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SA expropriation plan to exclude black-owned land

Minister attempts to calm the situation with traditional leaders.

South Africa’s push for the right to seize land without compensation won’t target property that belongs to black citizens or is controlled by traditional leaders, according to Zweli Mkhize, the minister of cooperative governance and traditional affairs.

Lawmakers started a process to change the constitution to allow for expropriation without compensation in February after the ruling party decided last year to adopt the measure as a policy to speed up giving black people more land. Access to land is one of the symbols of inequality in the nation of about 56 million where wealth and poverty are largely divided along racial lines.

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The government met with representatives of the National House of Traditional Leaders over the group’s concerns about the planned redistribution process, Mkhize’s ministry said in an emailed statement on Friday.

“A wrong impression has been created that the discussion on land expropriation includes land in the hands of traditional leaders,” said Mkhize. “When government talks about land expropriation, we are referring to the 87% of the land, not the 13% that is under the control of traditional leaders and black people.”

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Where does this 87% figure come from? According to the ANC’s land audit, whites directly own a mere 22% of land.

“This means that individually-owned land, held by whites, makes up only 21.9% of the extent of South Africa – less than the extent held by the state.”

Its all just racist populism to scapegoat all the ills of the country on a tiny minority and distract them from the real issues. Sadly, the masses will swallow this hook line and sinker..

Comes from the same place that the said that black people own 3% of the JSE or whatever it was. It’s made up propaganda designed to fool the masses.

Political policy based on race, now where have we seen that before?

It makes sense that we do not waste efforts exproriating land that has already been restituted, but the current ownership must be taken into account with any further distributions. For example, since the Zulu king already administers 2,8 milion hectares of land on behalf of the Zulus,they should all be excluded until the rest of the previously disadvantaged peoples have received equivalent justice. Civil war? Nothing new in SA.

The ANC is the best political party in the world ever. They promise the growth in employment opportunities and wealth creation that can only be delivered under a free-market capitalist system where property-rights are protected, while at the same time they protect a feudal system, where many little “tinpot dictators” exploit the peasants. While at the same time they move to implement socialism, and the nationalization of all assets.

This is the kind of nonsensical politics you get in a country where the majority of voters are ignorant and clueless about economic principles.

This is now the ANC’s “non-racial society”. What a lie! They are more obsessed with race than anyone else.

So the true colours come our eventually. Legalised reverse apartheid!!!

This government is just sounding more and more like the apartheid government every day. Policies are becoming more and more explicitly racist.

Oh well, there you have it folks. They’ll do it on a major commercial/agricultural/mining property just before 2019 election in the hope of winning more voters.

Hyperinflation follows.

So continue as advised in offshore investments, hard currency and gold etc.

There you have it guys. If you haven’t moved ALL your money offshore by now and bought some residency elsewhere, you deserve what’s coming your way.

Agreed that is the above is the ideal but many people simple cannot afford it so they will probably have to fight.

Will there also be a Constitution for Blacks and a Constitution for Whites?

They can dress it up any way they like, but this Apartheid 2.0.

Sounds like a Aparteid policy there.

The problem with race politics and baiting is that it can incite a lot of people to actually act on this stuff. I wonder if the ANC/EFF will still enjoy ruling what’s left of SA once they are done.

Time for economic and sporting sanctions against a racist regime?

What’s next? A piece of land where Whites must stay, with their own schools and hospitals?

with maybe additional signs at the post office/bank queues “W-only”, or on the Durban beachfront – “W-only” beach,…the more I think of it, maybe not so bad idea.

Will probably make a success of it and then the govt will find a way to punish them.

To be honest that doesn’t sound half bad…

So basically racism in the open and they aren’t even scared about it now?

The anc miss the point – ewc actually means “economy without capital” but being commies they just don’t get it that land ownership, creates capital and capital begets jobs, industrial expansion and spare cash (capital again) for investment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

Think carefully ramaphoza before you sacrifice the nation on the alter of your damned commie anc party and it’s outdated economic ideology!

Maybe it’s time for whites to get threatening too?

Looks like Ramapoppins is a pushover.

This article is BS! If honest then 50% for blacks and 50% for whites!

I call the ANC’s bluff – the expropriation without compensation’s (ewc)main purpose is to draw the attention away from the deep damage done by the ANC and Zuma’s state capture project. Nothing will come of ewc.

Since 17 Dec, when ewc was announced, the attention shifted away from state capture. The ANC has used this type of tactic before every election.

Just saying, if they want my land, they’ll have to ply it from my dead fingers. Figuratively … and literally. These corrupt fools create nothing, win the majority vote, take control of the fiscus, plunder it and then try and steal my wealth that hasn’t been taken by (a) taxation (income, CGT, VAT, fuel, rates, divi, airport, vehicles etc. etc. etc.) (b) inflation or (c) paying for services that my taxes should have paid for in the 1st place! Nope, this one’s not for backing down on

Whatever the ANC does a hidden agenda is eventually revealed.

Comments censored again

Western Cape must expropriate themselves out of SA.

All welcome; anyone can join: only criteria for membership is to be able to think rationally and not ideologically.

Secure our borders.

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