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Ramaphosa’s drive to clean up SA shunned by ANC

Party list for May elections includes failed ministers.

When Cyril Ramaphosa took over as president of South Africa last year, he spoke of the need to clean out the corruption that had tainted the almost nine-year rule of his predecessor, Jacob Zuma, and make the government more accountable.

A partial list of candidates the ANC plans to send to parliament after elections in May shows the party hasn’t embraced that vision.

Included at the 10th position on the list of 107 of the ANC’s nominee lawmakers is Nomvula Mokonyane, who was blamed for wrecking South Africa’s water infrastructure while minister of that department and was implicated in taking bribes in testimony given to a judicial commission set up to probe graft.

In 14th place is Bathabile Dlamini, who was found to have committed perjury by South Africa’s Constitutional Court and oversaw the chaos in South Africa’s $10 billion per year welfare system that came within a whisker of failing to give pensioners and the disabled their monthly grants. Payments only went ahead following the intervention of the Constitutional Court after a case was filed by human rights activists.

Also making the cut is Malusi Gigaba, the former home affairs and finance minister linked to members of the Gupta family, who stand accused of colluding with government officials to loot billions of rand from the state. He resigned from the cabinet in November after a court found he’d lied under oath and a compromising video of him was circulated on social media.

Mokonyane, Dlamini, Gigaba and the Guptas all deny wrongdoing. Ace Magashule, the ANC’s secretary-general, told reporters that the party can’t exclude members from its lists on the basis of allegations that haven’t been proven in court.

While the argument could be made that the individuals need to be included on the list because of their popularity within the party’s rank and file, their presence is providing fodder for the opposition.

“These are individuals who belong in prison, not parliament. They orchestrated the capture of our state, killed our economy and subjected our people to even further despair,” Solly Matlatsi, spokesman for the Democratic Alliance, South Africa’s biggest opposition party, said in a statement. “It reaffirms the fact that Cyril Ramaphosa’s supposed new dawn was nothing more than a farce.”

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How the ANC insult the country and its people on a daily basis is beyond comprehension? Ramaphosa proving himself to be massive coward.

CORRECTION, not “…the ANC insult the country…”, but:

The those that vote for the ANC insult(s) the country…

We continue to miss this absolutely critical distinction.

Yes, Ramaphosa is clearly not in charge of South Africa and anything he says or promises should be taken with a piece of salt.

When the ANC have carefully crafted a criminal state mechanism for continued corruption, they do not want Ramaphosa’s drive to clean up SA.

Ramaphosa has already declared he will not lift a finger until the Zondo commission delivers its report.

His buddy Trevor testified that the disclosure of corruption scandals at the commission – which everyone except the ANC was aware of for years – will result in a process of “healing”.

The plan is to do absolutely nothing.

Agreed. They are treating it (or will announce it as) the equivalent of the TRC. All will be forgiven so that all the ill-gotten gains – most of which have been spent or shipped out the country – do not have to be returned. Consummate thieves and looters this lot. The irony on top of that is that the poor who have lost out on benefitting from the stolen money are keeping them in power. Suckered and ponzi-ed masses led to believe that a parcel of land will be coming their way and they will live happily ever after with full bellies.

We live in a democratic dispensation. The ANC’s NEC believe what they’re doing is right (for SA?), with the majority voters’ blessing.

If the majority of ANC voters are happy with their party’s leadership (and it’s long term consequences), so be it…I will respect and accept it as a minority.
(…although as taxpayer, nothing stops me for voting with my feet)

It seems the majority of the people has chosen to become poorer (with a few wealthy elites). Amen (“let it be”)

The fact that the ANC puts FAILED ministers and other failed (allegedly corrupt) politicians on their voting platform, should show every South African that they ARE NOT SERIOUS when it comes to moving this country forward. DAH, if you put them in and jail them later, this should show they are worthless politicians. But some people are very slow.Why place a person the law will remove? THEY HAVE NO BETTER!!!!

Apartheid was wrong, fact of life. This unabated stealing and looting are also wrong, fact of life. Where are the West now, they were very quick to impose sanctions previously….

Getting the average ANC voter to vote to clean up corruption is like getting turkeys to vote for Thanksgiving. Ain’t going to happen.

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