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South Africa has identified alleged instigators of violence – Ramaphosa

Says the looting and arson severely dented investor confidence.
President Cyril Ramaphosa on an oversight visit in Ethekwini, KwaZulu-Natal assessing the impact of recent public violence and the deployment of security forces. Image: Elmond Jiyane, GCIS

President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Friday he would not allow “anarchy and mayhem” to prevail in South Africa and suggested that a wave of violent unrest that has destroyed hundreds of businesses and killed more than 100 people had been deliberately provoked.

“We obviously as a government are extremely concerned at what happened here and we are doing everything to deal with it, and it’s quite clear that all these incidents of unrest and looting were instigated,” Ramaphosa said.

He said the instigators had been identified and would be pursued by security agencies. One alleged instigator has already been arrested, a cabinet minister said on Thursday.

The looting and arson had severely dented investor confidence and hit South Africa’s economic recovery, Ramaphosa said, speaking in Ethekwini Municipality, which includes the port city Durban, one of the worst-hit areas.

Image: Elmond Jiyane, GCIS

President Cyril Ramaphosa. Image: Elmond Jiyane

In a presentation to a parliamentary committee, police said that looting of malls and stores was still going on and foreign-owned shops were being hit.

Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal provinces were still volatile, and crowds had gathered in Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Western Cape provinces, they said. Kawzulu-Natal’s main airport, King Shaka International, was also targeted.

The long-term social and economic cost of the unrest was also becoming clearer, with calls for the government to address underlying problems to head off more violence and despair.

Wall Street bank JPMorgan said the unrest would force South Africa’s economy to contract by 3% in the third quarter and drag down full-year growth.

As violence appeared to be abating, companies were working to restart operations and calm was returning in parts of the commercial capital Johannesburg, though most shops remained shut.

Chaotic week

The rioting broke out in several parts of the country following the jailing of Ramaphosa’s predecessor, Jacob Zuma, last week for his failure to appear at a corruption inquiry.

It swiftly degenerated into looting and destruction, driven by widespread anger over the poverty and inequality that persist nearly three decades after the end of white minority rule.

Ramaphosa also expressed concern about rising racial tensions in some parts of the country. Some white minority and Indian communities – who are generally better off than the Black community – had armed themselves to fight off rioters.​ The military has called up all its reservists to bolster the army and police, with a total of 25,000 troops available to go to flashpoints.

The head of the armed forces, Lieutenant General Rudzani Maphwanya, addressing soldiers in Alexandra, Johannesburg, said: “It is no longer just thuggery, this is economic sabotage…It is a threat to our people so you have to restore that freedom.”

“You don’t have to lower your guns.”

The official death toll stood at 91 in KwaZulu-Natal – Zuma’s homeland and main support base – and 26 in Gauteng, which includes Johannesburg, making a total of 117.

Counting the cost

The ransacking of stores has left food and other essentials in short supply.

State logistics group Transnet said operations at Durban and Richards Bay ports were improving though road closures and fuel and food shortages were constraining its supply chain.

“The Port of Richards Bay has managed to clear all shipping backlogs. Terminal operations at the Port of Durban continue to improve,” Transnet said.

Retailer Massmart said protesters had looted 41 of its stores and two distribution centres, with four sites suffering significant damage from arson, during the unrest.

Ethekwini authorities also closed public beaches in north Durban because of a chemical spillage in a lagoon originating from a blaze in a chemcal warehouse.

Deeper issues

The government has characterised the violence as criminality.

But the Nelson Mandela Foundation – a legacy of the late leader of the anti-apartheid struggle and South Africa’s first Black president – said violence had been growing at “disturbing levels” in the last two decades and was now regarded as normal.

The state has focused on strengthening law enforcement but neglected strategies to tackle the problems’ roots, it said.

“There are too many people feeling discarded and in despair, too many people with nothing to lose, too many people who have seen political and other elites at all levels play fast and loose with the law, with impunity,” the foundation said.

The head of Statistics South Africa, Risenga Maluleke, said it could take years to rebuild damaged infrastructure, and small businesses “will find it difficult to rise from the ashes”.

This would lead to even more unemployment, he said. Most of the people in the streets were youths with few job prospects and limited education opportunities.

“There is no doubt that this generation is bound from birth to death with poverty and unemployment,” he said.

Half of South Africans live below the official poverty line and unemployment stood at a record 32% in the first three months of 2021, due partly to the impact of COVID-19.

Court battle

Zuma, 79, was sentenced last month for defying an order to give evidence at a judicial inquiry probing high-level graft during his time in office from 2009 to 2018.

