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Ramaphosa urges businesses to contribute financially

To Africa’s vaccine rollout.
Image: Bloomberg

African Union (AU) Chair Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday called on African companies and foreign companies that do business in Africa to contribute financially to the continent’s efforts to roll out Covid-19 vaccines.

Ramaphosa, South Africa’s president, added during an AU webinar that telecoms firm MTN had offered to donate $25 million to the vaccine programme of the AU’s disease control body to immunise healthcare workers.

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Suggestion for Mr Ramaposer. Take the list of alleged corruption thieves and recipients of tender frauds, you know the ones with exorbitantly inflated prices channeled via front companies etc. mentioned in the Zondo Commission. There are no doubt some very well to do persons on that list. Send each of them a request to personally donate some of the alleged ill-gotten gains for the Covid vaccine rollout. Perhaps appeal to them to cut down the number of cars they each own to only two, or even one. What about appealing to your party’s friends, the Guptas – or do we no longer speak because they were cut out of the State Capture Project? No perpetrators of the various corruption scandals have been arrested so they must be available and feeling generous. B.T.W. Mr R, do you still have those famous buffalo? If so do you really need them or could they be auctioned off to buy some vaccines for ‘our people’?

Sure my business will donate. We are small. I will pay a private sector service provider to vaccinate 10 people.

Not touching the crooks in charge.

A continent of beggars.


The lack of comments are telling. Guess not allowed. The truth that is.

You cant say something about the “you know who” that might be the honest truth!! or the “you know what”.


Lets try again.

His excellency (the chair)(wink wink). manager of Africa UNILATERALLY decided to impose a tax on foreign companies that “do business” (wink wink) with “the continent”

Its called a “CALLED ON TAX” for some a “LETS ALL WORK TOGETHER TAX”

heheheeee. Can just giggle at this. Some say he is just a little puppet.

The one hand washes the other Mr President. This morning we hear of a rescue fund solely for Black businesses involved in tourism. But the appeal for help is from all businesses. Surely the honourbale president means Black business should cough up …..? How is it when cash is dished out it is earmarked racially but when there is a cash call everyone is involved ?

Never forget the simmering pot and frog approach which is demonstrably in play

Dear All
If this applies- just note that they want you to pay before the water gets to boiling point but the smart thing to do would be to turn the stove off(But that wont happen) Hope you have a better idea now on how to respond !!

I truly wonder if the man is a well Psychology

Promotes EWC and FDI
He was vice president all the while during the peak of the state capture project.
Seems to ignore corruption and the long list of it, now calls on businesses to cough up cash.
No Sir, the ruling and political class has plundered Africa / South Africa for decades now, it’s their turn to cough up.
Take some responsibility and own up to the past and present failures of Governance

Has this #^** lost his mind , donate to a bunch of thieves?? .
Let private medical aids import vaccines and give them to members .
Whatever this bunch of commies does is for their own benefit.
I am so far gone i will not sing the national anthem or celebrate with the national flag, i am done with this country,

End of comments.





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