SA must finalise land policy in 2020: Ramaphosa

‘I would like to see the business community taking this issue up rather more seriously’.
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South African President Cyril Ramaphosa asked business leaders to present solutions to redistribute land to blacks people as the government works to finalise changes to legislation and the Constitution to allow for the expropriation of land without compensation.

“This year we are going to have to finalise the legislation and the constitutional construct on the land question,” he said at a conference organised by Business Unity South Africa on Tuesday.

“One of the things we have been asking for is the business community to come forward with solutions of resolving the centuries-old problem of land,” he told the country’s largest business lobby group. “I would like to see the business community taking this issue up rather more seriously.”

The ruling African National Congress plans to change the nation’s Constitution to make it easier to seize land without paying for it to address racially skewed ownership patterns dating back to colonialism and white-minority rule, a view shared by the Economic Freedom Fighters, the second-largest opposition party.

Ramaphosa asked business leaders to play a more proactive role in land expropriation through a donations policy, which will allow for companies to voluntarily give up under-utilised land to communities whose land was taken away.

“What is a certainty is that the land question has to be addressed. As South Africa we cannot run away from it,” he said. “The key issue for us is: Are we going to be part of the solution or are we going to be part of the problem?”

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Let us hope that the ANC don’t finalise it in the same way as they finalised land claims – that they promptly reopened when they discovered that they could use tribal chiefs’ land claims to obtain mineral rich land for mining.

I’m expecting some strategic expropriations that will line the ANC and their lapdogs’ pockets quite nicely.

Continue to line their pockets you mean, as most of the bought land has gone to the connected so far for hobby farms. (Source Dept of Agriculture official who used to be asked for sensible carrying capacities for such farms, since ignored).

Good luck, the agricultural land issue will be the last straw breaking the camel’s back. Farming requires a lot of financing apart from the land itself, good luck, it will be the end if we start EWC, and it does not matter in which ever way or procedure. It will end the FDI and any economic growth forever. Policy creates wealth or poverty, proceed with friendly policies and wealth will be created, poor policies generate poverty and massive inequality exponential within 10 years (Zim & Ven). GOOD LUCK.

They will finalise it by keeping it completely ambiguous. The powers for EWC will put in the hands of some government appointee (aka the ANC) who can change the rules on a whim.

The result will be another investment strike and economic shrinkage.

They just don’t get it.

He keeps on saying the legislation will be changed.

Why is it open to public comment? I thought public comment will be considered BEFORE any decision is made if changes should be made.

Just another lie to the public? And waste of time and money.

The land question has to be addressed but it did not happen via the existing constitutional mandate as the ANC government is too useless to do anything. This has now become an excuse why nothing has happened.

I wonder if our beloved leader realizes that his credibility has gone down the tubes because of all the excuses and …… well to put it kindly fibs. One can only do it somany times before your moral fibre will be questioned.

The Constitution already provides a perfectly workable methodology for land distribution. The ANC has simply shown itself to be absolutely incapable of distributing the land. The EWC angle is not intended to give land to the people, it is intended to allow powerful politicians and bureaucrats to steal land at will. If there were one shred of integrity and honesty left in the governing party, it would have long ago distributed government land on which people already live, to those occupants – by giving them title deeds. Secondly, government would have given the people in the so-called “tribal areas” (wtf does that term even mean, in a constitutional democracy?) title deeds to the land they already occupy. Then, as a third step, properly implemented the “willing buyer, willing seller” method of land distribution.
Government has done none of the above, therefore the only conclusion to be drawn is that it has no intention whatsoever of giving the people any property rights. Government (in effect, whoever happens to be the most powerful and corrupt bureaucrat at any specific point in time) wants to own and control all land, and all the people will be vassals at the mercy of the oligarchy. Once property rights go, the looters will be unstoppable, and twenty years later the people will ask themselves how they got to that point – see Zim as a textbook example.

Well the looting and state capture faction is in favour of this, and Ramphosa’s faction against. Recipe for complete disaster.

The SA economy needs business/investor CONFIDENCE.

Confidence = businesses (local & foreign) invests more in the SA market, in the drive for returns = more employment = more consumer spending = more tax (indiv & comp) to be collected by SARS = more money for Govt to spend.

On the current trajectory, it appears that Govt will be happy with less tax revenue to spend?

So 2020 is the year we see either sporadic incidents of citizenry rebellion; or if not – then the South African minority must now that all is lost, game over – and there is no future prospects for that minority in SA anymore.

EWC, you are not allowed to own property in SA if you are the minority. Even if you could hold certain types of property – for how long..?
BBBEE – the minority should not be employed over the needs of the majority.

This is the true “rubicon”, when this line of property ownership is crossed and lost, all other battles will be futile, as you would have already lost.

Interresting times.

Not so fast you! We have a lovely constitutional court to delay case after case here and create chaos. First cleanup your shop-stop the stealing, SOE over-employment, corruption, incompetence and cadre employment. Then have a business friendly policy and when that works you can talk to the new BAAS( international capital is his name) about this nonsense.

If you do not-the BAAS will punish you with sky high interest rates, fuel price increases and removal from international trade agreements. This is an interconnected plant now-look at Iran and Venezuelans economy post taking on the BAAS and losing.

End of comments.





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