He has pleaded not guilty in a separate case on charges including corruption, fraud, racketeering and money laundering, saying he is the victim of a political witch-hunt.

His downfall has opened up a power struggle within the African National Congress (ANC), in power since the end of apartheid in 1994. Zuma loyalists make up the strongest faction opposed to Ramaphosa.

His corruption trial will resume in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Monday – which could stoke tensions further.


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you shameless person!

and still doing absolutely nothing…???

Just heard him on ENCA….. and still making excuses….

Justifying the Security clusters initial comments

I think the President is just plain stupid.

Yep. It’s like a school Headmaster addressing a small group of mischievous smokers, that was caught:

“I’m not going to punish you. Think what example you set for the younger pupils.”
“….if you have to smoke, please do it behind the sports field’s outbuilding, out of sight of the public”.

Response: “Yes Mister Headmaster”
…and as the last mischievous child leaves the headmaster’s office, he blows a ring of sigarette smoke into the headmasters’ fuming face”.

The school’s motto is “Let’s Grow South Africa Together”……

How can you say he is still doing absolutely nothing? When CR came into power the first thing he created was the Zondo commission to investigate state capture, the second thing he did was to secure and strengthen the NPA so we can convict the guilty of state capture and bring back law and order to this land. The whole reason Zuma is sitting in jail is because of the Zondo commission and Ramaposa’s actions! Wake up and pay attention man!


The Zondo commission resulted from Thuli Madonsela’s state capture report. The commission was set actually up by Zuma after he was forced by the courts. Ramaphosa had nothing to do with it.

Civil society removed Shaun the Sheep – again via the courts – as NPA boss. Cyril set up a committee to choose a new NPA head.

Not a single state capture perpetrator has been convicted. So far, Magashule has been the only one charged. Many are sitting in his cabinet.

He held a few investment conferences and “family meetings”. That’s it.

@ David Brent

I stand corrected on the formation on the Zondo Commission then.

But Ramaposa certainly had something to do with replacing the head of the NPA and over 100 arrests have been made so far of people involved in state capture. Even the NPA admitted that it is a mammoth task. Yes there have been no prosecutions but at least there have been arrests of major players like Magashule and don’t overlook the biggest player of them all, Zuma, is behind bars as we speak while still on trial for corruption, racketeering and money laundering. These are all positive moves forward which no one seems to acknowledge.

Everybody is so hellbent on always pointing out the things that need to happen instead of seeing the great things that have happened! It’s a slow slog but we are getting there.

I agree,
Ramaphosa has been in power for almost 4 years, almost half of Zuma’s 9 “wasted years” tenure. Ramaphosa’s tenure so far has been wasted too. No new dawn to be seen, only more of the same, despite the low bar set for him to improve on the Zuma disaster.
Looting and plunder from the top ( corruption) has continued and now plunder from the bottom has reached an all time high as we have witnessed the last days.
And what does Cyril do? Sit on his hands while purporting to play the long game.
Maybe he is a better, more principled man than Zuma but if nothing else he is guilty of doing nothing.
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

@Ttean If CR was indeed the man of the hour, lets consider the following during his current tenure:

Downgrade of SA
Highest unemployment rate in the history of the country
The Marikana slaughter
Free Fall of our currency
Unabated looting during the pandemic by his own people
The ludicrous first wave laws introduced that destroyed businesses and jobs
His slow reaction to the carnage of late in KZN and Gauteng
Majority of ANC run Municipalities are finally in ruin with no money left for service delivery
Has he acted on curbing the wage bill, the Elephant in the room?
Eskom, need we say more
The no show of his Ministers during a crisis

In all, his “staff” are not equipped to run SA the way it should be run.,The few right ticks are unfortunately overshadowed by a failed State

I’m sorry, but the excuse of a Zondo Commission, which in my opinion is just another Parastatal thats already exceeded R1 bill with zero results, is proof enough that he is but a mere puppet

“People of South Africa”
“Please instigate violence responsibly”
“Yes, I’m just BEE billonaire cadre clown but please listen to me”

CR wake up!!

This was a Zulu coup that failed, the next one won’t.

Cyril wake up!!

“ “The Port of Richards Bay has managed to clear all shipping backlogs.”

It takes looting by the disadvantaged to make SOE function properly

Why? I have no problem with Cyril if he continues to clamp down on corruption and tries to improve SA. Bashing Mr. Ramaphosa only reenforces the narrative by political parties like the EFF.

The frustration and blame in this particular instance needs to be directed at those who have instigated this.

