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SA needs extraordinary measures to boost growth: Ramaphosa

Says land expropriation without compensation will be pursued but will not jeopardise economic empowerment.

President Cyril Ramaphosa said the country needs to take extraordinary measures to boost growth, following years of stagnation in Africa’s most industrialised economy.

The government will push ahead with plans to expropriate land without compensation, and will ensure the policy results in economic empowerment, Ramaphosa said at event organised by the ruling African National Congress in Johannesburg. Ramaphosa won control of the party at a congress in December and was named president in February after the ANC forced Jacob Zuma to resign from the post.

The president said he expects the ANC to remain united and that he doesn’t expect a breakaway by disgruntled members. His comments follow reports that Zuma supporters intended forming a new party.

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Hey Squirel,
Take note. If you don’t start acting with authority, your party members will loot all the good things, leaving nothing for your constituents and the rest of us.
You need to lock up most of your colleagues before they bring SA down to the level of the rest of sub Saharan Africa.
Unfortunately I don’t think you will succeed. If indeed you want to.
Ex Zimbabwean.

EWC and economic empowerment – What an Oxymoron
Is this guy for real

“The government will push ahead with plans to expropriate land without compensation”

Does that include your multi million Rand house in Fresnaye Cyril?

Its communist land grab. It does not create any wealth, it merely destroys it.

A primary residences is the main stay of fixed capital formation in developed economies, and the main tool used by the middle class, to gather a reasonable amount of capital over their lifetimes. If people lose the right to their homes, everybody is worse off. Well except the commies, who will rent them back to you and spend the money on lavish parties and political research trips to the F1 in Monaco…

what a retard ,EWC child birth certificate saga and now SA returning travellers having to prove ownership of valuables. looking more like Russia every day, Mf

It is quite clear to me that Cyril has adopted this stance to ensure that he has the support of the ANC structures, while he is on a crusade to fight the corruption of the Zuma reign to try to win back voters that the ANC lost to the opposition. I know that everyone points at Zimbabwe to say that there is an example that the land redistribution will not work, but for me it did not hit home until I read the article on this website that referred to the compensation that Zimbabwe is offering farmers to return to their farms. I am sure that the experience of South African farmers will be similar.

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