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SA bans alcohol, closes schools to curb virus surge

After reporting more than 90 000 new Covid-19 cases in a week.
The country moves to lockdown alert Level 4 at midnight. Image: Waldo Swiegers/Bloomberg

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa banned alcohol, outlawed public gatherings and closed schools to curb surging coronavirus infections.

The country will move to alert Level 4, the nation’s second-highest, from Level 3 with effect from midnight Sunday and the restrictions will remain for 14 days, Ramaphosa said in a televised address to the nation.

Other restrictions include limiting travel to and from Gauteng, the nation’s commercial hub that’s been hardest-hit by a third wave of Covid-19 cases.

The tighter restrictions imperil South Africa’s recovery from its worst contraction in a century last year, when GDP shrank 7%.

Economists surveyed by Bloomberg News this month forecast that output may rebound faster than anticipated, with recurring lockdown measures one of the main risks to the outlook.

“We are in the grip of a devastating wave that by all indications seems like it will be worse than all those preceded it, its peak looks set to be higher than the previous waves.

“The measures we are putting in place now are designed to allow as much economic activity to continue as possible while containing the spread of the virus,” said Ramaphosa.

South Africa reported more than 90 000 new Covid-19 cases in the week through Sunday – the biggest increase since January, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Infections are being driven by the Delta variant that has devastated India and dealt a setback in the UK.

South Africa’s situation is being exacerbated by a slow vaccination campaign, with almost 2.7 million of the nation’s 60 million people either fully or partially inoculated.

Gauteng, a region that includes the capital of Pretoria and the commercial hub of Johannesburg, has borne the brunt of South Africa’s third wave of Covid-19 infections. Hospitals are at risk of reaching capacity within days.

The province accounts for more than two thirds of infections and has a new-case rate of 73 per 100 000 people, more than triple the national average of 23.2, according to National Institute for Communicable Diseases data.

With assistance from Renee Bonorchis and Rene Vollgraaff.

© 2021 Bloomberg L.P.


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Are we going open vaccines for the private sector to procure and administer?

Hell no. That would save lives.

Much better to shut the economy every 3 months.

Here’s a spoiler alert… When wave 4 hits in dec the vaccine program would still have vaccinated just about nobody, and we won’t have beds, staff, oxygen or PPE.

Viva ANC viva.

Nah — they will just implement the NHI and bankrupt us all first before we die !!!

I take it the new lockdown regulations don’t apply to the EFF and the taxi industry.

I don’t know about the EFF but the government is afraid of the taxi industry: hence no action.
If you want to ‘get ahead” in S.A. these days, hire hit men, resort to murder and mayhem, and make sure that a number of shops are looted and trucks torched. Then the government gets the message and stays away.

Neither does it apply to your airlines

ANC’s command council can bad everything, but by letting taxis (the super spreaders) run, all else is futile.

There are some surprises though!

Beaches and parks not closed?? Did the penny somehow drop that being outside getting exercise and some vitamin D could be a good thing?

The illicit cigarette industry must be livid!!

Hot chicken still available.


Closing off-sales does not make sense. That is not what causes hospital beds to fill up. Its the late night at the shebeen and most people have stocked up anyway. So its unfair to close bottle stores. People in those industries also have children to feed.

And we know the 14 day’s will be like the first lockdown 21 day’s. BS!!

But generally it seems a bit more thought has gone into it and it might get them a bit more goodwill.

No goodwill from me I am afraid. Perhaps instead of switching the country on and off and upsetting everyone’s lives the government should get THEIR house in order and get the vaccination programne ramped up and get people vaccinated. This is the only solution, yet here we are….!!

Sick and evil government causing more job losses and businesses losing money.

This is the best they could do under the circumstances. Allow as much economic activity to continue whilst limiting the spread and banning alcohol to free up beds in hospitals.

Would be great if tertiary institutions could at least finish their ‘sit-down’ exams. Online classes are still OK, but proper ‘sit-down’ exams a must. You need students to finish their degrees and for those qualifications to carry weight – since it also translates into economic growth in the long-term.

someone must explain why a restaurant in Kimberley can’t serve people or sell wine just because hospitals in Gauteng are full. I can’t figure out the logical connection.