He’s, been, president for 4 years already….. First thing he did back then was replace the head of the npa……. 4years later still not one case ready for prosecution…… 4years….
Let that sink in…. The gaol was never to prosecute any of them. It was to create distance and let it slip off into the sunset. This is all on his watch.

I’m sure he was “shocked” by what he saw.

With ESKOM ‘providing’ electricity – there will be no shocking whatsoever (what a quaint and and distant memory the collapse of ESKOM is – a mere ripple on a pond compared to this tsunami of savagery)

ANC tactics of party first and cadre deployment, and operational and strategic leadership by people with flawed ethics and competence, are what created the ‘anarchy and mayhem’ you refer too.

The world may have needed an ANC to help end apartheid, but it needs something different (a miracle?) to start a new South Africa.

The “problem” is undoubtedly entirely home grown and nurtured within the concoction of the vote seeking factions that make up the incongruous body of the torn and dysfunctional ANC. If the alleged perps are paid-up members then the President is obliged to address them as comrades and show them all due respect as an integral part of his back-stabbing flock.

Like the EFF? Guess who wins the next election if there is no support for the ANC.

Well, if you identified them, name them and supply photo’s so we can help you looking for them.
Absolutely no use speaking like that and say actualy nothing.

They don’t exist.

Smokescreen invented by Cele et al to appease the masses by pretending to make progress with the police investigation.

Alec Erwin is still looking for the bolt in the Koeberg generator….

On what basis can you claim they don’t exist? This is not quite accurate.

@springbok on what basis can you say they do exist? Just because the government said so? They have eroded so much trust with the (tax paying) public already, that it makes perfect sense to believe the opposite of what they say.

Where is that Alec currently? That one had forgein bank accounts for sure.

They say they have identified 12 instigators… I wonder if we will ever actually see 12 arrests, 12 court appearances, 12 convictions for TREASON…

I doubt it very much. The ANC is a cabal where everyone has dirt on someone else. That is their security blanket. No one will go down without spilling beans on those in position of power.

”It is a very sad thing that nowadays there is so little useless information”
Oscar Wilde

Most people in iMurthu were struck by the complete absence of government. It has now finally also became clear that it’s this continuation of this incapable government that has led to massive inequality.

The ANC led government has led the most vulnerable portion of the population down – the situation has just become bigger as a result of lockdowns and other associated measures to fight the pandemic.

PS: Don’t blame the Colonists, 27 years after ANC rule. This sit

It’s clear these riots stem from long-time social inequalities present throughout our society. The instigators might have put a match to the fuse, but the dynamite of social inequality, unemployment and corruption has been sitting around for a long time. This outcome was really, just a matter of time.

But what can Cyril and the ANC now do, under these newly desperate conditions to improve the lives of the worst effected, that they didn’t do before the powder keg exploded?

People are desperate and they want/need change and improvement now. The ANC has been bleating out promises of a better tomorrow for 27 years and still the insurrection happened. The people are out of patience.

What miraculous new initiatives will the ANC formulate that will (in reality) create massive new investment and employment quickly? What will change to bring about massively improved service delivery to the under-served?

Sadly the changes that bring lasting results in the real world are polar opposites to the ANC bible of the National Democratic Revolution and entrenched ANC policy.

Sadly I have no confidence that the ANC will reflect on this and see that they need to do things differently. It is much easier to single out some errant individuals to calm the ire of the masses and then carry on business as usual once the dust settles. Like they have done for the last 27 years

Great comment and 100% agree. When it comes to the economy, just as with these riots, they are rabbits in the headlights

Taking all yr stuff and giving it to his support base would work. Short term of course….. But which politician thinks long term.

“Our solution is to introduce a basic income grant so that, when the money runs out, everyone can share fairly in this apocalypse,” the president said majestically.

The supposed 12 will get off scot free. Some guy will be the fall guy.

This lot take action???? They are all buddies.

Ramauseless is in Durban handing out T shirts and talking up his useless ANC party — The idiot !!!!

These people should be charged with treason. We all deserve to know the names of the people involved.

This is just the first act. Still to come is zumpies corruption trial and Ace’s trial. What will Cyril and his bunch do to ensure it doesn’t happen again? Will people rebuild knowing that the same thing is likely to happen again? If only we had competent leadership. Wish on!

No trials for them. All pardoned. This lot will not be able to control the savagery.

Every time Cyril the squirrel opens his mouth – he says nothing. If this is what he calls quiet diplomacy then he has totally along with the current government misread the situation and will not solve any of the countries problems

Let’s be optimistic and expect that these events will be a catalyst for a better future vision by the electorate. Certainly this should help to focus the electorate in coming elections. At the very least this should backfire on the pro-Zuma faction.

