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SA extends tight Covid restrictions

Ramaphosa says there’s no justification for violence following Zuma’s arrest.

South Africa extended tight COVID-19 rules on Sunday for another 14 days, maintaining restrictions that include a ban on gatherings, a curfew from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. and a prohibition on the sale of alcohol.

The country, the worst-hit on the African continent in terms of recorded cases and deaths, is in the grip of a third wave of infections driven by the more infectious Delta coronavirus variant.

“Our health system countrywide remains under pressure,” President Cyril Ramaphosa said in a televised address to the nation.

Watch: President Ramaphosa briefs SA

Early this month South Africa recorded a new record of more than 26,000 daily cases, stretching hospitals to breaking point.

Ramaphosa moved the country to the fourth level of a five-tier restriction scale in late June as infections climbed, promising to review the restrictions after two weeks.

On Sunday he said the cabinet had decided to maintain “adjusted alert level 4” for another 14 days, but restaurants would be able to operate again subject to strict health protocols. Gyms would also be allowed to reopen under certain conditions.

Ramaphosa added that a government advisory committee was working on how soon the country could bring Sinovac’s CoronaVac vaccine into the Covid-19 immunisation programme.

Zuma fallout

Ramaphosa added that there was no justification for violence in the wake of former president Jacob Zuma’s imprisonment, and unrest was “damaging our efforts to rebuild the economy” amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

“While there are those who may be hurt and angry at this moment, there can never be any justification for such violent, destructive and disruptive actions,” Ramaphosa said.


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The anc and its leaders past and present are delivering the country they always promised to their voters. A country where everything is for free and criminals are protected by the police.

Its a great place to live!!!! and the anc voters and unfortunately the rest of the population will pay for this anc “freedom” for decades or centuries to come.


Does anyone of his followers still listen to what this idijit has to say??

For as long as the public is transported to work in sardine cans it is inevitable that all attempts to defy the power of nature will remain futile. The unprecedented resorting to “lockdowns” remains an act of collective insanity driven by fear and a disconnect from common sense. This disastrous intervention attempt generates even worse impacts and ushers in the broad-based use of totalitarian displacements of freedom. By searching for positive results from inappropriate testing methodology instead of looking for symptoms we are being misled. By accepting the unprecedented concept of all with positive tests means they are carriers we choose fantasy over fact.

Pure evil

The ANC government don’t comprehend how destructive this lockdown is to the country and it citizens….no %$$@$ng idea!

CR puts Zuma in jail but still entertain his wife…..wish I was intelligent enough to understand?

Is anyone still listening to this petty tyrant? Do you own risk calculations, make your own health decisions. Speak to your doctor. Trust your own judgement. Government has no right or ability to centrally plan a nationwide reaction like this. Keep your businesses open, keep your life going – no-one is coming to save you when you lose your job or your business and you can’t feed your family. The fear-induced state they’re trying to keep everyone in is low-vibration energy. Emancipate your mind from the prison they’re trying to keep you in. Your natural rights have been given to you by your creator – they are not optional at the whims of the ANC.

Singapore will treat it as annual flu. Wonder why the WEF cancelled their 2021 meeting in Singapore?

End of comments.





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