Ramaphosa appoints ministerial task team to tackle Covid-19 corruption

Team will buttress the state’s other efforts to tackle the plundemic.
Ramaphosa says those involved in corrupt contracts will be dealt with decisively. Image: Kopano Tlape GCIS ​

Justice and Correctional Services Minister Ronald Lamola, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni and Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma are just some of the members of a new ministerial committee appointed by President Cyril Ramaphosa to deal with corruption-related to the state’s coronavirus response. 

The six-member ministerial committee will be chaired by Lamola and also consists of Minister in the Presidency Jackson Mthembu, Police Minister Bheki Cele and Public Service and Administration Minister Senzo Mchunu. 

The decision to form the committee – which is expected to look into corruption in the procurement of goods and services, including personal protective equipment – was made by cabinet at its meeting on Wednesday.

Who received Covid-19 contracts?

Ramaphosa has also requested that all ministers and premiers supply the committee with “information on the names of companies and details of tenders and contracts that have been awarded in national departments, provincial governments and public entities during the period of the National State of Disaster”, the presidency said in a statement.

These lists must be provided as “a matter of urgency this week”, after which the committee will prepare a “comprehensive report” that Ramaphosa will release to the public. 

The announcement comes on the back of grave public discontent following reports of corruption in the issuing of Covid-19 tenders, with some allegations implicating government officials, politicians and their relatives. 

It comes ahead of a briefing by Lamola that is expected to take place on Thursday evening, where outcomes from the cabinet meeting will be divulged. 

“Cabinet’s decision reinforces the determination of the president, expressed in a national address on July 23, that there should be no theft, no wastage and no mismanagement of public funds as the country fights Covid-19,” the Presidency said. 

“The president warned that the consequences for those who broke the law – whether they are in the public or private sectors – would be severe.”



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Yet another commission of enquiry. Charge those you suspect at a police station. Get the NPA involved. Enquiry commissions are seen as smoke screens to cover up what our pals have done. Are those in the cANCer circle caught with their fingers in the till going to be charged and convicted? Asking for a friend.

Whahahaaaa. SHEEP IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING!!!!!!!

Desperate. You can con the few voters you still have.

Keep in mind these are all people that think it’s clever to turn your children into thieves. You do your crooked stealing on their names.

Then you grace the whole $%^& with that woman as the cherry on top.

I think this man is out to insult “his” citizens.

Get the opposition parties to do this.

Zondo version 72 – Still no convictions and we should not expect ANY !!!!!

“Fellow South Africans,” I am the right man for the job, but I fear that if I do the right thing, the government will get rid of me… Best I appoint a committee or two to make it seem like I’m doing something.

The camouflage fatigues shows quite clearly that the anc still see themselves as a terrorist, military outfit…all part of their marxist ideology and their crowd pleasing imagery!!

The crowd in Luthuli House appoints the crowd in Luthuli House to investigate the corruption in Luthuli House. We can actually anticipate a more just and meaningful outcome if they appointed a drug dealer at the shebeen to investigate the smuggling of tik at shebeens.

Asking Mr. Fox to count sheep in a kraal

With Zumas ex there what a joke.

Door Horse Shut Bolted After

Fox guarding the hen house.

Another Committeeeeeeeee/ Group ??????

Thats cos the President is utterly useless. Just NOT decisive.

@Cyril – Why dont you just charge them immediately!

This is a police matter, not a cabinet issue. I am certain the ministers know what is wrong. All they have to do is to support the police and procecutors 100% to do their jobs and to keep them accountable if it is not done properly.

I love the – I am getting serious on crime MILITARY FATIGUES!

That picture has put the fear of God into me and i am sure everyone in the NEC, has stopped all and any nefarious activities they may have been engaged in with regards covid funds.

The covid budget is around R370B – But set to grow to well over R3T in the coming year. If we are having these issues with R10B in just 2 months – what issues will we have had after 18 more months – when we have been forced to spend arguably, easily in the region of R3 trillion+, to keep this country together?

How many more commissions and task forces will SA get before they get a real ruling party?

If we assume a linear relationship, then the R10B will become the same fraction that R10B is on R370B, in other words, it will translate to approx. R81B. However, we know that these types of things will rather have an exponential growth, especially initially.

Like Mabuza, Ramaphosa was also deputy missing in action, whilst chairman of SOE’s.
Surely as Chiarman whilst under Zuma he had a voice?

Spot on. ANC is incapable for exposing their own; especially NEC members

Mr President,
Why preach about corruption to the entire nation??

Next time…simply call a STAFF MEETING!


The ANC sidestep. Appoint a commission. That should kick the can down

the road for 5 years.

Then just to make it more pointless let us appoint Dlamini-Zuma to the

commission to ensure Luthuli House keeps control. What a joke.

Why do you need a commission Mr Ramaphosa. Your spokesperson was in the

office next door to you. Oh you missed that as you did all Zuma’s

activities while you were deputy president and part of the top 6. Maybe

bottom 6 is more appropriate.


What’s with the camouflage outfit – either to not be seen or is it an indication of the economic terror attack being played out by the ANC

No better cover up than to get the guilty to investigate themselves

What is required is a hit team. Nothing less under present circumstances.

Here is where we are going to test that old adage “Set a thief to catch a thief”.

If the government was competent in running anything more complicated than a bath, assembling a task team to investigate corruption after the fact would never have been necessary.

Ministerial task team? LOL!
One of the earlier ones headed by Thulas Nxesi, had to probe Nkandla expenditure; Nxesi ended up telling parliament the famous “fire pool” was an absolute necessity and designed to quell a fire if it broke out!
That’s what happens when ministers investigate themselves…

Well, here is another one.
Quarantine- Hotels make deals with politicians and will charge approximately R1800 a day per person per room. However, these hotels must give a percentage of the R1800 to the ANC as well.
Most countries quarantine has be lowered to 10days, but that would mean less for the ANC…so they keep it at 14days.
ANC is robbing the SA tax payer at ever angle

End of comments.





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