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Ramaphosa suspends Sars head Moyane

Mark Kingon appointed acting Commissioner.
Tom Moyane, suspended SARS Commissioner. Picture: Supplied

South African tax collection agency boss Tom Moyane was suspended and will face disciplinary proceedings as newly elected President Cyril Ramaphosa’s administration moved to restore trust in the institution.

The ouster was Ramaphosa’s latest step to replace Jacob Zuma appointees in the government since taking over the presidency last month after his predecessor was forced to step down by the ruling party. He’s also removed the board of the state power utility, which is laden with debt and has been implicated in a graft scandal.

Mcebisi Jonas, a former deputy finance minister, is being considered for the post, but it’s unclear whether he would accept it, according to two people familiar with the situation, who spoke on condition of anonymity. Jonas couldn’t immediately be reached for comment and the National Treasury, which oversees the tax agency, didn’t respond to an emailed request for comment.

The decision on Monday followed a meeting between Moyane and Ramaphosa during which the head of the South African Revenue Service refused a request to resign, the Presidency said in a statement. Ramaphosa said in a letter to Moyane that under his leadership there had been a deterioration in public confidence in the agency and that public finances had been “compromised.”

Court action

“For the sake of the country and the economy, this situation cannot be allowed to continue, or to worsen,” the president said in the letter. Read the letter here.

As the events of the past few days unfolded, Moyane threatened to seek a court interdict to stop plans to remove him from his position, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Mark Kingon has been appointed acting commissioner, the National Treasury said in an emailed statement on Tuesday. Kingon, who has been with Sars since its establishment, was the interim head of the revenue body’s business and individual taxes unit, it said.

Zuma appointed Moyane, who previously ran the nation’s prisons, as head of the tax agency in 2014. Moyane clashed with then finance minister Pravin Gordhan, who accused him in 2016 of “totally unacceptable” behaviour by defying orders to halt a management and systems overhaul. Zuma sided with Moyane, who retained his post despite consistently missing his revenue-collection targets, while Gordhan was fired from the cabinet in March last year.

Losing credibility

Gordhan, who Ramaphosa appointed public enterprises minister, said in a wide-ranging interview last week that the revenue service’s leadership had “lost all credibility.”

The government agreed to probe under-collection by the nation’s tax service in November after the Treasury forecast a revenue shortfall of about R50 billion  ($4.2 billion) for this fiscal year.

Moyane has recently faced criticism from lawmakers for his handling of an investigation into accusations his former deputy Jonas Makwakwa and his partner received R1.2 million in suspicious payments, and allegations of mismanaging tax refunds. Makwakwa resigned from the agency on March 14. While Moyane has denied wrongdoing, Ramaphosa referred to the refunds and Makwakwa matter as part of the reasons for suspending him.

“President Ramaphosa indicated that as Sars Commissioner, Mr. Moyane holds a high position of trust in the management of the country’s public finances,” the Presidency said. “It was therefore necessary to act urgently and immediately to protect the institution and place it on a path to stability and recovery.”

Presidency to probe governance at Sars

Ramaphosa will establish a commission of inquiry to probe governance at Sars.

“The president has made a commitment to establish a commission of inquiry into governance matters at Sars, which is going to be a wide-ranging inquiry,” his spokeswoman Thusela Diko said in an interview on Johannesburg-based state-owned radio station, SAfm. “Those terms of reference are in the process of being finalised.”

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Lovely stuff !! Uncle Tom, you have just been selected for an audit. Your case number is c o r r u p t t u r d. May the fleas of a thousand camels descend upon your nether regions. Kind regards, taxpayer.

Its gonna take a while to get the right people in again.

and in the mean time 2x commissioners are being paid…..

It will NEVER happen.

Theft of property via constitutionally sanctioned expropriation without compensation.

Continued over copulation by those who forever have their hands out

If you are under 30 GET OUT of South Africa

Love the creative writing, but It’s not clear which Uncle Tom in the story you’re referring to.

Baie geluk met die aantal ‘votes’ sover!! 🙂

It exceeded ‘Ronaldus’ expections below…

Also, strange I was expecting some anti-PALE MALE comment, since a Jan van Riebeeck or a Cecil John Rhodes replaces a PDI in a senior Govt position!

About time this crook was shown the door… to a jail cell.
His lackeys and defenders at Sars must go as well.

Sars needs honest, competent and a-political leadership now.
But it will take years to restore any credibility.

If “Danie van Parow” does not get 100+ upvotes I will be amazed!!

First prize Danie for creative writing!!

CR should also suspend KPMG ..their ”Sometimes” report, that they now have withdrawn, has reference!

Funny how, KPMG , after 13 years still haven’t published compliant financial audit results for JCI, in the ”Kebblegate” and ”Investecgate” debacle – and this fat in the public domain for many moons!

Hell, the #Gupta empire is crumbling fast.
1. Nine businesses in business rescue.
2. Last bank closes the Account s
3. Judge grounds the getaway plane and re-registers it.
4. The @SARS Atm closed down.
5. 46 properties raided by tax officials in India.
6. RSA must now redflag their ill-gotten passports.

Seems like Dubai is gonna be called home for Ajay, Atul and Rajesh until the get extradited to face the music.

Plus a further 60 companies being investigated in India which have Gupta links

This turkey has now threatened to take legal action against Cyril the Squirrel – yet they all serve at the pleasure of the President of the country. If he contests it all costs should be for his personal account no taxpayer monies involved

If CR doesn’t slap this clown down quickly and without question that he WILL be taken to court for his actions AND he will have no future financial support in the way of legal and pension from the taxpayer, the new President is going to look like a toothless wimp.

Make or break time for you now Cyril!

Correct. But does a squirrel have balls. Just how long a game can he play?

President Ramaphosa’s broom is cleaning very well.

When is Mr. Zuma paying the R60 Million in tax?

When is Zuma , the tuna, going to submit 6 outstanding tax returns?

I spent 34 years in my employment and if I had done any wrong and got fired I would have left immediately through embaresment. There is no way that I could face my fellow workers in shame. I do not understand the mentality of people who refuse to leave when they know they have done wrong.

No mentality is what they have in spades.

No shame and an abundance of arrogance.

Tom Moyane did an excellent job at SARS. He was put in the position to, amongst others, to disband all the investigation structures in SARS, to protect zuma, his friends and other criminals and tax dodgers that SARS are targeting, to pay irregular refunds to zuma and his circle of corrupt clan and friends, to purge SARS of highly competent employees, to bring SARS into disrepute, to break down the internal structure and management at SARS and basically, to break SARS. He succeeded in almost all of these.

End of comments.



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