No matter which way this cookie crumbles – these foolhardy man-made curatives will continue to harm and kill multiples more than any overblown virus that has an average age of mortality above that of all other causes! The trait of avoiding and distorting the relevant facts whilst orchestrating and channelling the media into this synchronised fear mongering myopia gives the ungodly game away. Let us strut our blinkered steps into totalitarian oblivion whilst singing our own praises as we go. The afflicted children will surely grow up to realise how foolish their elders have been to allow themselves to be led so far astray into accepting this serious and ongoing harming of their wellbeing, their education and their future. Shame on us.

In spite of being extremely skeptical about how a cloth mask would be able to stop extremely small virus particles, I religiously wear my mask in public, but I very seldom go out anywhere. I try to work from home as far as possible. I don’t drink. I haven’t been to a restaurant for months, and that was for a breakfast.

Still, last week, I got sick and was tested positive. Who shall I blame for my splitting headache at the moment? The restaurants that I didn’t visit? The booze that I didn’t drink? The mask I did wear?

No; blaming mask wearing, restaurants or booze is a red herring. Let’s blame the correct party here: the shockingly incompetent, criminal ANC regime, that has failed again and again. It has stolen PPE and it has failed to vaccinate me. I seriously hope that the restaurant owners, when they retrench their staff, give each a written letter, spelling out in simple terms exactly who is to blame, with the elections in October in mind, and connecting the dots for them. Not that I am holding my breath that even those retrenched are able to make the connection.

The official database for reported deaths from Covid-19 in England and Wales has been analysed and compared to the average age for all other causes (ukcolumn). It was found to be 6 months above that of from all other causes. So, on average, you will live longer if you die from the not-so-dreaded non-pandemic. If you have no symptoms you may still have the virus, but contrary to the pseudo-scientific fearmongering, you cannot pass it on. Facts such as the latter one are backed up by published, professional, peer-reviewed medical (genuine scientific) reports. You will need to search, register and pay for access but copyright will still impede dissemination. Another fact is that the creator of the PCR test has repeatedly stated that it is totally unreliable for diagnostic use. Even serious cases can and are being better treated by an increasing array of “unapproved” techniques. The extent of questionable issues relating to this “pandemic” just keeps on increasing. The glaringly obvious purpose of profit from injection liquid manufacture screens the systematic imposition of totalitarian rule in most every previously functional democracy. The 1% are either taking advantage or creating advantages to take. The latter would take extensive planning such as is evidenced by irregular (Stasi style) intrusive surveillance of your own people with officially encouraged and dim-witted acceptance of loss of privacy. There are more and more breaches of common law by the judiciary creating precedence. Then there is the rush into unaffordable and enslaving public debt that exceeds any previous war time levels. Such an array of totalitarian pillars being erected before us, as we watch and accept it all.

It appears that the only positive result from vaccination is the ever increasing profitability of the pharmaceutical institutions. Let’s start looking at the whole setup in a realistic way and get these pandemic instigators to justify their scare technique which will ultimately result in starvation, unrest and eventually total chaos.

After now being in the country a month and a half, after leaving
USA, I am frankly shocked at ho nonchalant most of my compatriots are. Mamy are behaving much the same way that most Americans behaved under the erstwhile president. Like the virus does not exist, or that the somehow have a special permit from who knows where for the virus to exempt them from infections. People don’t put their masks on, if they do, many just warm their chins with it *you don’t breathe through your chin, dude! – put the thing properly on.’. If, you get into shops and stores, people don’t keep their distance. IF you raise concerns with ther closeness to your derriere, they raise hell. Meanwhile they complain about business and the economy shutting down. You are not a covid vaccine manufacturing country like the US. So, please manage the condition, put your mask on, go to work and stop complaining. Else, ignore the mask, and have the government put the ventilator on the economey.

actually we do manufacture covid vaccines in South Africa… Americans I swear, go look at your country and see how Americans are with their masks and are out partying 24/7, its a human thing not only a South African thing.

