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SA expects first virus vaccine delivery by mid-2021

The total cost of the vaccines could amount to over R2 billion.
Image: Alex Kraus, Bloomberg

South Africa will probably take its first delivery of coronavirus vaccines by the middle of next year after agreeing on an initial payment, the health ministry said.

The government will take delivery of the vaccines under the Covax initiative that will cover about 10% of the population after Solidarity Fund, a charity organisation, agreed to make an initial payment of about R327 million, the ministry said in a statement. The total cost of the vaccines could amount to more than R2 billion.

The World Health Organization-backed Covax initiative aspires to give lower-income countries the same access to vaccines as wealthier nations.

“Our understanding from the production estimates we have been provided with at this stage is that we should expect to receive the first batch of stock in quarter two of 2021,” the ministry said.

South Africa is seeing a surge in coronavirus cases in some districts just as millions of people prepare to travel to their home towns and holiday destinations during the festive season. President Cyril Ramaphosa on Thursday reintroduced restrictions aimed at containing the spread of the virus in Nelson Mandela Bay, the nation’s sixth-largest city, with a population of 1.3 million people.

About 805,804 people have been diagnosed with the disease in South Africa so far and 21,963 have died, according to government figures. On Friday, 4,932 new cases were detected, Zweli Mkhize, the health minister said.

The government is also considering buying vaccines from other potential producers, including Johnson & Johnson, Novavax Inc., AstraZeneca Plc and the Pfizer Inc. and BioNtech partnership. It needs to ensure it has funds and resources for the distribution, storage and administration of the vaccines, the ministry said.

“While the Covax facility is our favoured vehicle for accessing vaccines, we will always explore all options to ensure that the process of rolling out vaccines is safe and cost-effective,” it said.

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R2 billion for the vaccine is quite a bargain compared to the R10 billion for SAA.

And compared to the R1B for the Zondo Commission. I wish we could have a good roll out

2 billion for 10 percent of the nation, Works out to be very expensive per one ampule of the vaccine, something very wrong in the figures, or have I got it wrong again.

R2 000 000 000 / (10/100*57 000 000) = 2 000 000 000/5 700 000 = R350 per vaccine ampule…But let’s wait and see how much the government pays a connected cadre for the ‘implementation & transportation of ampules’.

Comrades this a BEE operaturnity of a lifetime.

R350 per ampule + R80 per Administration by the nurse + R550 doctor visit + R50 Delectration Form + 15% Vat (R154.5) = R1,184.50 (excluding the Comrade Opportunity Cost better know as BEE)

I will be very surprised if it costs the end user anything under R1,500.00, its a good time to check your medical insurance to see if your are covered.

10 years ago I got the Swine flu, Momentum Medical only paid for the doctors visit. Even though i was pretty much dying. R3,500.00 and 3 months off work I got out the back into action

Roll-out strategy will be interesting.

The NYT had an estimator where you enter your age, sex, whether frontline worker, have competities and it then predicts your place in a line if the country was a 100 person queue.

I came in at a distant 87. 55-male-not frontline-no commodities.

One could refine the filter with things like whether you have had it and recovered / asymptomatic.

Watch how quickly rich people pay doctors to specify comorbidities in order to jump the queues….

Sorry, spell checker failed comorbidities there a few times

Rich people keep economies going. They should be first in line without having to bribe anybody. So: in South Africa, start with private sector tax payers and frontline workers. That should be a short enough queue.

Ja Griet, but poor nurses change the bed pans in hospitals and old age homes :/

Johan, I did include frontline workers.

R2 billion is a bargain. Simply cut the public wage bill compromise amount by 10% and there it is. Now can we convince the public servants to drop their package by 10% in the true spirit of Ubuntu?

And exactly what is the delay for half a year?

Or is there an opportunity here for the self serving ANC to make (a lot of) money here. Imagine-syringes with 200% mark ups form a BEE compliant supplier, swabs imported with profits hidden in China, paperwork at 500% mark up. What a golden opportunity to plunder a touch more?

Some seem to be very keen to get injected with a very questionable , unproven and most likely toxic stuff. From there on the next step in their DNA manipulation is going to be the annual re- enforcing shot.
Bill Gates has already enough bucks , he will not get my contribution.

We are doing very well without the vaccine. Do we really need it?

End of comments.





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