Ramaphosa urges care as virus cases Top 500 000

SA remains the hardest hit country on the continent.
President Cyril Ramaphosa. Image: GCIS

President Cyril Ramaphosa urged citizens to remain careful and adapt to measures necessary to limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic as confirmed infections in the country breached 500 000.

“We must maintain our vigilance until we have no more coronavirus cases in our country,” Ramaphosa said in a statement published on the presidency website. “If we do not do so, there is the risk of a resurgence in those areas where the virus has now begun to stabilise.”

With 503 290 confirmed Covid-19 cases and more than 8 000 fatalities, South Africa is the worst-hit country on the continent. The stabilisation of a daily increase in infections in the province of Gauteng, which includes the economic hub of Johannesburg, the Western Cape and Eastern Cape suggests that prevention measures are having an effect, he said.

Additional equipment and personnel are being deployed to areas experiencing an increase in infections and a team led by South Africa’s Biovac Institute is preparing to produce doses of a successful vaccine locally, Ramaphosa said.

South Africa imposed a lockdown that shuttered almost all economic activity for five weeks from March 27. While most businesses were allowed to resume operations from May 1 under strict conditions, the restrictions are weighing on output. The government expects the economy to contract 7.2% this year.

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I don’t think he really cares. He want’s to destroy the apartheid and colonial based economy and replace it with who knows what?


He is just another “self made” (Haha) African Billionaire leader. The continent has had its fill with people like him.

That’s why “the continent” cant get traction.


500000 is almost 1% of the population. The economy is finished, and the little committee is sitting around playing games with the lives of the population. I guess there is no better time than now to call an early election and get new blood running the country.

The Worldometer Death rate (with an outcome) is 6%.

There was an “Elephant in the room” article done by Moneyweb on the death rate , which then was 21%. Perhaps they should do a follow up on that…..

Like government , it’s time to revisit the insanity. Yes , people die and yes the virus is serious. BUT our strategy to counter the death is a joke.

Protect the frail and vulnerable. Don’t kill the economy

They keep on qouting the historical figure. Why are they manuevering all this anxiety?

There is only 152 676 currently active known covid cases in South Africa today. That is 0.3 % of our population. And of that only 2% are expected to die. Yes it is a new virus and yes it is quite contagious but 8 000 deaths is really no reason to wreck a economy. You do not close the economy down because of all the murders in the country do you? Last year we had 21 324 of those. My money is on the fact that we will have more murders and suicides this year than Covid deaths. And that is not counting the extra deaths because other illnesses such as heart attacks are currently not treated properly at hospitals.

Compare Covid’s 500 000 infections with the 7.8 million AIDS infections now in SA. It pales.

Aids infections amongst young women are growing now at 1 500 a week.

Compare Covid’s 8 000 deaths with the 300 000 deaths of people with HIV that were denied ARV’s to about 2005. Then add the rest that died of Aids afterwards. It pales in comparison.

Four ANC presidents provided no leadership on the Aids pandemic – Mandela nothing for the five years he was president, Mbeki denial and then misguided leadership, Zuma terrible personal example and CR nothing.

500 000 plus Aids deaths and no lockup. Compared to 8 000 deaths and an economy that cannot breathe. The mind boggles.

Also every year 11000 folk die as a result of some form of flu.

On the Aids it is being handled better than it was. Anyone know why or who is actually responsible for getting the ball rolling on ARVs?

People that have had family members die from it will have a different opinion on how it’s being handled. A very polarising time this is.

They are a tiny fraction of those who have ruined lives thanks to the lockdown. For what?

A peak in August rather than in July.


I lost my 86yr old uncle 3 weeks ago. He was diagnosed with Covid because he was tested as a result of his neighbour being positive. Otherwise he would never have known – he was asymptomatic, he passed away peacefully in his sleep, his heart just gave in as is the case with people his age. He is now a covid 19 death statistic, which is crap – his parting words not mine.

He had 3 co-morbidities and has had no real quality of life for 3 years, other than his wicked sense of humour. His doctors gave him 6mths – 5 yrs ago.

It has not changed my stance on this nonsensical lock down, it did not change his and it has not changed our families view point, only reinforced it.

The latest figures in the USA – 150k+ dead. The median age is currently 78! Of those 85% have at least one co-morbidity, on top of the fact that they are old and have lived long lives.

As stated many times, even by idiots like Neil Ferguson – the people that are dying with covid 19 (not because of it), would have likely died in 3-6mths anyway. His words not mine.

It is not a coincidence that PHE in the UK have chosen to ensure once tested positive, you are always a covid victim (you can never recover), even if hit by a bus. They know they can use all of the tens of thousands of nursing home positive tests (and positive tests still being made daily), that have recovered and did not succumb, in their vital project fear statistics for the coming winter season and if some are ‘lucky’ like my uncle to outlive his doctors projections – then as the tests are focused on the elderly and vulnerable, they have ongoing canon fodder for scare statistics, for many more flu seasons. Disgusting but true.

Higest in continent and 5th in world?? Really. Do you think African countries take accurate or any Covid stats. Like DRC ,Angola Zim ,Zambia. Sudan?? I bet my new wheelbarrow against your 2 year old MB that the infection and death rate in the DRC are 100 times higher than in SA. Plus how do the Govt know how many people recover?? Do they ask them??

“SA remains the country that tests the most on the continent.”


End of comments.





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