How does your paranoia and irrational fear stack up with the facts? Let’s analyse: This thing is seasonal – it spiked in December, and is spiking again now in winter. People were lax between Jan and now (June), with no pickup in spread. People were socialising, not following the mask rules (cloth masks don’t work by the way), and yet this virus didn’t spread much from Jan to June. It’s clearly seasonal, and will spread seasonally like all similar viruses. Why should people change their lives year round for something that spikes for 2 months twice a year? Get a grip

I am so happy. Well done to the government and well done to the ANC. Everyone here will complain but th true smart ones will know how to make money from this situation. Wait for the dip in the market on about the 7th July 2021 (it will dip because the idiot racists will thinking moving their investments offshore is a good idea). when this happens buy the following stocks which are deeply undervalued:
1. Hosken Consolidated Investments (HCI)
2. Vukile Property Fund (VKE)
3. Sun International
4. Distell

Once the idiot racists start moving their investments back into the country these stocks will rocket upwards by December 2021.

You can thank me later

I fail to see the connection between racism and the idiotic communist inept corrupt ANC government. If they were none of the above i would be quite content to keep my money in the country but since EWC remains on the table and they are incapable of letting the private sector take over the vaccination campaign I will continue to move money off shore. Now call me a racist if you like.

Then you and your family will remain poor…
Take my advice on these stocks. It is an easy win within a space of 5 months

I am confused, Dog. Who precisely are “idiot racists”? Sounds like a pretty broad brush to be painting with in SA, no ?

boohoo… stop crying like a girl. Take the free advice and make some money

Every dog has its day they say… Woof woof…

thanks you idiot racist (dogmoodley69) I’m taking your advice and have moved all my money offshore and bought the S&P500, appreciate your advice.

which new cryptocurrency is hot right now as well? Polkadot coin?

Ek soek old brown sherry, dis koud.

Casual observation – as we fixate on the 3rd wave. Viruses mutate thousands of times in their life spans, so Beta variant or Delta variant is just another mutation. Generally they become more infectious but far less lethal, this is easily borne out in the UK where the delta variant make up 95% of all cases but deaths are flat lining at minimal numbers and hospitalisations are not going up as predicted by SAGE. It appears as the delta variant becomes the dominant strain in SA it will likely play out the same way.

January 13th 2021 was from a death perspective as reported by the government the worst covid day to date. On this day we had 18,000 cases (Children then were not at school and not being tested) but 806 deaths, which was tragic as all deaths are. We are told now of the deadly 3rd wave – but i have to ask outside of cases which have been high for weeks, we certainly have a 3rd wave of cases, but then we are also testing approximately 5,000 children a day. Statistically they are at near zero risk of even getting ill, let alone being hospitalized.

On Sunday the statistics were stated as 15,000 cases (cases are the reason for level 4, not deaths) and i think deaths at 122. Yesterday cases were 12,700 or so with 135 deaths and one has to put this into context – so cases are the same then as the 2nd wave or a little less. But deaths are running at 1/7th or about 15% of where they were in January. Yes i am aware that this can go up but the case to death ratio has plummeted which is a very encouraging fact, largely or completely ignored by the media. They also ignore the fact that we are testing more people now than they were testing in January every day – seek and ye shall find.

The actual crisis as far as i can tell, comes from the hospitals out of commission, the lack of beds we have had 15 months to prepare for, the fact Hillbrow is running at bed capacity 40% and others are not even open. The operational hospitals that cannot take in 100% capacity of covid are due to staff off, under staffed or isolating staff.

So the 3rd wave i would argue, is a 3rd wave of government incompetence and mismanagement that should have been addressed a year ago. Instead we have banned alcohol again, shut the hospitality industry down again and stuck another knife in the economy. Clearly government assumes SAB and Heineken threats to not invest were empty.

Mind boggling. The government i believe is aware of all of these facts, if not why so confidently give the go ahead for the lions tour. When it comes to extreme lockdown measures – our government seems to be like a 13 year old stock trader, expertly buying tops and selling bottoms.

End of comments.





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