You have red and white mushrooms for breakfast? This is like saying that Hiroshima was a great catalyst for urban regeneration

LOL – It certainly was a change of course for Japan

Decent citizens standing their ground were called the “right-wing” by the lack-of-intelligence minister.

Cele blamed looting in Phoenix on racial tensions and poverty. I would also be very tense if locals from the neighbouring squatter camp kept committing crime in the area.

The burning of trucks at Mooi River has been going on for years and was never addressed. This is what you now get.

That is not true Cele never blamed looting in Phoenix on racial tensions. He condemned looting and said the residents must work with the police. I am not a fan of him and his party. He and commissioner of police should resign but this is SA leaders. don’t resign when they fail

In the M&G: “According to an ANC national executive committee (NEC) leader, Ramaphosa was warned by intelligence that this was the first phase of a programme that aims to destabilise the country.

“The NEC member said they were told that the instigators are equipped with heavy machinery and the looting is only phase one.

“Another leader in the ANC said that the NEC was alerted to possible unrest prior to it starting. The leader said Minister of State Security Ayanda Dlodlo gave a dossier to Police Minister Bheki Cele and the president two days before the unrest.

“We knew. This thing could have been avoided. We were told and we did nothing. There is no way Ramaphosa can say he was not aware. This was discussed in the NEC and he knew about it going to the national working committee.”

Surprise surprise.

And Intelligence should know all about it. They are named as being the home of the instigators!

‘[E]quipped with heavy machinery’? Is that for the next phase – looting banks? I wouldn’t be surprised if they are also behind cash-in-transit heists, which seem to happen more frequently around election campaign time. Naturally the long-term NDR needs funding regularly.

Search and replace “we will not allow” with “we have allowed (and are still allowing)”

This is treason. They will be put against a wall and shot?

Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward rebellion against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent toward, or insurrection against, established authority.

“We will not allow anarchy and mayhem,” Ramaphosa said.

After all the riots and looting have dissipated – What a strong leader you are MR PC President.

Once this is done, Whichever faction ultimately wins, they will recast this spectacular display of mass ignorance and criminality as legitimate grievance at economic transformation with the whites as the responsible party.

The alternative is to acknowledge a savage society fostered by their greed and corruption…which they won’t ever do.

I’m gonna guess the private sector paying slave wages for generations and paying their generally white males at the top R200k a day and paying zero taxes and having all the policitians including Cyril on their boards has nothing to do with it? Riiiggghhttt! I’m so over the stupidity and lack of awareness

This gets my vote as worst comment of 2021 so far.

1) Slave wages? Slaves do not get paid, so what do you mean with that. As far as I know there is a minimum wage in South Africa. And while you bringing race into the whole equasion – It is a very open secret that the lowest wages are paid by the majority race.

2) Paying Zero taxes by companies…please stop generalizing….All profitable listed companies in South Africa pay tax.

3) R200 K a day for white males? How many of these in the SA universe? Did you know that the managers in the government sector earns more than those in the private sector….and most of those are not white.

Stupidity is generalizing like you do, you probably think South AFrica’s big business is majority owned by whites? Please stop being racist. Realize that this government has been in charge for 26 years now….the power is in your hands, what have you built with it?

The instigators will receive an SMS stating:

“South Africa has identified alleged instigators of violence – Ramaphosa” …. but will anyone actually be convicted and go to jail?

It doesn’t work that way here.

First a commission of inquiry is established after years of legal wrangling.

Then, while that commission is in session, the next crisis strikes, relieving everyone from actually doing anything.

Give him a chance guys – Cyril is planning to build South Africa’s first smart city and have a bullet train run from Musina to Cape Town.

Honestly think that they are just clutching at straws.

How is it that the ANC-controlled police and army had absolutely zero intelligence information on this and “didn’t see it coming”

The general public could even see it coming. How could the ANC not?

Are they that stupid? Are they incompetent? Or do they really just not give a flying f**k?

I suppose we’ll get more promises of a “better life for all”, more promises of providing thousands of jobs, more promises of housing provision, etc.
Then, as before, nothing will happen (until the next riot).

Everyone seems to think CR is doing nothing and is a weak leader but they forget that the first thing he did when he came into power was to create the Zondo Commission to investigate state capture then he strengthened the NPA to prosecute people involved with state capture and to bring law and order back to this country. Zuma is currently sitting behind bars because of the Zondo Commission and Ramaposa’s actions! These riots have nothing to do with the incarceration of Zuma, the instigators just used that as an excuse to cause the rioting. The real cause of the rioting is the pandemic, as with many other countries of the world who have had riots where people are tired of being locked down and losing jobs and going hungry.

