, even if every single member inside the party is corrupt. It is unbelievable that boiling frogs may result in this much brain damage!!

What was Ramaphosa doing as when he was deputy to Zuma, let’s see his appointment book. If he did not realise what was going on he is an incompetent idiot and should resign. But, who would replace him? There is absolutely no one in ANC who is not a thief or criminally incompetent. The DA is not very much better either, we just don’t have any depth in intellect in this country.

Well summarised. We may as well ignore this circus.

The ANC has stolen money for every election, with schemes through Petrosa, Bosasa and the asbestos scam and others and also possibly now with the Cuban engineers scam. These funds are paid to the ANC treasurer, who is one of the top structure.

At best the top leadership knew of the stolen funds, at worst the top leadership were/are complicit.

This is like Joe Biden claiming unity whilst being a very divisive president. Hillary said it best Have one face in public and another to work from.

I think you simply don’t understand the depth of old Joe. Here is a man that by his own submission joined the senate 120 years ago. He has already forgotten what you still have to learn.

The 80 member ANC NEC runs the country and the ANC. Corruption starts with the top 6 of the NEC. NEC members can be divided into those charged with corruption, those being investigated for corruption and those still to be investigated. The 80 NEC members who run the ANC also run the country. The two are inseparable.

Let’s have the ANC get every member who has the stink of corruption on them ‘step aside’ and see who’s left. I’m thinking you’ll be able to count them on one hand.

The ANC is corrupt through and through.

At last some relevant comments from CR who has had a very difficult job balancing his Presidency with the ANC hierarchy who still support the Zuma way. And the EFF, who are the quickest growing political party in the country. Now all he has to do is put his money where his mouth is and ensure convictions.

Mr Ramaphosa was an immensely powerful man as deputy president, yet it appears he did nothing to stem the corruption which nearly brought the country to its knees, now he wants to mumble some platitudes, walk away and implicate no one,Sorry, it’s just not good enough!!
Remind me again how much this commission is costing South Africa!

That is like claiming it is only my hand that steals and the rest of my body is not part of the criminal activity, notwithstanding the fact that the hand was ably assisted by at least the brain, eyes, muscle-, skeletal- and nervous systems during said theft.

“Ramaphosa – ANC distances itself from those complicit in state capture”

But, Dear Mr President, that is a contradiction in terms. The fact of the Zondo Commission is proof that the entire ANC as an organisation is corrupt through and through.

You cannot separate the two.

Yup. The ANC is the capturer (the Guptas are a sideshow, a symptom of the greater disease).

The problem is that the ANC have redefined the word “corruption.” It means something completely to how the dictionary defines it.

This guy is not as “clever” as I thought.

He has been around for years but can not implicate a single person from the anc in state capture, corruption or theft. He does admit it exists.


Is he covering up for his friends? and even enemies in the anc??


Is he fast asleep at the wheel and really does not know??


Resign and disband the anc.

Ramaphosa further remarked: “We now have a new reformed era, people must be fit for purpose. We are serious about correcting what has gone wrong in the past.”

So much for the latest SAA CEO. He is an accountant not an aviation expert.

Remember Popo Molefe testified that the ANC itself (aka ‘the movement’) got the fat kickback on certain corrupt Prasa tenders.

Oh please….. What a waste of time.
1)No one at the commission has the balls to embarrass the president so questions are vague and non-interregative.
2)Cyril is a Party-man. He will never throw any ANC cadre under the bus with damning evidence.
3)He will claim corruption was hidden from him, so how could he act against deeds he knew nothing about.

Cyril is complicit and as dirty as the rest of them. But the ANC looks after their own.

Ironically the corrupt actions of the ANC effect their own electorate the most. The masses who were poor uneducated starving under Apartheid will stay poor uneducated and starving as long as they keep voting ANC. If there is one thing that Democracy teaches – Under democracy, you get the government you deserve.

“He ended his soliloquy with “the ANC is willing to open its heart to the people of South Africa”. With the expectation of resounding applause from the audience.

Errr …. no.Rather a solid silence.

Needed a belly laugh this morning, thanks Mr Ramaposer. No cadre deployment in the judiciary- “It is well managed through the Judicial Service Commission”, where the likes of John Hlope and Julius Malema hold sway. The level of disrespect this government has for its citizens, is breathtaking. They literally believe each and every one to be an utter moron.

The ANC cannot distance itself from those complicit in state capture as the ANC has been and continues to be state capture and all things corruption.

The party is not corrupt. The members are.

Cyril Ramaphosa is DISHONEST!

He was the deputy president and saw all of state capture in front of his eyes… and did nothing.

But to come to the Commission and be dishonest is just not on!

What a lie. Ther ANC has supported those complicit in state capture every step of the way.

Charter House
Hitachi SA
I rest my case.

I did not fart – it was my stomach.

You lot with your pathetic moaning and groaning will get nobody anywhere and makes no contribution. What the hell is wrong with you!

Thank you for summarising the Prez’s sugar coated circumlocution for us. I couldn’t listen to him for more than ten minutes, even for free.
Yes! The ANC must throw the baby out with the dirty bathwater, and the nappies and all the kaka!

End of comments.





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