We are not the only country in the world who has been in lockdown and have had our movements restricted by our government, there is a pandemic raging across the world incase you haven’t noticed! During the 1918 pandemic there were many civil uprisings, history is just repeating itself.

Anyone who stands on their soap box accusing CR for being a bad leader really needs to pay more attention!

The pandemic would not have ranked as such in previous generations. The reaction of lockdown has serious and long lasting consequences that would never have been contemplated as worth it by previous generations. Allowing people to go hungry as a consequence of your experimental and impractical edicts is not something to shrug off as inconsequential and is certainly not something for anyone to be proud about.

100% wrong. The Zondo commission was set up as remedial action after Thuli Madonsela’s report. Zuma actually appointed the commission after being forced to do so by the courts.

The Zondo commission subpoenaed Zuma, got an order to force Zuma to appear and then had him held in contempt.

Ramaphosa had nothing to do with it.

The current riots were organised by the RET faction of the ANC, harnessing pent-up frustrations in Zuma’s stronghold province. Ramaphosa and cabinet members knew about it beforehand and left the citizens of KZN to fend for themselves.

Most of you are responding exactly the way the terrorists were hoping you would. Their plan is to get President Ramaposa out, in order to give them a chance to get someone to their liking in his place. They were really hoping for a 2nd Marikana to embarrass the president. In the absence of that, you guys are giving the terrorists all the support they could hope for. Let’s be part of the solution and support the authorities.

So what stops Cyril from firing the rotten ministers. You, Me ?

Is treason enough reason to kick members out of the ANC?

Not sure. We will have to see what the ANC’s integrity committee have to say.

The “commander in chief” of the defense force is a “leader” with questionable ability that is involved in a factional battle with his cohorts??

So when these forces are deployed or NOT deployed it is most likely done in a way that suits his strategy regarding his factional battle and has nothing to do with the situation in the country.

We would sooner rather than later need a UN resolution requiring a government of national unity to stop big problems here.

Not good when Tribal and factional battles are fought and the defense force is controlled by one or both of the factions.

Be scared!!!

Where in the Western Cape have crowds gathered? I haven’t heard of a single occurrence of this.

Hey Frogboiler –

I finished matric in ’86. Finished the army and started studying in ’89. My dad – paid for one year of study only. The remaining three years I had to fund out of own pocket. He did not buy me car, bike – nothing. He just did not have the money. I had to buy my own bicycle at the OK Bazaars. And I rode that bike to class and back, every day.

In ’93 I moved into a rented flat. Worked as student security guard to survive – earned about R1000 a month, paid R650 for the flat, R110 interest on my student loan, R100 on a Sanlam policy and R50 on the bicycle. Do the math and see what I had to left for food. I survived.

Today I’m a bit better off thankfully. Probably largely due to the same mindset which drove me to save R100 off of my R1000 wage every month.

Don’t come and try to tell me I got my first permanent job – in the civil service AFTER the ANC came to power, btw, because of my white skin. I got it because I studied my ass off. Took the small civil service severance package after two years when your government made it abundantly clear that they did not want to see white faces around. You guys were going to do things better, ja?

Don’t come to me with this inequality sh1t. I’m tired of hearing it. Get a new excuse. Oh ja, sorry, just realised your excuses have run out.

sounds like the way it actually was. your only mistake was the policy !

Tyran, you’ve got your facts a little bit confused. The Zondo commission was actually appointed by Zuma, not Ramaphosa! How ironic?

More than 30 schools vandalized, eish we’re gonna pay.

Speak to anyone who has taught at a school in a presently advantaged area, and they will tell you that typically only up to 5% of those kids amount to anything. The majority cant do anything but get a matric worth nothing. So its terrible that schools got burned down – but the whole system needs to change…

This is the problem with south africa…. Stupid people don’t breed clever people. Hence the hole we digging just gets deeper.

U can give a low IQ the best Harvard based education but at the end of the day u still gonna be left with a retard.
Look around…… The hills here in sa are full of them…

President Ramaphosa, please don’t forget EWC. The people need their ‘land’. Why? Well, they’ve trashed everything else.

So we apparently know who the bad boys and girls are ? Will the frog boiler now finally apply the finger extractor and do something about
that ? Or is it the veeeery loooong game again ?

Some good news at last. Apartheid did not get any blame.

they are real as the quintuplets…the ANC is out of their league busy swanking around in their big german cars,eating nandos,smoking cuban cigars,living in gated estates,getting bribes from wmc,gupthas,flying to russia.They have become an oligarchy filled with self interests.

End of comments.





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